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Checker - Label Discography

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  USA  558
  Canada  20
  Bootleg  18
  Jamaica  2
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Little Walter And His Night Cats

A: Juke
B: Can't Hold On Much Longer
Checker USA758Aug 19527"09.0
The Encores

A: Young Girls, Young Girls
B: When I Look At You
Checker USA760Sep 19527"0 
Little Walter and His Night Caps

A: Mean Old World
B: Sad Hours
Checker USA764Nov 19527"19.0
Danny Overbea

A: Train, Train, Train
B: I'll Wait
Checker USA768Jan 19537"0 
Little Walter

A: Don't Have To Hunt No More
B: Tonight With A Fool
Checker USA767Mar 19537"17 
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Tell Me Mama
B: Off The Wall
Checker USA770Apr 19537"08.5
Memphis Minnie

A: Broken Heart
B: Me And My Chauffeur
Checker USA771May 19537"0 
Mitzi Mars

A: I'm Glad
B: Roll 'Em
Checker USA773May 19537"0 
Danny Overbea

A: 40 Cups Of Coffee
B: I'll Follow You
Checker USA774Jun 19537"0 
Elmore James

A: She Just Won't Do Right
B: Country Boogie
Checker USA777Jul 19537"0 
Arbee Stedham

A: Don't Set Your Cap For Me
B: I Don't Play
Checker USA778Jul 19537"0 
Brownley Guy

A: You Look Good To Me
B: Watermelon Man
Checker USA779Jul 19537"0 
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Blues With A Feeling
B: Quarter To Twelve
Checker USA780Aug 19537"18.0
Morris Pejoe

A: It'll Plumb Get It
B: Can't Get Along
Checker USA781Sep 19537"0 
Sugar Boy And His Cane Cutters

A: I Don't Know What I'll Do
B: Overboard
Checker USA783Oct 19537"0 
Danny Overbea

A: I Could, But I Won't
B: Sorrento
Checker USA784Nov 19537"0 
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: You're So Fine
B: Lights Out
Checker USA786Dec 19537"08.0
Big Ed

A: Superstition
B: Biscuit Baking Mama
Checker USA790Feb 19547"0 
Sugar Boy And His Cane Cutters

A: Jock-a-Mo
B: You, You, You
Checker USA787Mar 19547"5 
Danny Overbea

A: Stomp And Whistle
B: Ebony Chant
Checker USA788Mar 19547"0 
Eugene Fox

A: Stay At Home
B: Sinner's Dream
Checker USA792Mar 19547"29.0
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Oh Baby
B: Rocker
Checker USA793Apr 19547"18.0
El Rays

A: Darling I Know
B: Christine
Checker USA794May 19547"2 
Danny Overbea

A: You're Mine
B: Roamin' Man
Checker USA796Jun 19547"0 
Jessie Knight And His Combo

A: Nobody Seems To Want Me
B: Nothing But Money
Checker USA797Jun 19547"2 
Sugar Boy

A: I Bowed On My Knees
B: No More Heartaches
Checker USA795Jul 19547"1 
Jimmy Witherspoon

A: When The Lights Go Out
B: Big Daddy
Checker USA798Aug 19547"210.0
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: You'd Better Watch Yourself
B: Blue Light
Checker USA799Aug 19547"210.0
The Teasers

A: How Could You Hurt Me So
B: I Was A Fool To Let You Go
Checker USA800Aug 19547"0 
Earl Brown [Checker]

A: Shake Your Shimmy
B: The Cat's Wiggle
Checker USA802Oct 19547"0 
Lena Gordon With Sax Kari And Orchestra

A: Mama Took The Baby

Sax Kari And Orchestra

B: Disc Jockey Jamboree
Checker USA803Oct 19547"0 
Lowell Fulson

A: Reconsider Baby
B: I Believe I'll Give It Up
Checker USA804Nov 19547"310.0
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Last Night
B: Mellow Down Easy
Checker USA805Nov 19547"610.0
Bobby Lester And The Moonlighters

A: Shoo Doo-Be Doo (My Loving Baby)
B: So All Alone
Checker USA806Nov 19547"4 
Otis Spann

A: It Must Have Been The Devil
B: Five Spot
Checker USA807Nov 19547"0 
Danny Overbea

A: A Toast To Lovers
B: My Love
Checker USA808Dec 19547"0 
Jimmy Witherspoon

A: Waiting For Your Return
B: Time Brings About A Change
Checker USA810Feb 19557"0 
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: My Babe
B: Thunder Bird
Checker USA811Feb 19557"510.0
Lowell Fulson

A: Check Yourself
B: Loving You (Is All I Crave)
Checker USA812Mar 19557"2 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley
B: I'm A Man
Checker USA814Mar 19557"1010.0

A: When
B: That's My Baby (Chick-A-Boom)
Checker USA815Apr 19557"0 
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Roller Coaster
B: I Got To Go
Checker USA817May 19557"28.0
The Fortunes [Doo Wop]

A: Believe In Me
B: My Baby Is Fine
Checker USA818Jun 19557"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Diddley Daddy
B: She's Fine, She's Mine
Checker USA819Jun 19557"39.0
Lowell Fulson

A: Lonely Hours
B: Do Me Right
Checker USA820Jul 19557"0 
The Flamingos

A: I Want To Love You
B: Please Come Back Home
Checker USA821Jul 19557"28.0
Willie Dixon

A: Walking The Blues
B: If You're Mine
Checker USA822Aug 19557"1 
Bobby Tuggle

A: The $64,000 Question
B: Too Late, Old Man
Checker USA823Sep 19557"1 
Sonny Boy Williamson

A: Don't Start Me Talkin'
B: All My Love In Vain
Checker USA824Sep 19557"010.0
Little Walter And His Jukes

A: Too Late
B: I Hate To See You Go
Checker USA825Sep 19557"09.0

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