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Capitol - Label Discography

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Capitol was the first record company to follow RCA Victor's lead and release records on 45. Capitol released its first 45s in April, 1949, the same month as RCA Victor's first 45s.
  USA  8920
  UK  2908
  Canada  1983
  Australia  1140
  Netherlands  1126
  Germany  926
  New Zealand  655
  Japan  351
  France  329
  Denmark  158
  Italy  131
  Mexico  131
  Spain  119
  Ireland  105
+ More Countries (39 Total)
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Margaret Whiting

A: Something Wonderful
B: Hello, Young Lovers
Capitol USAF149119517"0 
Paul Weston And His Orchestra

A: The Hot Canary
B: La Raspa
Capitol USAF149519517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Mr. Anthony's Blues
B: Cook's Tour
Capitol USAF150219517"0 
Mary Mayo

A: The Spingtime Cometh
B: Serenata
Capitol USAF150419517"0 
The Sportsmen

A: Me And My Shadow
B: I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store)
Capitol USAF150719517"0 
Gene O'Quin

A: No Parking Here
B: Boogie Woogie Fever
Capitol USAF 150819517"0 
Johnny Mercer

A: I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
B: Lazy Mood
Capitol USAF151419517"0 
James And Martha Carson

A: (I'm Gonna) Sing Sing Sing
B: Shining City
Capitol USAF153019517"0 
Mickey Katz And His Orchestra

A: Mona Liza
B: Turkish Lullaby
Capitol USAF153819517"0 
"Big Bill" Lister

A: Countryfied
B: The Little House We Built (Just O'er The Hill)
Capitol USAF155119517"0 
Joe "Fingers" Carr And The Carr-Hops

A: Ballin' The Jack
B: It Must Be True (You Are Mine, All Mine)
Capitol USAF155819517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

Arthur Murray Favorites -- Fox Trots

A: Let's Dance
B: Lackawanna Local
Capitol USAF1567019517"0 
Skeets McDonald

A: Bless Your Little Ol' Heart
B: Today I'm Moving Out
Capitol USAF157019517"0 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

The New Sound! Volume II

A: Moon Of Manakoora
B: Three Little Words
Capitol USAF1574919517"0 
Bob Crosby And His Orchestra

A: L'Amour Toujours (Tonight For Sure)
B: I Don't Mind
Capitol USAF157619517"0 
Mary Mayo

A: Dark Is The Night (C'est Fini)
B: I Can See You
Capitol USAF157919517"1 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Pretty Eyed Baby
B: My Truly, Truly Fair
Capitol USAF158319517"0 
Eddie Kirk [C&W]

A: Drifting Texas Sand
B: Alone In A Tavern
Capitol USAF159119517"0 
Les Paul

A: Brazil
B: Lover
Capitol USAF160019517"0 
Nellie Lutcher And Her Rhythm

A: Hurry On Down
B: Fine Brown Frame
Capitol USAF160419517"0 
Georges Tzipine

A: I'll See You Again
B: Zigeuner
Capitol USAF160719517"0 
Skitch Henderson

A: Two Cigarettes In The Dark
B: Moonglow
Capitol USAF161219517"0 
The Art Van Damme Quintette

A: If I Had You
B: Dark Eyes
Capitol USAF161419517"0 
The Capitol Symphonic Band

A: The Syncopated Clock
B: Sleigh Ride
Capitol USAF162019517"0 
Les Paul

A: Nola

Les Paul With Mary Ford

B: Jealous
Capitol USAF162119517"0 
Kay Starr And Tennessee Ernie

A: I'll Never Be Free
B: Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
Capitol USAF162319517"19.0
Pete Daily's Chicagoans

A: South
B: I Want To Linger
Capitol USAF162419517"0 
Tennessee Ernie

A: Shot Gun Boogie
B: Anticipation Blues
Capitol USAF162619517"4 
The King Cole Trio

A: Lost April

Nat "King" Cole

B: Calypso Blues
Capitol USAF162719517"3 
The Pied Pipers

A: Dream
B: My Happiness
Capitol USAF162819517"0 
Roy Hogsed

A: Fishtail Boogie
B: Cocaine Blues
Capitol USAF163519517"0 
Johnny Mercer With Paul Weston And His Orchestra

A: Sugar Blues
B: Goofus
Capitol USAF164119517"0 
Benny Goodman And His Orchestra

A: Chicago
B: Back In Your Own Back Yard
Capitol USAF164619517"0 
June Christy

A: I'll Remember April
B: Get Happy
Capitol USAF164719517"0 
Clark Dennis

A: The Lord's Prayer
B: A Perfect Day
Capitol USAF164819517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Tenderly
B: Autumn Nocturne
Capitol USAF165419517"0 
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra

A: Across The Alley From The Alamo
B: After You
Capitol USAF166119517"1 
Carl Butler

A: No Trespassing
B: Linda Lou
Capitol USAF170119517"0 
Gene O'Quin

A: Triflin' Woman (You're Gonna Have To Settle Down)
B: Texas Boogie
Capitol USAF170819517"1 
Kay Starr

A: Come On-A My House
B: Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me
Capitol USAF171019517"2 
Mickey Katz And His Orchestra

A: Borscht Riders In The Sky
B: She'll Be Coming 'Round The Katzkills
Capitol USAF171819517"0 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan

A: Juke Box Boogie
B: Sailor's Blues
Capitol USAF172019517"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: You Blew Out The Flame (In My Heart)
B: I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile
Capitol USAF172319517"0 
The Dinning Sisters

A: Tennessee Blues
B: I Can't Forget You
Capitol USAF172619517"0 
Joe "Fingers" Carr And The Ewing Sisters

A: I Love A Piano
B: Ventura Boulevard Boogie
Capitol USAF173319517"0 
"Big Bill" Lister

A: Lovin' Country Style
B: Help Wanted
Capitol USAF173619517"0 
Merle Travis

A: Lost John Boogie
B: Let's Settle Down
Capitol USAF173719517"0 
Jerry Lewis

A: I Like It - I Like It
B: I'll Tell A Policeman On You
Capitol USAF174019517"0 
Leon Chappel

A: I'm A Do-Right Daddy
B: Take Your Time Mama
Capitol USAF175619517"0 
Bob Sands

A: (Ah! The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young (Le Chevalier De Paris)
B: The Love Of A Gypsy
Capitol USAF176719517"0 

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