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Chrysalis - Label Discography

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  UK  895
  USA  450
  Germany  399
  Australia  318
  Netherlands  182
  Ireland  106
  New Zealand  101
  Canada  97
  France  85
  Japan  60
  Portugal  60
  Spain  55
  Italy  46
  South Africa  30
+ More Countries (36 Total)
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Ten Years After

A: I´d Love To Change The World
B: Let The Sky Fall
Chrysalis JapanCH-119727"0 
Ten Years After

A: Rock And Roll Music To The World
B: Choo Choo Moma
Chrysalis JapanCH-219727"0 
Procol Harum

A: Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
B: Grand Hotel
Chrysalis JapanCH-319727"0 
Jethro Tull

A: Bungle In The Jungle
B: Back-Door Angels
Chrysalis JapanCH-8SNov 19747"1 

A: Can You Roll Her
B: Belladonna
Chrysalis JapanCM-1619767"2 
Generation X

A: Your Generation
B: Day By Day
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2035319777"08.0
Generation X

A: Wild Youth
B: Wild Dub
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2039419777"0 
Leo Sayer

A: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
B: Magdalena
Chrysalis JapanCM-41Jan 19777"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: When I Need You
B: I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast
Chrysalis JapanCM-54May 19777"01.0

A1: Rip Her To Shreds
B1: In The Flesh
B2: X Offender
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2036920 Dec 19777"09.0

A: Kidnapper
B: Cautious Lip
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2037320 Dec 19777"16.0

A: Picture This
B: Heart Of Glass
Chrysalis JapanPRP-10541978Promo Only 7"08.7
Generation X

A: Ready Steady Go
B: Kiss Me Deadly
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2043219787"0 

A: Denis
B: No Imagination
Chrysalis JapanWWR-204365 Jun 19787"08.7
Generation X

A: King Rocker
B: Gimme Some Truth
Chrysalis JapanWWR-2055319797"0 

A: Heart Of Glass
B: Rifle Range
Chrysalis JapanWWR-20565Apr 19797"09.0

A: Sunday Girl
B: I Know But I Don't Know
Chrysalis JapanWWR-206075 Sep 19797"08.5

A: Dreaming
B: Living In The Real World
Chrysalis JapanWWW-203615 Nov 19797"08.0

A: Call Me [Spanish Version]
B: Heroes
Chrysalis JapanBRP-10071980Bonus 7"5 

A: Passing Strangers
B: Face To Face
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1707719807"0 

A: New Europeans
B: Vienna
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1716719807"1 

A: Atomic
B: Die Young Stay Pretty
Chrysalis JapanWWR-20670Apr 19807"07.5

A: Call Me

Giorgio Moroder

B: Call Me [Instrumental]
Chrysalis JapanWWR-207005 Jun 19807"07.5

A: The Tide Is High
B: Suzy And Jeffrey
Chrysalis JapanWWR-170811 Dec 19807"07.5
Leo Sayer

A: Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
B: More Than I Can Say
Chrysalis JapanPRP-10811981Promo Only 7"0 

A: Rapture
B: Walk Like Me
Chrysalis JapanWWR-1710519817"06.0
Trevor Rabin

A: Looking For A Lady (Wolfman)
B: Lost In Love
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1708919817"0 

A: The Voice
B: Paths And Angles
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1720919817"0 
Greg Lake

A: Nuclear Attack
B: Love You Too Much
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1721019817"0 
Micky Dolenz

A: Love Light
B: Alicia
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1711721 Apr 19817"0 
Debbie Harry

A: Backfired
B: Military Rap
Chrysalis JapanWWS-171571 Sep 19817"0 

A: War Child
B: Little Caesar
Chrysalis JapanWWR- 1728019827"0 
Huey Lewis And The News

A: Do You Believe In Love
B: Is It Me
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1723219827"0 
Billy Idol

A: Hot In The City
B: Hole In The Wall
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1726719827"0 
The Fun Boy Three

A: Summertime
B: Summer Of '82
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1728119827"0 

A: Only Lonely
B: Boys In Town
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1734019827"0 

A: Hymn
B: Monument
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1734519827"0 
Pat Benatar

A: Little Too Late
B: Fight It Out
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1734719827"0 

A: Island Of Lost Souls
B: Dragonfly
Chrysalis JapanWWS-172461 Jun 19827"0 

A: Reap The Wild Wind
B: Hosanna (In Excelsis Deo)
Chrysalis JapanWWS-17290Sep 19827"2 
Spandau Ballet

A: True
B: Lifeline (Edited Remix For USA)
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1738519837"0 
Debbie Harry

A: Rush Rush
B: Rush Rush (Dub Version)
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1742421 Mar 19837"0 
Billy Idol

A: Rebel Yell
B: Crank Call
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1742919847"0 

A: One Small Day
B: Easterly
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1744219847"1 
Spandau Ballet

A: Only When You Leave
B: Paint Me Down (Recorded Live)
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1745919847"0 
Billy Idol

A: Flesh For Fantasy
B: Blue Highway
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1748819847"0 

A: Love's Great Adventure
B: White China
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1750619847"0 
Pat Benatar

A: We Belong
B: Suburban King
Chrysalis JapanWWS-174981 Dec 19847"0 
Armored Saint

A: Can U Deliver
B: False Alarm
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1749921 Dec 19847"0 
The Colour Field

A: Thinking Of You
B: My Wild Flame
Chrysalis JapanWWS-1752719857"0 

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