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Chrysalis - Label Discography

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  UK  894
  USA  450
  Germany  399
  Australia  318
  Netherlands  182
  Ireland  106
  New Zealand  101
  Canada  97
  France  85
  Portugal  60
  Japan  59
  Spain  55
  Italy  46
  South Africa  30
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Wild Turkey

A: Easter Psalm
B: Sanctuary
Chrysalis New ZealandCYK-479519727"0 
Laurie Styvers

A: Beat The Reaper
B: Pigeons
Chrysalis New ZealandCYK-479619727"1 
Leo Sayer

A: The Show Must Go On
B: Tomorrow
Chrysalis New ZealandK540419737"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: Why Is Everybody Going Home
B: Quicksand
Chrysalis New ZealandCYK-524919747"0 
Procol Harum

A: Nothing But The Truth
B: Drunk Again
Chrysalis New ZealandCYK-546419747"0 
Steeleye Span

A: Gaudete
B: One Misty Morning
Chrysalis New ZealandK540119747"0 
Steeleye Span

A: To Know Him Is To Love Him
B: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Chrysalis New ZealandK557819747"0 
Jethro Tull

A: Bungle In The Jungle
B: Back-Door Angels
Chrysalis New ZealandK567919747"0 
Tim Rice

A: Not Fade Away
B: Nothing Different (Nothing Altered, Nothing Changed)
Chrysalis New ZealandK577119757"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Moonlighting
B: Streets Of Your Town
Chrysalis New ZealandK607319757"01.0
Procol Harum

A: Pandora's Box
B: The Piper's Tune
Chrysalis New ZealandK607519757"0 
Steeleye Span

A: All Around My Hat
B: Black Jack Davy
Chrysalis New ZealandK-607919757"0 
Jethro Tull

A: Minstrel In The Gallery
B: Summerday Sands
Chrysalis New ZealandK610319757"0 
Frankie Miller

A: A Fool In Love
B: I Know Why The Sun Don't Shine
Chrysalis New ZealandK614719757"0 
Brian Protheroe

A: Running Through The City
B: Back Away
Chrysalis New ZealandK-615519757"0 
Procol Harum

A: The Final Thrust
B: Taking The Time
Chrysalis New ZealandK617119757"0 
Jethro Tull

A: Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die
B: Rainbow Blues
Chrysalis New ZealandK635919767"0 
David Dundas

A: Jeans On
B: Sleepy Serena
Chrysalis New ZealandK650019767"0 
Nick Gilder

A: Roxy Roller
B: Prophet's Tale
Chrysalis New ZealandK656119767"0 
Leo Sayer

A: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
B: Magdelena
Chrysalis New ZealandK 657919767"01.0
Leo Sayer

A: When I Need You
B: I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast
Chrysalis New ZealandK 664519777"01.0
Steeleye Span

A: Fighting For Strangers
B: The Mooncoin Jig
Chrysalis New ZealandK 666319777"0 
Racing Cars

A: They Shoot Horses Don't They
B: Four Wheel Drive
Chrysalis New ZealandK 667819777"0 
Leo Sayer

A: How Much Love
B: I Hear The Laughter
Chrysalis New ZealandK 673119777"0 

A: Alone Again Or
B: Electric Phase
Chrysalis New ZealandK 685319777"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Thunder In My Heart
B: Get The Girl
Chrysalis New ZealandK 689119777"01.0

A: In The Flesh
B: Man Overboard
Chrysalis New ZealandK 693219777"0 
Jethro Tull

A: Songs From The Wood (Edited Version)
B: Jack-In-The-Green (Edited Version)
Chrysalis New ZealandK 694519777"0 

A: Rip Her To Shreads
B: X Offender
Chrysalis New ZealandK-697319777"0 
Gentle Giant

A: Two Weeks In Spain
B: Free Hand (Edited Version)
Chrysalis New ZealandK 698719777"1 
Leo Sayer

A: Easy To Love
B: World Keeps On Turning
Chrysalis New ZealandK 705419787"0 

A: Denis
B: Kung Fu Girls
Chrysalis New ZealandK 705719787"08.0
Jethro Tull

A: Moths
B: Life's A Long Song
Chrysalis New ZealandK 710119787"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Dancin' The Night Away
B: Tell Me Just One More Time
Chrysalis New ZealandK 710219787"01.0

A1: (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear
B1: Poet's Problem
B2: Detroit 442
Chrysalis New ZealandK 711619787"09.0
Nick Gilder

A: Hot Child In The City
B: Backstreet Noise
Chrysalis New ZealandK 717619787"0 

A: Picture This
B: Fade Away (And Radiate)
Chrysalis New ZealandK 723619787"08.0
Frankie Miller

A: Darlin'
B: Drunken Nights In The City
Chrysalis New ZealandK 724019787"0 
Jethro Tull

A: A Stitch In Time
B: Sweet Dream
Chrysalis New ZealandK 729419787"0 
Leo Sayer

A: Raining In My Heart
B: Easy To Love
Chrysalis New ZealandK 730719787"01.0

A: Hanging On The Telephone
B: Will Anything Happen?
Chrysalis New ZealandK 733619787"08.0
Frankie Miller

A: When I'm Away From You
B: Ain't Got No Money
Chrysalis New ZealandK734819797"0 

A: Heart Of Glass
B: Sunday Girl
Chrysalis New ZealandK 739319797"19.0

A: Hanging On The Telephone
B: I Know But I Don't Know
Chrysalis New ZealandK 756019797"08.0
The Special A.K.A.

A: Gangsters

The Selecter

B: The Selecter
Chrysalis New ZealandK 761019797"0 

A: Dreaming
B: Sound Asleep
Chrysalis New ZealandK 764019797"08.0
The Specials Featuring Rico

A: A Message To You Rudy
B: Nite Klub
Chrysalis New ZealandK 770219797"0 

A: Union City Blue
B: Living In The Real World
Chrysalis New ZealandK 773019797"08.0

A: Atomic
B: Die Young Stay Pretty
Chrysalis New ZealandK 777219807"08.0

A: Call Me

Giorgio Moroder

B: Call Me [Instrumental]
Chrysalis New ZealandK 783019807"18.0

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