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Chic - Label Discography

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Lee Marrow

A: Shanghai
B: Shanghai
Chic Germany6.14 38819857"0 

A: Cenerentola (Cinderella)
B: Cenerentola (Cinderella) (Italo Mix)
Chic Germany6.1440219857"0 

A: Living In The Jungle
B: Western Boys Eastern Girls
Chic Germany6.1441219857"0 
Prime Time

A: Ocean Of Crime (We're Movin' On)
B: Ocean Of Crime (We're Movin' On) (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.1443019857"0 
Ironic Remark

A: Rebirth Of An Anti-Christ
B: Rebirth Of An Anti-Christ [Instrumental Version]
Chic Germany6.1443419857"0 
Lee Marrow

A: Sayonara (Don't Stop) (Vocal Version)
B: Sayonara (Short Version)
Chic Germany6.1447219857"06.0

A: After The Love Has Gone
B: After The Love Has Gone (Senza Voce)
Chic Germany6.1448619857"16.0
Sophia George

A: Girlie Girlie

Winner All Stars

B: Girl Rush
Chic Germany6.1452519867"0 
The Three Degrees

A: This Is The House
B: This Is The House (Senza Voce)
Chic Germany6.1454819867"0 
Lee Marrow

A: Cannibals (Baa-Bou - Baa Bou)
B: Cannibals (Baa-Bou - Baa Bou) Easy Version
Chic Germany6.1455119867"0 

A: I'll Keep On Loving You
B: I'll Keep On Loving You (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.1457419867"17.0

A: So Macho
B: Showdown
Chic Germany6.1459919867"07.0
Sophia George

A: Lazy Body
B: Can't Live Without You
Chic Germany6.1460219867"0 

A: Tell Me Tomorrow
B: Say I'm Your Number One
Chic Germany6.1462919867"06.0
First Cut

A: Tell Me, Tell Me (Shadow Dancing)
B: Tell Me, Tell Me (Shadow Dancing) (Mix Bizarre)
Chic Germany6.1463419867"0 
Audrey Hall

A: Smile
B: Smile ( Club Mix)
Chic Germany6.1465919867"0 
Boris Gardiner

A: I Wanna Wake Up With You
B: You're Good For Me
Chic Germany6.1467019867"07.0

A: Gino Gino
B: Gino Gino (Instr.)
Chic Germany6.14679 AC19867"0 

A: In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment (Remix)
B: In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.1469219867"08.0

A: Feels Like The First Time
B: Feels Like The First Time (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Chic Germany6.1471519867"0 
Boris Gardiner

A: You're Everything To Me
B: Last Night
Chic Germany6.1471719867"0 
Mondo Kané

A: An Everlasting Love In An Everchanging World (The Doop De Do Song)
B: An Everlasting Love In An Everchanging World (The Doop De Do Song) (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.1472819867"0 
D. J. Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince

A: Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
B: Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Chic Germany6.1473319867"0 

A: Orient Express
B: Orient Express (Instr.)
Chic Germany6.14793 AC19877"0 
Modern Trouble

A: Fly To Moscow
B: Fly To Moscow (Air Defence Mix-instr.)
Chic Germany6.1485919877"0 

A: Toy Boy (Radio Mix)
B: Toy Boy (Rap Mix)
Chic Germany6.1487219877"07.0

A: Boys (Summertime Love)
B: Get Ready
Chic Germany6.1487619877"06.0

A: Getting Hot
B: Getting Hot (Bush-Fire-Mix)
Chic Germany6.1487719877"0 

A: Hot Girl (New Version)
B: Kiss Me
Chic Germany6.1501519887"06.0

A: Cross My Broken Heart (Remix)
B: Toy Boy (Remix)
Chic Germany6.1505519887"1 
On Line

A: Gell ?! (7' Edit.)
B: Gell ?! (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.1509319887"1 

A: G.T.O
B: G.T.O (Instrumental)
Chic Germany6.15003Jan 19887"0 

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