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Capitol - Label Discography

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  USA  7884
  UK  2875
  Canada  1625
  Netherlands  1056
  Australia  1040
  Germany  844
  New Zealand  598
  Japan  294
  France  251
  Denmark  144
  Italy  123
  Mexico  116
  Spain  110
  Ireland  103
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Ella Mae Morse

A: Heart Full Of Hope
B: Livin', Livin', Livin'
Capitol UKCL 14332Sep 19557"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: The Girl Upstairs
B: You're Here, My Love
Capitol UKCL 14333Sep 19557"1 
Al Martino

A: The Man From Laramie
B: To Please My Lady
Capitol UKCL 14343Sep 19557"0 
Les Baxter And His Orchestra

A: Wake The Town And Tell The People
B: I'll Never Stop Loving You
Capitol UKCL 14344Sep 19557"09.0
Session With Sinatra - Part 1

Frank Sinatra With The Nuggets And Big Dave's Music

A1: Two Hearts, Two Kisses

Frank Sinatra

A2: Don't Change Your Mind About Me
B1: Learnin' The Blues
B2: Why Should I Cry Over You
Capitol UKEAP 1-629Sep 1955EP0 
Faron Young

A: Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
B: Forgive Me, Dear
Capitol UKCL 1433612 Sep 19557"010.0
Frank Sinatra

A: My Funny Valentine
B: I Get A Kick Out Of You
Capitol UKCL 1435212 Sep 19557"2 
June Christy

A: Pete Kelly's Blues
B: Kicks
Capitol UKCL 1435512 Sep 19557"0 
Billy May And His Orchestra

A: Hernando's Hideaway
B: Just Between Friends
Capitol UKCL 1435315 Sep 19557"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Hernando's Hideaway
B: The Bunny Hop
Capitol UKCL 1435415 Sep 19557"0 
Dean Martin And Line Renaud

A: Relax-Ay-Voo
B: Two Sleepy People
Capitol UKCL 1435619 Sep 19557"010.0
"Texas" Bill Strength

A: The Yellow Rose Of Texas
B: Cry, Cry, Cry
Capitol UKCL 1435719 Sep 19557"0 
Les Baxter, His Chorus And Orchestra

A: Take My Love
B: If You've Forgotten Me
Capitol UKCL 1435819 Sep 19557"0 
The Paulette Sisters

A: You Win Again
B: Mama, El Baion
Capitol UKCL 1434726 Sep 19557"0 
Joe "Fingers" Carr

A: The Barky-Roll Stomp
B: Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Capitol UKCL 1435926 Sep 19557"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
B: It Never Entered My Mind
Capitol UKCL 1436026 Sep 19557"0 
Gordon MacRae

A: Bella Notte
B: Blame It On My Youth
Capitol UKCL 1436126 Sep 19557"1 
Dakota Staton

A: I Never Dreamt
B: Abracadabra
Capitol UKCL 14339Oct 19557"0 
Jane Froman

A: A Sound Foundation
B: Summertime In Venice
Capitol UKCL 14340Oct 19557"0 
Ella Mae Morse

A: Razzle Dazzle
B: Ain't That A Shame?
Capitol UKCL 14341Oct 19557"1 
Les Paul And Mary Ford

A: Hummingbird
B: Goodbye My Love
Capitol UKCL 14342Oct 19557"0 
Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Pete Kelly's Blues
B: DC-7
Capitol UKCL 14345Oct 19557"17.0
Margaret Whiting

A: A Man
B: Mama's Pearls
Capitol UKCL 14348Oct 19557"0 
Sam Donahue And His Orchestra

A: Saxaboogie
B: September In The Rain
Capitol UKCL 14349Oct 19557"0 
Les Brown And His Band Of Renown

A: He Needs Me
B: Simplicity
Capitol UKCL 14350Oct 19557"0 
Les Baxter And His Orchestra

A: The Shrike
B: The Toy Tiger
Capitol UKCL 14351Oct 19557"0 
Dean Martin

A: Simpatico
B: Love Is All That Matters
Capitol UKCL 14367Oct 19557"0 
Ella Mae Morse

A: Seventeen
B: Piddily Patter Song
Capitol UKCL 143623 Oct 19557"0 
Jackie Gleason And His Orchestra

A: Autumn Leaves
B: Ooh! What You Do To Me
Capitol UKCL 143633 Oct 19557"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
B: Autumn Leaves
Capitol UKCL 143643 Oct 19557"0 
Merrill Moore

A: Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
B: Hard Top Race
Capitol UKCL 1436917 Oct 19557"0 
Dean Martin

A: In Napoli
B: I Like Them All
Capitol UKCL 1437017 Oct 19557"0 
Eddie Dexter And His Band

A: The Verse Of 'Stardust'
B: Moonlight
Capitol UKCL 1437117 Oct 19557"0 
Joe "Fingers" Carr

A: Give Me A Band And My Baby
B: Zag-A-Zig
Capitol UKCL 1437217 Oct 19557"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Fairy Tale
B: Same Old Saturday Night
Capitol UKCL 1437317 Oct 19557"0 
Patty Andrews

A: Suddenly There's A Valley
B: Booga-Da-Woog
Capitol UKCL 1437417 Oct 19557"0 
Tex Ritter

A: Wichita
B: September Song
Capitol UKCL 14335Nov 19557"010.0
Red Nichols And His Penny Symphony

A: The Viennese Lantern
B: While You're Away
Capitol UKCL 14365Nov 19557"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing
B: House Of Bamboo
Capitol UKCL 14366Nov 19557"1 
Bunny Paul

A: Song Of The Dreamer
B: For The Very First Time
Capitol UKCL 14368Nov 19557"0 
Margaret Whiting

A: Lover, Lover
B: I Kiss You A Million Times
Capitol UKCL 14375Nov 19557"0 
Ella Mae Morse

A: Birmin'ham
B: An Occasional Man
Capitol UKCL 14376Nov 19557"2 
The Cheers

A: Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots
B: Some Night In Alaska
Capitol UKCL 14377Nov 19557"0 
Nat "King" Cole

A: Someone You Love
B: Forgive My Heart
Capitol UKCL 14378Nov 19557"0 
Al Martino

A: Come Close To Me
B: Small Talk
Capitol UKCL 14379Nov 19557"0 
Yvonne De Carlo

A: Take It Or Leave It
B: Three Little Stars
Capitol UKCL 1438014 Nov 19557"0 
Jerry Lewis

A: Buckskin Beauty

Jerry Lewis With Dean Martin

B: Pardners
Capitol UKCL 1462619567"0 
Milt Buckner

Rockin' With Milt

A1: Bernie's Tune
A2: Rockin' With Milt
B1: Slaughter On 125th Street
B2: Little MIss Maudlin
Capitol UKEAP 10001956EP2 
Bobby Hackett

In A Mellow Mood

A1: Serenade In Blue
A2: Deep Night
B1: Flamingo
B2: You're My Thrill
Capitol UKEAP 10011956EP0 
Pee Wee Hunt And His Orchestra

Dixieland Classics

A1: South
A2: Sensation
B1: Milenberg Joys
B2: Washington And Lee Swing
Capitol UKEAP 10021956EP0 

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