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Capitol - Label Discography

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  USA  7877
  UK  2873
  Canada  1625
  Netherlands  1056
  Australia  1037
  Germany  844
  New Zealand  598
  Japan  294
  France  251
  Denmark  144
  Italy  123
  Mexico  116
  Spain  110
  Ireland  103
  Norway  86
  Sweden  79
  South Africa  77
  Belgium  47
  Philippines  46
  Finland  43
  Portugal  37
  Brazil  30
  India  28
  Greece  25
  Argentina  24
  Rhodesia  16
  Yugoslavia  13
  Peru  10
  Singapore  10
  Jamaica  9
  Israel  8
  Unknown Country  7
  Turkey  6
  Bootleg  5
  Switzerland  5
  Zimbabwe  3
  Malaysia  2
  Cuba  1
  Guatemala  1
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The Beach Boys

4 By The Beach Boys

A1: Wendy
A2: Don't Back Down
B1: Little Honda
B2: Hushabye
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-52671964EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Help Me, Rhonda
A2: Dance, Dance, Dance
B1: All Summer Long
B2: Do You Wanna Dance
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-206951965EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Barbara Ann
A2: Girl Don't Tell Me
B1: I Get Around
B2: Drive-In
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-207841965EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Sloop John B
A2: We'll Run Away
B1: You're So Good To Me
B2: Girls On The Beach
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-208201966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: God Only Knows
A2: Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
B1: Wouldn't It Be Nice
B2: Mountain Of Love
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-208481966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Good Vibrations
A2: Tell Me Why
B1: The Times They Are A-Changin'
B2: Devoted To You
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-208831966EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Then I Kissed Her
A2: I Know There's An Answer
B1: Here Today
B2: Caroline No
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-209351967EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Heroes And Villains
A2: You're Welcome
B1: You Still Believe In Me
B2: That's Not Me
Capitol PortugalEAP 1-209771967EP1 
The Beach Boys

A1: Wild Honey
A2: Vegetables
B1: Gettin' Hungry
B2: Wind Chimes
Capitol PortugalEAP1-210121967EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Darlin'
A2: Little Pad
B1: Country Air
B2: She's Goin' Bald
Capitol PortugalEAP1-210361967EP0 
Bobbie Gentry

A1: Ode To Billie Joe
B1: Mississippi Delta
B2: Papa, Won't You Take Me To Town With You
Capitol PortugalEAP 5-28301967EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Little Bird
A2: I Was Made To Love Her
B1: Friends
B2: Aren't You Glad
Capitol PortugalEAP1-210801968EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Do It Again
A2: When A Man Needs A Woman
B1: Wake The World
B2: Be Here In The Mornin'
Capitol PortugalEAP1-211241968EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Bluebirds Over The Mountain
A2: Be Still
B1: Never Learn Not To Love
B2: Transcendental Meditation
Capitol PortugalEAP1-212221968EP0 
Bobbie Gentry

A1: Louisiana Man
A2: Penduli Pendulum
B1: Courtyard
B2: Okolona River Bottom Band
Capitol PortugalEAP-210791968EP0 
Bobbie Gentry

A1: The Fool On The Hill
A2: Recollection
B1: Hushabye Mountain
B2: Eleanor Rigby
Capitol PortugalEAP-212021968EP0 
The Wind In The Willows

A1: Moments Spent
A2: Uptown Girl
B1: Djini Judy
B2: Friendly Lion
Capitol PortugalEAP-212041968EP1 
The Beach Boys

A1: I Can Hear Music
A2: I'd Love Just Once To See You
B1: All I Want To Do
B2: Let The Wind Blow
Capitol PortugalEAP-213491969EP0 
The Beach Boys

A1: Break Away
A2: Here Comes The Night
B1: Celebrate The News
B2: A Thing Or Two
Capitol PortugalEAP 213861969EP0 
Bobbie Gentry

A1: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
A2: Casket Vignette
B1: Ace Insurance Man
B2: Sweete Peony
Capitol PortugalEAP 214481969EP2 
The Beach Boys

A: Tears In The Morning
B: It's About Time
Capitol Portugal8E 006-91984 M19707"0 
The Band

A1: Rag Mama Rag
A2: Across The Great Divide
B1: The Unfaithful Servant
Capitol Portugal8E 016-80384 M1970EP29.0
The Beach Boys

A1: Cotton Fields
A2: The Nearest Faraway Place
B1: In My Room
B2: The Girl From New York City
Capitol Portugal8E 016-80453 M1970EP1 
Anne Murray

A1: Snowbird
A2: Fire And Rain
B1: Rain
B2: Just Bidin' My Time
Capitol Portugal8E 016-80653 M1970EP0 
The Fortunes

A: Freedom Come, Freedom Go
B: There's A Man
Capitol Portugal8E 006-80932 M19717"0 

A1: 13 Questions
A2: Oh! My Love
B1: I'm Willin'
Capitol Portugal8E 016-80791 M1971EP0 
Dr. Hook

A: Sharing The Night Together
B: You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance
Capitol Portugal8E 006 85738 F19787"0 
The Knack [USA]

A: My Sharona
B: Let Me Out
Capitol Portugal8E 006-85921 F19797"0 
Graham Nash

A: In The 80's
B: T. V. Guide
Capitol Portugal11C 006 86073 F19807"0 
Juice Newton

A: Angel Of The Morning
B: Headin' For A Heartache
Capitol Portugal11C 008 86344 H19817"0 
Juice Newton

A: Queen Of Hearts
B: River Of Love
Capitol Portugal11C 008 86388 H19817"0 
The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Medley

A: Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda, I Get Aound, Shut Down, Surfin' Safari, Barbara Ann, Surfin' USA, Fun Fun
B: God Only Knows
Capitol Portugal11C 008-86411 H19817"0 
Gene Vincent

Dance For Ever Vol.12

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: Baby Blue
Capitol Portugal11C 008-8117019827"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Good Vibrations
B: I Get Around
Capitol Portugal11C 008-8537919827"1 
Juice Newton

A: Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me
B: Ever True
Capitol Portugal11C 008 8653619827"0 

A: These Dreams
B: Shell Shock
Capitol Portugal201018719857"0 
Glen Campbell

A1: True Grit
A2: Time
B1: Oh What A Woman
B2: Friends
Capitol PortugalEAP 21428EP0 

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