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Ché - Label Discography

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Disco Inferno

A: Entertainment
B: Arc In Round
Ché UKCHE 1S19917"0 

A: Camomile
B: Kill Me
Ché UKCHE 819937"0 
18th Dye

A: Whole Wide World
B: Fragile Stars
Ché UKCHE 1019947"0 
Tripmaster Monkey

A: Shutters Closed
B: Mudslide
Ché UKCHE 1119947"2 

A1: Sundown
B1: Sweet Mercy
B2: It's True She Said
Ché UKCHE 147"1 
18th Dye

A1: Dive
B1: (demo Version) Can You Wink?
B2: Plumbing And Soon Forgetting
Ché UKCHE 1519947"1 

A: Your Presence
B: Give It Some Time
Ché UKCHE 1926 Sep 19947"2 

A: Computer Love
Ché UKCHE 2119947"1 

A1: Computer Love
C1: Feel Good Again 2
C2: Drone In A
Ché UKCHE 21 / 231994Promo Only 7"0 
Dart [San Francisco]

A: Sleepless
B: And Before The First Kiss
Ché UKCHE 2419947"1 
18th Dye

A1: Play W/ You
B1: Gout S.F.
B2: F
Ché UKCHE 2519957"0 
Dart [San Francisco]

A: Doggie
B: Submarine
Ché UKCHE 2819957"1 
Magic Hour

A: I Had A Thought
B: America
Ché UKCHE 2917 Apr 19957"0 
Che Split 7" No.1

Majesty Crush

A: If JFA Were Still Together

Spare Snare

B: I Got You
Ché UKCHE 31Mar 19957"0 

A: Hey Latasha
B: Mellow Noise U.S.A.
Ché UKCHE 3219957"0 

A: If There's Such A Thing As Angels

Bardo Pond

B: New Drunks
Ché UKCHE 34Jul 19957"1 

A: Up In Heaven
B: Hearing Voices
Ché UKCHE 35Sep 19957"2 

A: Come Back
B: Late Too Late
Ché UKCHE 36Sep 19957"0 

A: Up In Heaven
B: Hearing Voices
C: Come Back
D: Late Too Late
Ché UKCHE 35 / 361995Promo Only 7"0 
Urusei Yatsura

A: Siamese
B: Lo-Fi
Ché UKCHE 3829 Aug 19957"29.0
Dart [San Francisco]

A: Bugger
B: Protection
Ché UKCHÉ 4119957"0 
Che Split 7" No.3


A: Rarly Voo

Space Bike

B: Losing My Grip
Ché UKCHE 4225 Sep 19957"0 
The Bardots

A: Carrion
B: Making Money
Ché UKCHE 43Apr 19967"0 

A1: Bugs
B1: Backbone
B2: Sandcastle
Ché UKCHE 45Jan 19967"1 
Urusei Yatsura

A: Plastic Ashtray
B: Got The Sun
Ché UKCHE 4619957"28.0
Che Trading Limited Presents...

The Golden Mile

A: In Stealth

The Delgados

B: I've Only Just Started To Breathe


C: Icky-Poo Air Raid


D: Iro Moyo
Ché UKCHE 47Dec 1995Double Pack0 

A: Supercool
B: Phew
Ché UKCHE 4822 Jan 19967"1 
Exit [Indie]

A: Turn Me On, Dead Man

30 Amp Fuse

B: Punk Virtuoso
Ché UKCHÉ 495 Mar 19967"0 

A: Shady
B: World Fly Past
Ché UKChe 50Apr 19967"0 

A: Returns Every Morning
B: Touch The Water
Ché UKCHE 511 Apr 19967"28.0
Urusei Yatsura

A: Kewpies Like Watermelon
B: Majesty
Ché UKCHE 5319967"2 

A: Memory
B: Silver Surfer
Ché UKCHE 56Sep 19967"2 
Urusei Yatsura

A1: Phasers On Stun (Live)
A2: Pachinko (Live)


B1: Summer (Live)


B2: Summer 1
Ché UKCHE 059Jun 1996Promo Only 7"16.0
Disco Sucks

Spare Snare

A: I Got You

Majesty Crush

B: If JFA Were Still Together


C: If There's Such A Thing As Angels

Bardo Pond

D: New Drunks


E: Rarly Voo

Space Bike

F: Losing My Grip

The Delgados

G: I've Only Just Started To Breathe

The Golden Mile

H: In Stealth


I: Icky-Poo Air Raid


J: Iro Moyo

Exit [Indie]

K: Turn Me On, Dead Man

30 Amp Fuse

L: Punk Virtuoso


M: Saving Daylight

Windy And Carl

N: Beyond Asleep

I'm Being Good

O: Salmon Not Eels


P: Tonality
Ché UKCHE 601996Box Set 7"1 

A: Angels Vs Aliens


B: Buzzsong
Ché UKCHE 061Jul 19967"2 
Urusei Yatsura

A1: Phasers On Stun
B1: The Power Of Negative Thinking
C1: The Love That Brings You Down
D2: Sid And Nancy
Ché UKCHE 621996Double Pack1 

A: Love In Amarillo

The Zambonis

B: Avalanche
Ché UKCHE 6319967"0 

A1: Things Look Better When I Think Of You
A2: 5 Talents
Ché UKCHE 647"0 

A: A Nanny In Manhattan
B: More Than That Is Deserved
Ché UKCHE 6519967"110.0
Superstar Disco Club

A1: Katia Movement #1
A2: Postcards From The Edge
A3: Pop Song
B1: Nehelejenhatu
B2: 21 Years 4 This
Ché UKCHE 6619967"1 
Urusei Yatsura

A: Strategic Hamlets
B: Revir
Ché UKCHE 6710 Feb 19977"4 
Urusei Yatsura

A1: Strategic Hamlets
B1: Down Home Kitty
B2: Kozee Heart
Ché UKCHE 67sFeb 1997Special Edition 7"0 
Transient Waves

A: Wavelength

Dakota Suite

B: Divided
Ché UKCHE 6819977"0 
Urusei Yatsura

A: Fake Fur
B: Silver Krest
Ché UKCHE 7016 Jun 19977"2 
Superstar Disco Club

A: Skyscraper Island (The Motion Picture)
B: Moonshaft
Ché UKCHE 7119977"0 
Helen Love

A1: Does Your Heart Go Boom
A2: So In Love With You
B1: Yeah Yeah We're Helen Love
B2: Put Your Foot On The Fuzz Box Baby
Ché UKCHE 728 Sep 19977"6 

A: Madeline
B: Healing Hands
Ché UKCHE 7319977"0 
Urusei Yatsura

A: Hello Tiger
B: Vanilla Starlet
Ché UKCHE 759 Feb 19987"7 

A: A Nanny In Manhattan
B: The First Half Second
Ché UKCHE 779 Feb 19987"49.0
Urusei Yatsura

A1: Slain By Elf
B1: Hail To The New Poor
B2: What's Wrong With Me
Ché UKCHE 8025 May 19987"1 

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