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Chess - Label Discography

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  USA  612
  UK  182
  Netherlands  92
  Australia  79
  France  60
  New Zealand  26
  Canada  22
  Germany  16
  Bootleg  12
  Sweden  6
  Turkey  5
  Unknown Country  4
  Italy  3
  Israel  1
  Norway  1
  Spain  1
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Chuck Berry

A: You Never Can Tell
B: Brenda Lee
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.13321 Sep 19647"0 
Jackie Ross

A: Selfish One
B: Everything But Love
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1342 Nov 19647"0 
Chuck Berry

A: Little Marie
B: Go Bobby Soxer
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.14030 Nov 19647"0 
Mitty Collier

A: I Had A Talk With My Man
B: Free Girl (In The Morning)
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.14114 Dec 19647"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Jo-Anne
B: Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.14228 Dec 19647"0 
Chuck Berry And His Combo

A: Roll Over Beethoven

Chuck Berry

B: Sweet Little Sixteen
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.08219657"0 
Chuck Berry

Song Series 5

A: Maybelline
B: Rock And Roll Music
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.09819657"0 
Chuck Berry

A: Carol
B: Reelin' And Rockin'
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.12319657"0 
Chuck Berry

A: Promised Land
B: Things I Used To Do
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.14311 Jan 19657"0 
Little Milton

A: Blind Man
B: Blues In The Night
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.14822 Feb 19657"0 
Jackie Ross

A: Jerk And Twine
B: New Lover
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.15122 Feb 19657"0 
The Radiants

A: Voice Your Choice
B: If I Only Had You
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1498 Mar 19657"0 
Jan Bradley

A: I'm Over You
B: The Brush-Off
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1548 Mar 19657"0 
Johnny Nash

A: Strange Feeling
B: Rainin' In My Heart
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.15919 Apr 19657"0 
Fontella Bass And Bobby McClure

A: Don't Mess Up A Good Thing

Oliver Sain And His Orchestra

B: Jerk Loose
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.16019 Apr 19657"0 
Chuck Berry

A: Dear Dad
B: Lonely School Days
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1613 May 19657"0 
Billy Stewart

A: I Do Love You
B: Keep Loving
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1623 May 19657"4 
Tony Clarke

A: The Entertainer
B: This Heart Of Mine
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.16317 May 19657"0 
Little Milton

A: We're Gonna Make It
B: Can't Hold Back The Tears
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.17131 May 19657"0 
The Radiants

A: It Ain't No Big Thing
B: I Got A Girl
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.17214 Jun 19657"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Hey Good Lookin'
B: Let Me In
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.17528 Jun 19657"07.0
James Phelps

A: Love Is A 5-Letter Word
B: I'll Do The Best I Can
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.17312 Jul 19657"0 
Chuck Berry

A: Betty Jean
B: Down The Road A Piece
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1799 Aug 19657"0 
Little Milton

A: Who's Cheating Who?
B: Ain't No Big Deal On You
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1839 Aug 19657"0 
Billy Stewart

A: Sittin' In The Park
B: Once Again
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.18223 Aug 19657"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Road Runner
B: She's Alright
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1576 Sep 19657"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: The "In" Crowd
B: Travel On
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.18620 Sep 19657"0 
Fontella Bass

A: Rescue Me
B: Soul Of The Man
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.18815 Nov 19657"010.0
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Hang On Sloopy
B: Something You Got
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.19113 Dec 19657"18.0
Chuck Berry

A: It Wasn't Me
B: It's My Own Business
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.18924 Jan 19667"0 
Fontella Bass

A: Recovery
B: Leave It In The Hands Of Love
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.1957 Feb 19667"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Dance Mystique
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.19728 Feb 19667"0 
George Kirby

A: Goodnight Irene
B: No More
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.2019 May 19667"0 
The Baby-Face Willette Trio

A: Dad's Theme
B: Behind The 8 Ball
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.2025 Jul 19667"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Hi Heel Sneakers (Part 1)
B: Hi Heel Sneakers (Part 2)
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.2035 Jul 19667"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Wade In The Water
B: Ain't That Peculiar
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.25626 Sep 19667"1 
Bobby Moore And The Rhythm Aces

A: Searching For My Love
B: Hey, Mr. D.J.
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.25726 Sep 19667"0 
Billy Stewart

A: Summertime
B: To Love To Love
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.25826 Sep 19667"0 
Muddy Waters

A: I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
B: Got My Mojo Working
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.27026 Sep 19667"0 
Bo Diddley

A: We're Gonna Get Married
B: 500 Percent More Man
Chess NetherlandsAR 45.26824 Oct 19667"19.0
Billy Stewart

A: Secret Love
B: Look Back And Smile
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.44221 Nov 19667"0 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: Up Tight
B: Money In Your Pocket
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.4415 Dec 19667"0 
Gene Chandler

A: I Fooled You This Time
B: Such A Pretty Thing
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.49013 Feb 19677"0 
Fontella Bass

A: Safe And Sound
B: You'll Never Ever Know
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.46827 Feb 19677"0 
Billy Stewart

A: Every Day I Have The Blues
B: Ol' Man River
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.51127 Mar 19677"1 
The Ramsey Lewis Trio

A: One, Two, Three
B: Day Tripper
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.51210 Apr 19677"0 
Marlena Shaw

A: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
B: Let's Wade In The Water
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.52210 Apr 19677"0 
Tommy And Cleve

A: Boo-Ga-Loo Baby
B: I Don't Want To Share Your Love
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.49922 May 19677"1 
The Wildweeds

A: No Good To Cry
B: Never Mind
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.57819 Jun 19677"0 
Gene Chandler

A: To Be A Lover
B: After The Laughter
Chess NetherlandsAR 25.6073 Jul 19677"0 

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