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Charay - Label Discography

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Ronnie Dawson

A: Love Don't Need No Reason
B: Alpine Winter
Charay USAC-1419657"1 
The Riels

A: Tuxedo Junction
B: There'll Be An Angel
Charay USAC-147"0 
The Florida Deep Six

A: I Don't Wanna Cry
B: Start From Here
Charay USAC-1619667"0 
The Elite

A: One Potato
B: Two Potato
Charay USAC-1719667"1 
Bill Mack

A: San Antonio Rose
B: Blue Jean
Charay USAC-1819657"2 
Bill Mack

Dedicated To The Truck Drivers Of America

A: Six Big Men
B: Blue Jean
Charay USAC-187"0 
The Canadian Rogues

A: Oop-Poop-A-Doop
B: Keep In Touch
Charay USAC-1919667"1 
Larry And The Blue Notes

A: Talk About Love
B: She'll Love Me
Charay USAC-2019657"2 
Mark Five

A: She'll Love Me
B: The Phantom
Charay USAC-2019657"1 
Howard Crockett

A: Cross Eyed Mary
B: Star
Charay USAC-2319697"2 
Howard Crockett

A: Star
B: The Word
Charay USAC-2319697"0 
James Duncan

A: My Baby Is Back
B: Waiting On That Train
Charay USAC-2519647"0 
Amos Milburn Jr.

A: Look At A Fool
B: You Used Me
Charay USAC-2619667"0 
The Wyld

A: Alley Oop
B: Lost One
Charay USAC-2819667"2 
The Wyld

A: Fly By Nighter
B: Lost One
Charay USAC-2819667"1 
Wayne Rozell

A: Go Away Little Girl
B: Cinda
Charay USAC-307"0 
The Elite

A: I'll Come To You
B: My Confusion
Charay USAC-3119667"18.0
The Sirs

A: Sixteen Candles
B: Wow
Charay USAC 337"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Sorry Man
B: Baby Heartbreak
Charay USAC-337"0 
The Dirte Four

A: I Want To Give You All My Love
B: On The Move
Charay USAC-3419697"1 
Marsha Hadfield

A: I'm Giving A Party
B: I'm Your Toy (On The End Of A String)
Charay USAC-347"0 
Jimmy Stewart

A: You Just Need To Love Somebody
B: Patsy
Charay USAC-357"0 
Willie Hobbs And The Dirte Four

A: Gloria
B: On The Move
Charay USA3819697"0 
Electric Love

A: This Seat Is Saved
B: Gotta Get Back To My Baby
Charay USAC-407"1 
Larry And The Blue Notes

A: There's No Other (Like My Baby)
B: In And Out
Charay USAC-4419667"2 
Larry And The Blue Notes

A: Love Is A Beautiful Thing
B: In And Out
Charay USAC-44Jul 19667"1 
Gene Summers

A: The Clown
B: Green Eyed Monster
Charay USAC-47Jul 19667"1 
Mitch And The Mistys

A: Hey! Baby
B: Gonna Leave
Charay USAC-557"1 
The Elite

A: Bye Bye Baby
B: All I Want Is You
Charay USAC-5619677"0 
Pic And Bill

A: How Many Times
B: Patsy
Charay USAC-607"0 
Pic And Bill

A: Funny How Time Slips Away
B: How Many Times
Charay USAC-607"1 
Jamie Rodgers (The Singing Dentist)

A: Carla
B: Patsy
Charay USAC-607"0 
Pic And Bill

A: Over The Mountain
B: Patsy
Charay USAC-607"0 
Pic And Bill

A: Together Till The End Of Time
B: Patsy
Charay USAC-607"0 
Pic And Bill

A: I Love You, Baby
B: How Many Times
Charay USAC-607"0 
Pic And Bill

A: All I Want Is You
B: It's Not You
Charay USACH 6719677"2 
The Upper Class

A: Help Me Find A Way
B: Can't Wait
Charay USAC-6819677"1 
Jimmy And The Mustangs

A: Summertime, Summertime
B: Try To Love Me
Charay USAC-72Jun 19677"0 
Jimmy And The Mustangs

A: Try To Love Me
B: Ruins Of TIme
Charay USAC-72Aug 19677"1 
Pic And Bill

A: This Is It
B: Nobody But My Baby
Charay USAC-737"0 
Lynn Poynor

A: Last Kiss
B: Cool
Charay USAC-767"0 
The Uptowners

A: She's Mine
B: Down The Pike
Charay USAC-8619687"1 
Robert Thomas

A: Salvation
B: Soul Of A Man
Charay USAC-8719697"0 
Nat And John

A: Pretty Woman
B: Alpine Winter
Charay USAC-8819687"0 
Cresa Watson

A: Dead
B: Alpine Winter
Charay USAC-9119697"1 
"Country" Dick Lightfoot And His Friendly Indian Band

A: Miner, Sixty Niner
B: Indian Smokes Piece Pipe
Charay USAC-967"0 
Pic And Bill

A: A Man Without A Woman
B: Talk About Love
Charay USAC-997"0 
The Men From Macon

A: Salvation
B: Black Velvet
Charay USAC-10019717"1 
Gene Summers And The Platinum Fog

A: Hot Pants
B: The Young Voices Of Children
Charay USAC-1005 Feb 19717"0 
Robert Thomas With Six Feet Under

A: Salvation
B: Soul Of A Man
Charay USAG-1007"0 

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