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Chrysalis - Label Discography

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See also Chrysalis [Island Prefix], Blue Guitar and Butterfly [Chrysalis Prefix]
  UK  879
  USA  383
  Germany  376
  Australia  289
  Netherlands  173
  Ireland  101
  New Zealand  92
  Canada  83
  France  78
  Spain  54
  Japan  52
  Portugal  47
  Italy  42
  South Africa  30
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A1: Magic Isn't Magic
A2: Maid Of Drayton
B1: End All Of You
Chrysalis UK19727"0 
Jethro Tull

A1: Thick As A Brick
A2: Thick As A Brick
B1: Thick As A Brick
B2: Thick As A Brick
Chrysalis UKCHRE 10031972Promo Only 7"6 
Laurie Styvers

A: Beat The Reaper
B: You Keep Coming Home In The Mornings
Chrysalis UKCHS 200219727"77.0
Tir Na Nog

A: The Lady I Love
B: Heidi
Chrysalis UKCHS 20013 Mar 19727"0 
Steeleye Span

A1: John Barleycorn
B1: Bride's Favourite
B2: Tansey's Fancy
Chrysalis UKCHS 2005Jun 19727"09.0
Procol Harum

A: Conquistador
B: Luskus Delph
Chrysalis UKCHS 20034 Aug 19727"110.0
Wild Turkey

A: Good Old Days
B: Life Is A Symphony
Chrysalis UKCHS 200422 Sep 19727"06.0
Steeleye Span

A: Gaudete
B: The Holly And The Ivy
Chrysalis UKCHS 20078 Dec 19727"59.3

A: I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
B: Whiskey And Wine
Chrysalis UKCFB 119737"08.0

A: Give Her The Gun
B: Sweet Little Thing
Chrysalis UKCHS 20241973Unreleased0 
Robin Trower

A: Man Of The World
B: Take A Fast Train
Chrysalis UKCHS-200916 Mar 19737"0 
Procol Harum

A: Robert's Box
B: A Rum Tale
Chrysalis UKCHS 20106 Apr 19737"010.0
Leo Sayer

A: Why Is Everybody Going Home
B: Quicksand
Chrysalis UKCHS 201410 Aug 19737"28.0
Procol Harum

A: Souvenir Of London
B: Toujours L'Amour
Chrysalis UKCHS 201517 Aug 19737"29.3
Tir Na Nog

A: Strong In The Sun
B: The Mountain And I
Chrysalis UKCHS 201614 Sep 19737"0 
Chick Churchill

A: Broken Engagements
B: Dream Of Our Maker Man
Chrysalis UKCHS 201912 Oct 19737"0 
Alvin Lee And Mylon LeFevre

A: The World Is Changing (I Got A Woman Back In Georgia)
B: Riffin'
Chrysalis UKCHS 20202 Nov 19737"0 
Leo Sayer

A: The Show Must Go On
B: Tomorrow
Chrysalis UKCHS 20232 Nov 19737"19.0
Alvin And Mylon

A: So Sad (No Love Of His Own)
B: On The Road To Freedom
Chrysalis UKCHS.203519747"0 
Robin Trower

A: Too Rolling Stoned
B: Lady Love
Chrysalis UKCHS 204619747"1 
Steeleye Span

A: Thomas The Rhymer
B: The Mooncoin Jig
Chrysalis UKCHS 20268 Feb 19747"19.0
Steeleye Span

A: Thomas The Rhymer
B: Thomas The Rhymer
Chrysalis UKCHS 20268 Feb 1974Promo Only 7"0 
Procol Harum

A: Nothing But The Truth
B: Drunk Again
Chrysalis UKCHS 203229 Mar 19747"28.0

A: Doctor Doctor
B: Lipstick Traces
Chrysalis UKCHS 204029 Mar 19747"2 
Billy Shears

A: No Love, No Life
B: Little Crocodile
Chrysalis UKCHS 203412 Apr 19747"0 

A: Some Day I Will Return
B: Oh Woman
Chrysalis UKCHS 202519 Apr 19747"0 
Patrick O'Magick

A: You're A Winner
B: The Proposal
Chrysalis UKCHS 204126 Apr 19747"1 
Leo Sayer

A: One Man Band
B: Drop Back
Chrysalis UKCHS 2045Jun 19747"17.0
Brian Protheroe

A: Pinball
B: Money Love
Chrysalis UKCHS 204326 Jul 19747"49.7
Frankie Miller

A: Little Angel
B: Backyard Blues
Chrysalis UKCHS 20492 Aug 19747"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Long Tall Glasses
B: In My Life
Chrysalis UKCHS 2052Sep 19747"05.0
Jethro Tull

A: Bungle In The Jungle
B: Back-Door Angels
Chrysalis UKCHS 20548 Nov 19747"4 
Tim Rice

A: Not Fade Away
B: Nothing Different (Nothing Altered, Nothing Changed)
Chrysalis UKCHS 20596 Dec 19747"210.0

A: Om Mani Padme Hum (1st Movement)
B: Om Mani Padme Hum (3rd Movement)
Chrysalis UKCDJ 1011975Promo Only 7"0 
Alice Cooper

A: I'm Flash

Elkie Brooks

B: Trapped
Chrysalis UKCHS 20691975Promo Only 7"3 
John Dawson Read

A: Sally Ally Sunday
B: Good Living
Chrysalis UKCHS 207119757"0 

A: Shoot Shoot
B: Love Lost Love
Chrysalis UKCHS 20721975Unreleased0 
Brian Protheroe

A: Fly Now
B: Clogdancer
Chrysalis UKCHS 206017 Jan 19757"07.0
Steeleye Span

A: New York Girls
B: Two Magicians
Chrysalis UKCHS 206121 Mar 19757"3 

A: Wheelin' 'N' Dealin'
B: Moonshine
Chrysalis UKCHS 206321 Mar 19757"18.0
Philip Rambow

A: Dem Eyes
B: Solitude's So Precious
Chrysalis UKCHS 206516 May 19757"0 
John Dawson Read

A: A Friend Of Mine
B: Superficial Things
Chrysalis UKCHS 206716 May 19757"1 
Procol Harum

A: Pandora's Box
B: The Piper's Tune
Chrysalis UKCHS 207325 Jul 19757"18.5
Leo Sayer

A: Moonlighting
B: Streets Of Your Town
Chrysalis UKCHS 2076Aug 19757"28.2
Jethro Tull

A: Minstrel In The Gallery
B: Summerday Sands
Chrysalis UKCHS 207522 Aug 19757"09.0
The Frankie Miller Band

A: A Fool In Love
B: I Know Why The Sun Don't Shine
Chrysalis UKCHS 207426 Sep 19757"2 
Brian Protheroe

A: Running Through The City
B: Back Away
Chrysalis UKCHS 207726 Sep 19757"0 
Steeleye Span

A: All Around My Hat
B: Black Jack Davy
Chrysalis UKCHS 20783 Oct 19757"28.0
Rory Gallagher

A: Souped Up Ford
B: I Take What I Want
Chrysalis UKCDJ 102Nov 1975Promo Only 7"3 
Procol Harum

A: The Final Thrust
B: Taking The Time
Chrysalis UKCHS 20797 Nov 19757"010.0

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