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The Catalogue - Label Discography

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The Catalogue was a music magazine of the 1980's and each issue contained a free flexi inside often featuring exclusive tracks.
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Phillip Boa And The Voodoo-Club

A1: Ostrich

The Membranes

A2: Sexy Big Tongue


B1: All The Will


B2: Beast Or Booty
The Catalogue UKLYN 17870/71Sep 1986Flexi1 
Oyster Band

A1: The Old Dance

Michelle Shocked

A2: Who Cares

Rory McLeod

B1: Farewell Welfare

The Mekons

B2: King Arthur
The Catalogue UKROOTS 01Oct 1986Flexi0 
Bhundu Boys

A1: Tsvimbodzemoto

Brendan Croker And The 5 O'Clock Shadows

A2: Joshua Gone Barbados
The Catalogue UKCAT 050Jul 1987Flexi0 
Billy Jenkins

A1: Scratches Of Spain (Album Excerpts)

Shrew Kings

A2: Why Do We Sit Here

Rain Gods

A3: In Some Waiting Hour (Mini-Album Excerpts)
The Catalogue UKOct 1987Flexi0 
The Smiths

A: London
The Catalogue UKCAT 063Sep 1988Flexi0 
Sonic Youth

A: Teenage Riot
The Catalogue UKCAT 064Oct 1988Flexi010.0

A: Torched
The Catalogue UKCAT 065Nov 1988Flexi1 
Clive Product

A1: Songs From An Untidy Bedroom

Jungr And Parker

A2: Launderette Song

Weddings, Parties, Anything

B1: She Works

Billy Bragg

B2: Reason To Believe (Live At Club Montreal 1/11/88)
The Catalogue UKCAT 0691989Flexi0 
My Bloody Valentine

A: Sugar


B: December, With The Day
The Catalogue UKCAT 067Feb 1989Flexi010.0

A1: Get Off The Road

Dinosaur Jr

A2: Just Like Heaven
The Catalogue UKCAT 069 / 2Apr 1989Flexi1 
Lydia Lunch

A: Extracted From 'Oral Fixation'

Emilio Cubeiro

B: Respect Is Gray
The Catalogue UKCAT070May 1989Flexi0 
Band Of Susans

A1: Child Of The Moon

Throwing Muses

A2: Fall Down (New Orleans Mix)
The Catalogue UKCAT 071Jun 1989Flexi0 
The Soup Dragons

A: Kiss The Gun
The Catalogue UKJul 1989Flexi0 
The Shamen

A1: Purple Haze

Sleeping Dogs Wake

A2: This Little Piggy

The Sugarcubes

B1: Cindy

Kitchens Of Distinction

B2: Margaret's Injection


B3: Voulez Vous
The Catalogue UKCAT 074Sep 1989Flexi0 
Galaxie 500

A: Victory Garden

Straitjacket Fits

B: Hail
The Catalogue UKCAT 075Oct 1989Flexi0 
A. C. Temple

A: Miss Sky

Beme Seed

B: God Inside
The Catalogue UKCAT 075/2Oct 1989Flexi0 

A: Griller


B: Amnesia
The Catalogue UKCAT 075/3Oct 1989Flexi0 
The Sundays

A: I Won
The Catalogue UKCAT076Nov 1989Flexi0 
The Lightning Seeds

A: Love Explosion
The Catalogue UKCAT 077Jan 19907"0 
Renegade Soundwave

A: Pocket Porn (Dub Mix)
The Catalogue UKCAT 078Feb 1990Flexi1 
Curtis Mayfield

A: Homeless
The Catalogue UKCAT 079Mar 1990Flexi0 
Inspiral Carpets

A: Joe (Exclusive Live Track From The Town And Country)
The Catalogue UKCAT 080Apr 1990Flexi0 
Ultra Vivid Scene

A: Three Stars (Exclusive Mix)

The Breeders

B: Fortunately Gone (Exclusive Mix)
The Catalogue UKCAT 081May 1990Flexi1 

A1: Complication

Stretch Heads

A2: 'Omni Present Octopus Russel Grant' 'Jimi's Magic Spanish Castle'


B1: Castle Train
The Catalogue UKCAT 082Jun 1990Flexi0 
Saint Etienne

A: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (remixed By Flowered Up)

Flowered Up

B: It's On (remixed By Saint Etienne)
The Catalogue UKCAT 084Aug 1990Flexi0 

John Zorn

A1: Osaka Bondage

Napalm Death

A2: Malicious Intent

John Zorn

A3: Sahngkuan Ling-Feng
The Catalogue UKCAT 085Sep 19907"1 
Steroid Maximus

A1: Volgarity

The Beyond [Metal]

A2: Eve Of My Release (Demo)

Faith Over Reason

B1: Sophia

Steroid Maximus

B2: Edith Strategy
The Catalogue UKCAT 086Oct 1990Flexi0 
Butthole Surfers

A: Lonesome Bulldog
The Catalogue UKCAT 087Nov 1990Flexi0 
Jungle Presents The Mint Label

Test Dept

A1: Pax Brittanica (Excerpt)

Creaming Jesus

A2: Charlie Jumps The Bandwagon

Mercury Rev

B1: Dripping

Mutton Gun

B2: Baby Born With Wooden Arm
The Catalogue UKCAT 088Jan 1991Flexi1 
Solid Glod

Big Flame

A1: Sargasso


A2: Ice The Levant

A Witness

B1: Lucky In London


B2: Man With No Reason
The Catalogue UKFLEXRON 1Flexi0 

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