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Casablanca - Label Discography

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  USA  442
  UK  149
  Netherlands  57
  Australia  51
  Germany  46
  Canada  32
  France  21
  New Zealand  19
  Italy  15
  Japan  14
  Spain  10
  Sweden  8
  Ireland  7
  Norway  7
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Hudson Brothers

A: So You Are A Star
B: Ma Ma Ma Baby
Casablanca Germany1C 006-96 11619747"0 

A: Butter Boy
B: Beggar Man
Casablanca Germany1C 006-96 38719757"0 
Peter Noone

A: (Blame It) On The Pony Express
B: Something Old, Something New
Casablanca Germany1C 006-96 55619757"0 
Angel [USA]

A: Rock And Rollers
B: Mariner
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1850019767"0 
Angel [USA]

A: That Magic Touch
B: Big Boy (Let's Do It Again)
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1849919777"0 

A: Calling Dr. Love
B: Take Me
Casablanca GermanyBF 1852019777"0 
Brenda And The Tabulations

A: I'm A Superstar
B: Take It Or Leave It
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1853319777"0 
Donna Summer

A: Theme From "The Deep" (Down, Deep Inside)

John Barry

B: Theme From "The Deep" (Instrumental)
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1854819777"1 

A: Christine Sixteen
B: Shock Me
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1855019777"1 
Angel [USA]

A: Winter Song
B: Can You Feel It
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1856719777"0 
Donna Summer

A: Rumour Has It
B: Once Upon A Time
Casablanca GermanyBF 1858019787"110.0
Angel [USA]

A: Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)
B: Under Suspicion
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1858419787"0 

A: You Really Got Me
B: Surprise
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 1858919787"0 
Love And Kisses

A: Thank God It's Friday
B: You're The Most Precious Thing In My Life
Casablanca GermanyBF 18596Apr 19787"0 
Captain And Tennille

A: Do That To Me One More Time
B: Deep In The Dark
Casablanca Germany6175 02619797"0 
Teri De Sario

A: Yes, I'm Ready
B: With Your Love
Casablanca Germany6175 02919797"0 
Captain And Tennille

A: Love On A Shoestring
B: How Can You Be So Cold
Casablanca Germany6175 03319797"0 
Lipps, Inc.

A: Funkytown
B: All Night Dancing
Casablanca Germany6175 03419797"0 
Donna Summer

A: Sunset People
B: Our Love
Casablanca Germany6198 35619797"19.0
David Castle

A: Istanbul Blues

Giorgio Moroder

B: Chase
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18651Feb 19797"0 
Donna Summer

A: Heaven Knows
B: Only One Man
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18652Feb 19797"2 
Angel [USA]

A: Don't Take Your Love
B: Bad Time
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18654Feb 19797"0 

A: California Dreamin'


B: See It May Way
Casablanca GermanyBF 18663Apr 19797"0 

A: I Was Made For Lovin´ You
B: Hard Times
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18667Jun 19797"0 
Donna Summer

A: Hot Stuff
B: Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18665Jul 19797"09.0
Donna Summer

A: Bad Girls
B: On My Honor
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18675Jul 19797"0 

A: Sure Know Something
B: Dirty Livin'
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18684Sep 19797"0 
Donna Summer

A: Dim All The Lights
B: There Will Always Be A You
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18683Oct 19797"09.0
Donna Summer / Barbra Streisand

A: Enough Is Enough
B: No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
Casablanca / Bellaphon GermanyBF 18700Oct 19797"19.0

A: Shandi
B: She´s So European
Casablanca Germany6000 43619807"0 

A: Talk To Me
B: Naked City
Casablanca Germany6000 46319807"0 
Lipps Inc.

A: How Long
B: There They Are
Casablanca Germany6000 50919807"0 

A: Tomorrow
B: Is That You?
Casablanca Germany6000 62019807"0 
Tony Joe White

A: I Get Off On It
B: Feelin' Loose
Casablanca Germany6198 39419807"0 

A: I
B: The Oath
Casablanca Germany6000 71719817"0 
Four Tops

A: When She Was My Girl
B: Let Me Set You Free
Casablanca Germany6180 05419817"0 
Lipps Inc.

A: Designer Music

Lipps Inc. (Sung By Cynthia Johnson)

B: Jazzy
Casablanca Germany6180 06719817"0 
The Four Tops

A: Don't Walk Away
B: Let Me Set You Free
Casablanca Germany6180 09919817"0 
Irene Cara

A: Flashdance ... What A Feeling

Helen St. John

B: Love Theme From "Flashdance" (Instrumental)
Casablanca Germany811 440-719837"17.0
Michael Sembello

A: Maniac (Vocal)
B: Maniac (Instrumental)
Casablanca Germany812 516-719837"0 

A: All Hell's Breakin' Loose
B: Gimme More
Casablanca Germany818 108-719837"0 

A: Single Life
B: I've Got Your Image
Casablanca Germany884 010-719857"0 

A: I Engineer
B: The Essence
Casablanca Germany884 433-719867"0 

A: I Want You
B: Staring Down The Demons
Casablanca Germany884 729-719867"0 
Lipps Inc.

Hit Come Back 25

A: Funkytown
B: All Night Dancing
Casablanca Germany888 628-719877"0 

A: Hoolah Hoolah
B: Hoolah Hoolah
Casablanca Germany875 750-76 Aug 19907"2 

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