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Capitol - Label Discography

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Capitol was the first record company to follow RCA Victor's lead and release records on 45. Capitol released its first 45s in April, 1949, the same month as RCA Victor's first 45s.
  USA  7416
  UK  2842
  Canada  1511
  Australia  978
  Netherlands  960
  Germany  778
  New Zealand  337
  Japan  233
  France  229
  Denmark  126
  Italy  121
  Mexico  106
  Ireland  89
  Spain  89
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Nat "King" Cole

A: My Brother
B: Early American
Capitol USAF1565Jun 19517"0 
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie

A: Oceans Of Tears
B: You're My Sugar
Capitol USAF1567Jun 19517"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: There Are Two Sides To Ev'ry Heartache
B: Dream Train
Capitol USAF1578Jun 19517"0 
The Four Knights

A: Sentimental Fool
B: I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile
Capitol USAF1587Jun 19517"0 
Cliffie Stone And His Barn Dance Orchestra

A: The Waltz You Saved For Me
B: Missouri Waltz
Capitol USAF1606Jun 19517"0 
Dennis Day

A: Danny Boy
B: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Capitol USAF1610Jun 19517"1 
The King Cole Trio

A: Sweet Lorraine
B: Kee-Mo Ky-Mo (The Magic Song)
Capitol USAF1613Jun 19517"2 
Jimmy Wakely

A: One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)
B: I Love You So Much It Hurts
Capitol USAF1630Jun 19517"0 
Tex Ritter

A: Blood On The Saddle
B: Rye Whiskey
Capitol USAF1631Jun 19517"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: Early Autumn
B: Lemon Drop
Capitol USAF1637Jun 19517"0 
Pee Wee Hunt And His Orchestra

A: Twelfth Street Rag
B: The Charleston
Capitol USAF1638Jun 19517"1 
Red Ingle And The Natural Seven

A: Cigareets, Whuskey, And Wild, Wild Women
B: Temptation (Tim-Tayshun)
Capitol USAF1639Jun 19517"310.0
Jo Stafford And Gordon MacRae

A: Whispering Hope
B: I'll String Along With You
Capitol USAF1642Jun 19517"1 
The St. Paul Church Choir Of Los Angeles

A: We Sure Do Need Him Now
B: Yield Not To Temptation
Capitol USAF1657Jun 19517"0 
Bob Crosby And His Orchestra

A: Lonesome And Sorry
B: I'm Waiting Just For You
Capitol USAF1595Jul 19517"0 
Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys

A: (I've Got A) Humpty Dumpty Heart
B: Green Light
Capitol USAF1632Jul 19517"0 
Barclay Allen

A: Barclay´s Boogie
B: Green Eyes
Capitol USAF1655Jul 19517"0 
Jo Stafford And Gordon MacRae

A: Wunderbar
B: Beyond The Sunset
Capitol USAF1659Jul 19517"0 
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra

A: Laura
B: Jump For Joe
Capitol USAF1704Jul 19517"1 
The Four Knights

A: Walkin' And Whistlin' Blues
B: Who Am I?
Capitol USAF1707Jul 19517"0 
Stan Freberg With Orchestra

A: I've Got You Under My Skin
B: That's My Boy
Capitol USAF1711Jul 19517"2 
Dave Barbour And His Orchestra

A: La Bota
B: Castle Rock
Capitol USAF1716Jul 19517"0 
Deuce Spriggens

A: Empty Hands, Empty Heart, Empty Pockets
B: The Player Piano Boogie
Capitol USAF1730Jul 19517"0 
Les Paul With Mary Ford

A: I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine

Les Paul

B: Josephine
Capitol USAF15922 Jul 19517"6 
Maynard Ferguson

A: What's New?
B: The Hot Canary
Capitol USA6F-1713Aug 19517"0 
Bob Eberly

A: You'll Never Know How If Feels (To Be Lonely)
B: The Beat O' My Heart
Capitol USAF1597Aug 19517"0 
Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys

A: Love Thief
B: How Do You Feel ?
Capitol USAF1745Aug 19517"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: I'll Always Remember You
B: Make Believe Land
Capitol USAF1747Aug 19517"0 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

A: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

Les Paul

B: Whispering
Capitol USAF1748Aug 19517"0 
Les Baxter

A: Because Of You
B: Somewhere, Somehow, Someday
Capitol USAF1760Aug 19517"1 
Jimmy Wakely

A: The Solid South
B: Another Fool Steps In
Capitol USAF1762Aug 19517"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: I'm Hurtin'
B: Ridin' With The Blues
Capitol USAF1771Aug 19517"1 
Yogi Yorgesson With Johnny Duffy And The Scandahoovians

A: The Picnic Song
B: That's How Your Mom Became Mine
Capitol USAF173411 Aug 19517"1 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

The New Sound Volume II

A1: In The Good Old Summertime
A2: Three Little Words
B1: The Lonesome Road
B2: Jazz Me Blues
C1: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
C2: Moon Of Manakoora
D1: La Rosita
D2: Just One More Chance
Capitol USAEBF-28613 Aug 1951Double Pack0 
Dean Martin

A: Hanging Around With You
B: Aw C'mon
Capitol USAF179729 Aug 19517"1 
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra

A: Francesca
B: Night Watch
Capitol USAF1774Sep 19517"0 
Tennessee Ernie

A: Kissin' Bug Boogie
B: Woman Is A Five Letter Word
Capitol USAF1775Sep 19517"0 
Mickey Katz And His Orchestra

A: Come On-A My House
B: Sound Off
Capitol USAF1788Sep 19517"0 
Billy May And His Orchestra

A: Fat Man Boogie
B: My Silent Love
Capitol USAF1794Sep 19517"0 
Kay Starr

A: Angry
B: Don't Tell Him What's Happened To Me
Capitol USAF1796Sep 19517"0 
Wesley Tuttle

A: Detour
B: With Tears In My Eyes
Capitol USAF1804Sep 19517"0 
Yma Sumac

A: Birds
B: Najala's Lament
Capitol USA6F-1819Oct 19517"1 
Tennessee Ernie And Helen O´Connell

A: Hey, Good Lookin'
B: Cool, Cool Kisses
Capitol USAF1809Oct 19517"0 
Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely

A: Let's Live A Little
B: I Don't Want To Be Free
Capitol USAF1816Oct 19517"0 
Les Baxter His Chorus And Orchestra

A: When
B: If You've Forgotten Me
Capitol USAF1818Oct 19517"2 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

A: Just One More Chance

Les Paul

B: Jazz Me Blues
Capitol USAF1825Oct 19517"3 
Yogi Yorgesson With Johnny Duffy And The Scandahoovians

A: I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.)
B: The Christmas Party
Capitol USAF1831Oct 19517"0 
The Four Knights

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: I Wanna Say Hello
Capitol USAF1840Oct 19517"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Unforgettable
B: My First And My Last Love
Capitol USAF18088 Oct 19517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: My Concerto
B: I'll Remember April
Capitol USAF1835Nov 19517"0 

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