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CBS - Label Discography

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  UK  4170
  Netherlands  3246
  Germany  1925
  Australia  1512
  France  604
  Italy  586
  New Zealand  529
  Spain  309
  Norway  232
  South Africa  228
  Ireland  227
  Sweden  159
  Denmark  152
  Portugal  129
  Mexico  86
  Canada  75
  Rhodesia  74
  Finland  71
  Japan  56
  Belgium  44
  Greece  38
  Israel  34
  Argentina  32
  Brazil  29
  Malaysia  24
  Peru  24
  Costa Rica  20
  Philippines  19
  Yugoslavia  18
  Austria  17
  Zimbabwe  15
  Singapore  14
  India  11
  Chile  10
  Ecuador  9
  Bolivia  8
  Unknown Country  8
  Venezuela  8
  Uruguay  7
  Switzerland  5
  Colombia  4
  Angola  3
  Cyprus  2
  Hong Kong  2
  Kenya  2
  Turkey  2
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Johnnie Ray

A: Just Walking In The Rain

Guy Mitchell

B: Singing The Blues
CBS JapanLL 37Jan 19577"3 
The Brothers Four

A: Five Weeks In A Balloon
B: Summertime
CBS JapanLL 379Oct 19627"0 
Terry Day

A: Be a Soldier
B: That's All I Want
CBS JapanLL-426Apr 19637"0 
Dion Di Mucci

A: Drip Drop
B: No One's Waiting For Me
CBS JapanLL-499Feb 19647"0 
Dinah Shore

A: Buttons And Bows

Rosemary Clooney

B: Come On-A My House
CBS JapanLL-651-CSep 19647"0 
The Byrds

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: I Knew I'd Want You
CBS JapanLL-787-C19657"1 
The Byrds

A: All I Really Want To Do
B: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
CBS JapanLL-798-C19657"1 
The Byrds

A: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
B: She Don't Care About Time
CBS JapanLL-855-C19657"0 
The Byrds

A1: Mr. Tambourine Man
A2: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
B1: All I Really Want To Do
B2: I Knew I'd Want You
CBS JapanLSS-352-C1965EP0 
Bob Dylan

A1: Like A Rolling Stone
A2: From A Buick 6
B1: Highway 61 Revisited
B2: Mr. Tambourine Man
CBS JapanLSS-380-C1965EP0 
The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Time Out

A: Take Five
B: Blue Rondo A La Turk
CBS JapanLSS 69Feb 19657"010.0
Gene Pitney

A: Amici Miei
B: I Tuoi Anni Piu Belli
CBS JapanLL-735-MRApr 19657"0 
Emy Jackson

A: 涙の太陽 (Crying In A Storm)
B: とどかぬ想い (Suddenly I'm Alone)
CBS JapanLL-742-JC20 Apr 19657"69.0
The Atlantics [Australia]

A: Bombora
B: Adventures In Paradise
CBS JapanLL-745-CMay 19657"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Quando Vedrai La Mia Ragazza
B: Un Soldino
CBS JapanLL-770-MRJul 19657"0 
Emy Jackson

A: 夢見るマイボーイ (Say Yes, My Boy)
B: 涙のハート (Don't Break My Heart)
CBS JapanLL-781-JCAug 19657"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Last Chance To Turn Around
B: Save Your Love
CBS JapanLL-794-MRAug 19657"0 
The New Christy Minstrels

A: Yukiyama Sanka (My Darlin' Clementine)
B: Yamaotoko No Uta
CBS Japan45S-190-COct 19657"0 
Bob Dylan

A: Blowin' In The Wind
B: A Hard Raina A-Gonna Fall
CBS Japan45S-211-C19667"0 
Gary Walker

A: Twinkie-Lee
B: She Makes Me Feel Better
CBS JapanLL-2108-C19667"0 
The Byrds

A: It Won't Be Wrong
B: Set You Free This Time
CBS JapanLL-895-C19667"1 
The Byrds

A: Eight Miles High
B: Why
CBS JapanLL-927-C19667"19.0
The Cyrkle

A: Red Rubber Ball
B: How Can I Leave Her
CBS JapanLL-945-C19667"1 
The Byrds

A: 5D (Fifth Dimension)
B: Captain Soul
CBS JapanLL-966-C19667"1 
The Byrds

A: Mr. Spaceman
B: 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)
CBS JapanLL-988-C19667"0 
Paul Revere And The Raiders Featuring Mark

A: The Great Airplane Strike

Paul Revere And The Raiders Featuring The Fang

B: In My Community
CBS JapanLL-998-C19667"0 
The Byrds

A1: Turn Turn Turn
A2: All I Really Want To Do
B1: It Won't Be Wrong
B2: Mr. Tambourine Man
CBS JapanLSS-438-C1966EP0 
The Byrds

A1: Mr. Spaceman
A2: 5D (Fifth Dimension)
B1: Eight Miles High
B2: 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)
CBS JapanLSS-587-C1966EP0 
Gene Pitney

A: Princess In Rags
B: Amore Mio
CBS JapanLL-874-MRFeb 19667"0 
Emy Jackson

A: 涙のゴーゴー (You Don't Know Baby)
B: せつなくてやるせない (Heart Full Of Tears)
CBS JapanLL-876-JCFeb 19667"18.0
Gene Pitney

A: Nessuno Mi Puo' Giudicare
B: Lei Mi Aspetta
CBS JapanLL-912-MRMay 19667"0 
Andy Williams

The Andy Williams Show - 2

A1: Danny Boy
A2: Falling In Love With Love
B1: Summertime
B2: May Each Day
CBS JapanLSS-473-CJul 1966EP0 

A: My Name Is Edouard
B: Les Hallucinations D'Edouard
CBS JapanLL-948-CAug 19667"0 
The Byrds

A: So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
B: Everybody's Been Burned
CBS JapanLL-1037-C19677"1 

A: Epistle To Dippy
B: Preachin' Love
CBS JapanLL-1038-C19677"0 
The Byrds

A: My Back Pages
B: Renaissance Fair
CBS JapanLL-2056-C19677"1 
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Let Your Hair Hang Down
CBS JapanLL-2071-C19677"0 

A: There Is A Mountain
B: Sand And Foam
CBS JapanLL-2090-C19677"0 
The Byrds

A: Lady Friend
B: Old John Robertson
CBS JapanLL-2093-C19677"1 
Paul Revere And The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay

A: Over You
B: I Had A Dream
CBS JapanLL-2094-C19677"0 
The Tremeloes

A: Even The Bad Times Are Good
B: Jenny's Alright
CBS JapanLL-2101-C19677"0 
Paul Revere And The Raiders

A1: Good Thing
A2: The Great Airiplane Strike
B1: Hungry
B2: All About Her
CBS JapanLSS-632-C1967EP0 
The Rainbows [Germany]

A: Balla Balla
B: Ju Ju Hand
CBS JapanLL-1012 CFeb 19677"0 
John Barry And His Orchestra

A: Wednesday's Child
B: The Love Scene - The Old House
CBS JapanLL-1019-CMar 19677"0 
Jackey Yoshikawa And His Blue Comets

A: ブルーシャトー (Blue Chateau)
B: スウィート·トーク (Sweet Talk)
CBS JapanLL - 10022 - JC15 Mar 19677"0 
The Rainbows [Germany]

A: It Must Be Love
B: Sweet Little Sixteen
CBS JapanLL-1040 CApr 19677"0 
Andy Williams

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: The Face I Love
CBS JapanLL-1045-CMay 19677"0 
Scott McKenzie

A: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
B: What's The Difference
CBS JapanLL-2070-CAug 19677"0 
The Rainbows [Germany]

A: Say Won't You Be My Girl
B: Four Boys In Music
CBS JapanLL-2064Sep 19677"0 
The Union Gap

A: Woman, Woman
B: Don't Make Promises
CBS JapanLL-2124-C19687"0 

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