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Charisma - Label Discography

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Every Witch Way

A: Go Placidly
B: The Light
Charisma UKBD 11970Promo Only 7"2 

A: Looking For Someone
B: Visions Of Angels
Charisma UKGS 11970Promo Only 7"4 
Jackson Heights

A: Doubting Thomas
B: Insomnia
Charisma UKJH 11970Promo Only 7"1 
Topo D. Bil

A: Witchi Tai To
B: Jam
Charisma UKCB 11616 Jan 19707"7 
Rare Bird

A: Sympathy
B: Devil's High Concern
Charisma UKCB 1206 Feb 19707"169.0
Van der Graaf Generator

A: Refugees
B: The Boat Of A Million Years
Charisma UKCB 12224 Apr 19707"29.0

A: Belladonna Moonshine
B: The Big Spell
Charisma UKCB 12626 Jun 19707"3 
Trevor Billmuss

A: Whoops Amour
B: Sunday Afternoon In Belgrave Square
Charisma UKCB 13025 Sep 19707"2 
The Nice

A: Country Pie
B: One Of Those People
Charisma UKCB 1326 Nov 19707"310.0

A: Clear White Light (Part 2)
B: Knacker's Yard Blues
Charisma UKCB 13720 Nov 19707"3 
Rare Bird

A: What You Want To Know
B: Hammerhead
Charisma UKCB 13827 Nov 19707"1 

A: Indian Summer
B: It Brings A Tear
Charisma UKCB 14119 Feb 1971Promo Only 7"0 

A1: Indian Summer
A2: It Brings A Tear
B1: Priestess
Charisma UKCB 14126 Mar 19717"2 

A: The Knife
B: The Knife (Part 2)
Charisma UKCB 15221 May 19717"19.0

A: Lady Eleanor
B: Nothing But The Marvellous Is Beautiful
Charisma UKCB 15321 May 19717"139.5

A: Your Not Smiling
B: Eye To Eye
Charisma UKBCP 1Jul 1971Promo Only 7"2 

A: You're Not Smiling
B: Eye To Eye
Charisma UKCB 156Jul 19717"0 
Bell And Arc

A: She Belongs To Me
B: Dawn
Charisma UKCB 1703 Dec 19717"3 

A: Nightingale Lane

Capability Brown

B: Liar
Charisma UKBCP 71972Promo Only 7"1 
Monty Python

A: Teach Yourself Heath
Charisma UKSHOL 15471972Flexi4 

A1: Meet Me On The Corner
B1: Scotch Mist
B2: No Time To Lose
Charisma UKCB 1734 Feb 19727"69.0
Van der Graaf Generator

A: Theme One
B: W
Charisma UKCB 1754 Feb 19727"139.8
Rare Bird

A1: Sympathy
A2: Devil's High Concern
B1: What You Want To Know?
B2: Hammerhead
Charisma UKCB 17928 Apr 1972EP0 

A: Happy The Man
B: Seven Stones
Charisma UKCB 18112 May 19727"58.0

A: How Can We Be Lost
B: Nightmare
Charisma UKCB 1839 Jun 19727"2 

A: Stand By The Door
B: Thunder And Lightnin'
Charisma UKCB 18530 Jun 19727"0 

A: All Fall Down
B: We Can Swing Together (Live Version)
Charisma UKCB 1911 Sep 19727"4 
Monty Python's Flying Circus

A: Spam Song
B: The Concert
Charisma UKCB 1928 Sep 19727"610.0
Capability Brown

A: Wake Up Little Sister
B: Wake Up Little Sister
Charisma UKCB 193Oct 1972Promo Only 7"0 
Capability Brown

A: Wake Up Little Sister
B: Windfall
Charisma UKCB 19320 Oct 19727"2 

A: Raviole
B: Hard Cruel World
Charisma UKCB 19610 Nov 19727"0 
The Group

A1: Bovver Boys
B1: Piraeus Football Club!
B2: An Open Letter To Georgie Best
Charisma UKCB 19710 Nov 19727"1 
Monty Python With Neil Innes

A: Eric The Half A Bee
B: Eric The Half A Bee
Charisma UKCB 20010 Nov 1972Promo Only 7"1 
Jo Burg Hawk

A: Orang Otang
B: Dark Side Of The Moon
Charisma UKCB 19417 Nov 19727"3 

A: Court In The Act
B: Don't Ask Me
Charisma UKCB 19917 Nov 19727"110.0
Monty Python With Neil Innes

A: Eric The Half A Bee
B: The Yangtse Song
Charisma UKCB 20017 Nov 19727"2 
Graham Bell

A: Too Many People
B: Before You Can Be A Man
Charisma UKCB 20117 Nov 19727"2 
Brother Universe

A1: Angels Heard On High
A2: O Come All Ye Faithful
B1: We Three Kings Of Orient Are
Charisma UKCB 19824 Nov 19727"1 
String Driven Thing

A: Eddie
B: Hooked On The Road
Charisma UKCB 1951 Dec 19727"0 
Graham Bell

A: 60 Minute Man
B: 60 Minute Man
Charisma UKCB.2091973Promo Only 7"0 
Doggerel Bank

A: Tiny Seed Of Love
B: Tiny Seed Of Love
Charisma UKCB 2201973Promo Only 7"0 
Jo'Burg Hawk

A: Orang Outang
B: Dark Side Of The Moon
Charisma UKCB 2029 Feb 19737"0 
Jo'Burg Hawk

A: Orang Outang
B: Orang Outang
Charisma UKCB 2029 Feb 1973Promo Only 7"6 
Howard Werth

A: You're Not Smiling
B: Raviole
Charisma UKCB 20413 Feb 19737"210.0
String Driven Thing

A: Circus
B: My Real Hero
Charisma UKCB 20316 Feb 19737"310.0
String Driven Thing

A: Circus
A: Circus
Charisma UKCB 20316 Feb 1973Promo Only 7"2 
Clifford T. Ward

A: Gaye
B: Gaye
Charisma UKCB.20530 Mar 1973Promo Only 7"0 
Clifford T. Ward

A: Gaye
B: Home Thoughts From Abroad
Charisma UKCB 20513 Apr 19737"49.3
Jack The Lad

A: One More Dance
B: Draught Genius (Polka)
Charisma UKCB 20618 May 19737"08.0
Jack The Lad

A: One More Dance
B: One More Dance
Charisma UKCB 20618 May 1973Promo Only 7"0 

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