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CBS Coronet - Label Discography

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Guy Mitchell

A: Ninety Nine Years [Dead Or Alive]
B: Perfume, Candy And Flowers
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00119567"0 
Don Cherry

A: Band Of Gold
B: Rumble Boogie
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00219567"0 
The Four Lads

A: No, Not Much!
B: I'll Never Know
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00319567"0 
Jo Stafford

A: It's Almost Tomorrow
B: If You Want To Love [You Have To Cry]
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00419567"0 
The Four Lads

A: Moments To Remember
B: Dream On, My Love, Dream On
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00519567"0 
Mitch Miller With His Orchestra And Chorus

A: The Yellow Rose Of Texas
B: Blackberry Winter
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00619567"0 
Jo Stafford

A: Suddenly There's A Valley
B: The Night Watch
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00719567"0 
Frankie Laine

A: A Woman In Love
B: Cool Water
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00819567"0 
Tony Bennett

A: Can You Find It In Your Heart
B: Forget Her
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-00919567"0 
The Four Voices

A: Geronimo
B: Lovely One
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01019567"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Goodbye, Au Revoir, Adios
B: Because I Love You
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01119567"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Silent Night, Holy Night
B: The Lord's Prayer
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01219567"0 
Doris Day

A: Whatever Will Be, Will Be [Que Sera, Sera]
B: I've Gotta Sing Away These Blues
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01319567"1 
The Four Lads

A: My Blue Heaven
B: My Little Angel
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01419567"0 
The Four Lads

A: I Almost Lost My Mind
B: When You And I Were Young, Maggie
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01519567"0 
Jerry Vale

Promotional Record

A1: Introduction By Mr. Berry
A2: You Don't Know Me
B1: Enchanted
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-0171956Promo Only 7"0 
Jerry Vale

A: You Don't Know Me
B: Enchanted
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01719567"0 
Frankie Laine

A: On The Road To Mandalay
B: Only If We Love
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01819567"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Just Walking In The Rain
B: In The Candlelight
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-01919567"3 
Mitch Miller And His Orchestra

A: Song For A Summer Night [Instrumental Version]

Mitch Miller And His Orchestra And Chorus

B: Song For A Summer Night [Vocal Version]
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02119567"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Granada
B: The Kid's Last Fight
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02219567"0 
Guy Mitchell

A: Finders Keepers
B: I'd Like To Say A Few Words About Texas
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02319567"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Hey There!
B: Hernando's Hideaway
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02419567"0 
Rosemary Clooney

A: Hey There!
B: Wake Me
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02519567"7 
Don Cherry

A: Ghost Town
B: Love Is Just Around The Corner
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02619567"0 
Paul Weston And His Music From Hollywood

A: Love Theme From "La Strada" [The Road]
B: The Kentuckian Song
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02719567"0 
The Four Voices

A: I'm Dreaming Of Wedding Bells
B: The Ties That Bind
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02819567"0 
Duke Ellington And His Orchestra

A: Skin Deep - Side 1
B: Skin Deep - Side 2
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-02919577"0 
Eileen Rodgers

A: Miracle Of Love
B: Unwanted Heart
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09019577"0 
Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra

A: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
B: Mambo No. 5
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09519577"0 
Doris Day

A: Secret Love
B: I'll Never Stop Loving You
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09619577"0 
Percy Faith And His Orchestra

A: Ev'rybody Loves Saturday Night
B: The Song From Moulin Rouge [Where Is My Heart]
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09719577"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Tennessee Newsboy (The Newsboy Blues)
B: Bim Bam Baby
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09819577"0 
Tony Bennett

A: I'm The King Of Broken Hearts
B: No One Will Ever Know
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-09919577"0 
Doris Day

A: Julie
B: The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away!)
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10019577"0 
Frankie Laine

A: Moonlight Gambler
B: Lotus Land
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10119577"0 
Jo Stafford

A: As I Love You
B: On London Bridge
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10319577"0 
Dave Brubeck Quartet

A: I'm In A Dancing Mood
B: Lover
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10419577"0 
Rosemary Clooney

A: Tenderly
B: Come Rain Or Come Shine
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10519577"0 
Guy Mitchell

A: Singing The Blues
B: Crazy With Love
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10619577"0 
Cathy Johnson

A: Circle
B: Put Your Lips Next To Mine
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-10719577"0 
Carl Smith, Rosemary Clooney, Gene Autry, Don Cherry, The Collins Kids

A: You Are My Sunshine

Rosemary Clooney

B: Nobody's Darling But Mine
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-109Feb 19577"0 
Édith Piaf

A: La Vie En Rose
B: Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11019577"0 
Orchestra Under The Direction Of Muir Mathieson

A: Original "Trapeze" Soundtrack Lola's Theme

Mitch Miller And His Orchestra And Chorus

B: Trapeze
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11119577"0 
Mindy Carson

A: Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
B: Since I Met You Baby
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11219577"0 
Marty Robbins

A: Long Gone Lonesome Blues
B: Mean Mama Blues
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11319577"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: Look Homeward, Angel
B: You Don't Owe Me A Thing
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11519577"0 
Ken Griffin

A: Easter Parade
B: Remember
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11619577"0 
Vic Damone

A: War And Peace
B: Speak, My Love
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11719577"0 
Terry Gilkyson And The Easy Riders

A: Marianne
B: Goodbye Chiquita
CBS Coronet AustraliaKS-11819577"0 

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