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Capitol - Label Discography

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  USA  7004
  UK  2829
  Canada  1123
  Australia  955
  Netherlands  904
  Germany  745
  New Zealand  304
  France  210
  Japan  185
  Denmark  121
  Italy  115
  Mexico  96
  Ireland  84
  Spain  79
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Nat "King" Cole

A: I'll Always Remember You
B: Make Believe Land
Capitol USAF1747Aug 19517"0 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

A: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
B: Whispering
Capitol USAF1748Aug 19517"0 
Les Baxter

A: Because Of You
B: Somewhere, Somehow, Someday
Capitol USAF1760Aug 19517"1 
Jimmy Wakely

A: The Solid South
B: Another Fool Steps In
Capitol USAF1762Aug 19517"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: I'm Hurtin'
B: Ridin' With The Blues
Capitol USAF1771Aug 19517"1 
Yogi Yorgesson With Johnny Duffy And The Scandahoovians

A: The Picnic Song
B: That's How Your Mom Became Mine
Capitol USAF173411 Aug 19517"0 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

The New Sound Volume II

A1: In The Good Old Summertime
A2: Three Little Words
B1: The Lonesome Road
B2: Jazz Me Blues
C1: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
C2: Moon Of Manakoora
D1: La Rosita
D2: Just One More Chance
Capitol USAEBF-28613 Aug 1951Double Pack0 
Dean Martin

A: Hanging Around With You
B: Aw C'mon
Capitol USAF179729 Aug 19517"1 
Tennessee Ernie

A: Kissin' Bug Boogie
B: Woman Is A Five Letter Word
Capitol USAF1775Sep 19517"0 
Mickey Katz And His Orchestra

A: Come On-A My House
B: Sound Off
Capitol USAF1788Sep 19517"0 
Billy May And His Orchestra

A: Fat Man Boogie
B: My Silent Love
Capitol USAF1794Sep 19517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Angry
B: Don't Tell Him What's Happened To Me
Capitol USAF1796Sep 19517"0 
Wesley Tuttle

A: Detour
B: With Tears In My Eyes
Capitol USAF1804Sep 19517"0 
Tennessee Ernie And Helen O´Connell

A: Hey, Good Lookin'
B: Cool, Cool Kisses
Capitol USAF1809Oct 19517"0 
Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely

A: Let's Live A Little
B: I Don't Want To Be Free
Capitol USAF1816Oct 19517"0 
Les Baxter His Chorus And Orchestra

A: When
B: If You've Forgotten Me
Capitol USAF1818Oct 19517"2 
Yogi Yorgesson With Johnny Duffy And The Scandahoovians

A: I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.)
B: The Christmas Party
Capitol USAF1831Oct 19517"0 
The Four Knights

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: I Wanna Say Hello
Capitol USAF1840Oct 19517"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Unforgettable
B: My First And My Last Love
Capitol USAF18088 Oct 19517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: My Concerto
B: I'll Remember April
Capitol USAF1835Nov 19517"0 
Bob Crosby And The Bobcats

A: Bouquet Of Roses
B: Just A Little Lovin' (Will Go A Long Way)
Capitol USAF1850Nov 19517"0 
Cliffie Stone And His Orchestra

A: Tennessee Central (Number 9)
B: China Doll
Capitol USAF1861Nov 19517"0 
Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys

A: I'll Be Your Sweetheart
B: Teardrops And Tea Leaves
Capitol USAF1870Nov 19517"0 
Dick Beavers And Les Baxter

A: Shrimp Boats (A Comin' - There's Dancin' Tonight)
B: Jalousie (Jealousy)
Capitol USAF1873Nov 19517"0 
The Four Knights

A: Cry
B: Charmaine
Capitol USAF1875Nov 19517"0 
Jerry Lewis

A: Lay Somethin' On The Bar (Besides Your Elbows)
B: I Love Girls
Capitol USAF18689 Nov 19517"0 
Les Paul

A: Jingle Bells

Les Paul And Mary Ford

B: Silent Night
Capitol USAF188126 Nov 19517"0 
Jan Garber

A: Toyland Jubilee
B: Hi Beautiful
Capitol USAF1886Dec 19517"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Miss Me
B: Here's To My Lady
Capitol USAF1893Dec 19517"010.0
Martha Carson And The Gospel Singers

A: Satisfied
B: Hide Me Rock Of Ages
Capitol USAF1900Dec 19517"0 
Ella Mae Morse

A: Tennessee Saturday Night
B: Sensational
Capitol USAF1903Dec 19517"1 
Jan Garber

A: Swingin' Down The Lane
B: The Tavern Song
Capitol USAF1905Dec 19517"0 
Tennessee Ernie And The Dinning Sisters

A: Rock City Boogie
B: Streamlined Cannon Ball
Capitol USAF1911Dec 19517"1 
Wesley Tuttle

A: (Heartsick Soldier On) Heartbreak Ridge
B: Tennessee Rose
Capitol USAF1916Dec 19517"0 
Nat King Cole

A: A Weaver Of Dreams
B: Wine, Women and Song
Capitol USAF192522 Dec 19517"0 
Clyde McCoy And His Orchestra

Sugar Blues Part1

A1: Sugar Blues
A2: Basin Street Blues
B1: St Louis Blues
B2: Memphis Blues
Capitol USA1-3111952EP0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
B: Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Capitol USA6F-208519527"0 
Jerry Lewis

A: The Noisy Eater -- Part 1
B: The Noisy Eater -- Part 2
Capitol USACASF-312019527"1 
Les Baxter

Prince Di Candriano Festival Of The Gnomes

A: Part II; Dance Of The Gnomes
B: Santa Maria Del Fiore
Capitol USACCF-29619527"0 
Bobby Sherwood And His Orchestra

Classics In Jazz - Part 1

A1: Poor Little Rich Girl
A2: Walkin' And Talkin'
B1: Bugle Call Rag
B2: Sherwood's Forest
Capitol USAEAP 1-3201952EP0 
Bobby Sherwood And His Orchestra

Classics In Jazz - Part 2

A1: Swingin' At The Semloh
A2: Cotton Tail
B1: The Elks' Parade
B2: Makin' Whoopee
Capitol USAEAP 2-3201952EP0 
Paul Weston And His Orchestra

Music For Dreaming

A1: I Only Have Eyes For You
A2: Out Of Nowhere
B1: So Beats My Heart For You
B2: My Blue Heaven
C1: Rain
C2: Don't Blame Me
D1: If I Love Again
D2: I'm In The Mood For Love
Capitol USAEBF-2221952EP0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

Classics In Jazz

A1: Early Autumn
A2: Sonny Speaks
B1: Rhapsody In Wood
B2: More Moon
C1: Tenderly
C2: Lemon Drop
D1: Starlight Souvenirs
D2: Keeper Of The Flame
Capitol USAEBF-3241952Double Pack1 
Classics In Jazz: The Modern Idiom

Stan Kenton And His Orchestra

A1: Round Robin

Buddy DeFranco And His Sextet

A2: Aishie

Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra

B1: Overtime

Bill Harris And His Orchestra

B2: Opus 96

Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra

C1: Oo-La-La

Woody Herman And His Orchestra

C2: Spain

Miles Davis And His Orchestra

D1: Budo

Maynard Ferguson And His Orchestra

D2: Short Wave
Capitol USAEBF-3251952Double Pack1 
Classics In Jazz: Trumpet Stylists

Billy Butterfield And His Orchestra

A1: I Can't Get Started

Cootie Williams And His Orchestra

A2: House Of Joy

Miles Davis And His Orchestra

B1: Move

Maynard Ferguson And His Orchestra

B2: Take The "A" Train

Benny Carter And His Orchestra

C1: I Surrender Dear

Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra

C2: Coast To Coast

Red Nichols And His Orchestra

D1: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man

Bobby Sherwood And His Orchestra

D2: T-Bone For Two
Capitol USAEBF-3261952Box Set 7"0 
Stan Kenton

Stan Kenton Conducts Robert Graettinger's "City Of Glass"

1: Entrance Into The City
2: The Structures
3: Dance Before The Mirror
4: Reflections
Capitol USAEBF 3531952Double Pack1 
Jackie Gleason And His Orchestra

Jackie Gleason Presents Music For Lovers Only

A: But Not For Me
B: Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere)
Capitol USAF1591419527"0 
Kay Starr

A: Wabash Cannon Ball
B: So Tired
Capitol USAF166019527"0 
Ray Anthony

A: Harlem Nocturne
B: What Is This Thing Called Love
Capitol USAF166419527"0 
Boots Faye And Idaho Call

A: You Tried To Ruin My Name
B: Asleep At The Switch
Capitol USAF177219527"0 

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