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A: 98 Sec's Of Three Bears In A Waterbed
B: Everything Is Possible
Class USA20027"2 
Googie Rene And His Wham Bams

A: Wham Bam

The Rollettes

B: Sad Fool
Class USA201Sep 19567"0 
Googie Rene And His Band

A: Midnight
B: Big Time
Class USA205Nov 19567"1 
Oscar McLollie

A: Here I Am
B: Say
Class USA20619577"0 
Bobby Day

A: So Long Baby
B: Come Seven
Class USA207Mar 19577"0 
Googie Rene And His Band

A: Side-Track
B: Break It Up
Class USA208May 19577"1 
Bobby Day And The Satellites

A: Little Bitty Pretty One
B: When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
Class USA211Aug 19577"410.0
Googie Rene And His Band

A: Beautiful Weekend
B: Rock-A Boogie
Class USA212Aug 19577"1 
Bob And Earl

A: Thats My Desire
B: You Made A Boo-Boo
Class USA213Sep 19577"010.0
Googie Rene And His Band

A: At The Break Of Dawn
B: Twilight Walk
Class USA214Nov 19577"0 
Bobby Day And The Satellites

A: Beep-Beep-Beep
B: Darling If I Had You
Class USA215Nov 19577"0 
Oscar McLollie

A: King Of The Fools
B: Scold Me
Class USA216Dec 19577"0 
The Sputniks

A: Hey Maryann
B: My Love Is Gone
Class USA217Jan 19587"3 
The Classics [Los Angeles]

A: If Only The Sky Was A Mirror
B: Gosh But This Love
Class USA219Feb 19587"0 
Bobby Day

A: Honeysuckle Baby
B: Sweet Little Thing
Class USA220Feb 19587"0 
Googie René

A: Wiggle-Tail Part 1
B: Wiggle-Tail Part 2
Class USA221Feb 19587"2 
The Searchers [USA]

A: Wow-Wow Baby
B: Ooo-Wee
Class USA223Feb 19587"0 
Bobby Day

A: Little Turtle Dove
B: Saving My Life For You
Class USA225Mar 19587"1 
Terry And Jerry

A: Mama Julie
B: People Are Doing It Every Day
Class USA226Apr 19587"1 
Googie Rene And His Band

A: Swingin' Summer Love
B: Shine On Harvest Moon
Class USA227May 19587"0 
Oscar McLollie And Jeanette Baker

A: Hey Girl - Hey Boy

Oscar McLollie

B: Let Me Know Let Me Know
Class USA228May 19587"1 
Bobby Day

A: Rock-In Robin
B: Over And Over
Class USA229Jun 19587"39.3
Jeani Mack

A: Jimmy
B: Dirty Dishes
Class USA230May 19587"47.0
Bob And Earl

A: When She Walks
B: Gee Whiz
Class USA231Jun 19587"26.0
Googie René

A: Moonglow
B: Sunrise
Class USA233Jul 19587"0 
Eugene Church and The Fellows

A: Pretty Girls Everywhere
B: For The Rest Of My Life
Class USA235Aug 19587"38.5
Jimmy Johnson [James F. Johnson]

A: Lone Ranger Gonna Git Married
B: Cool Cool School
Class USA237Sep 19587"3 
Oscar McLollie And Annette

A: The Rock-A-Cha
B: Let's Get Together
Class USA238Oct 19587"0 
Googie René

A: Big Foot
B: Rebecca
Class USA239Oct 19587"0 
Terry And Jerry

A: Out Of Luck
B: What Is Love
Class USA240Nov 19587"2 
Bobby Day

A: The Bluebird, The Buzzard And The Oriole
B: Alone Too Long
Class USA241Dec 19587"0 
Jeani Mack

A: Tonight You'll Have Your Dream
B: Super Duper
Class USA242Nov 19587"0 
The Titans [Los Angeles]

A: No Time
B: The Tootin' Tutor
Class USA244Feb 19597"5 
Bobby Day

A: That's All I Want
B: Say Yes
Class USA245Feb 19597"08.0
Johnny (Guitar) Watson

A: The Bear
B: One More Kiss
Class USA246Mar 19597"0 
Googie René

A: Rock-A-Bye Baby
B: Skumbo
Class USA248Mar 19597"07.0
Bobby Day

A: Gotta New Girl
B: Mr. And Mrs. Rock-'N-Roll
Class USA252May 19597"1 
Eugene Church

A: Miami
B: I Ain't Goin' For That
Class USA254Jun 19597"3 
Bobby Day

A: Ain't Gonna Cry No More
B: Love Is A One Time Affair
Class USA255Jul 19597"1 
Bobby Day

A: Three Young Rebs From Georgia
B: Unchained Melody
Class USA257Sep 19597"1 
Jim Balcom

A: High School Football Game
B: St. Louis Blues
Class USA25919597"0 
Jeanette Baker

A: He Really Belongs To Me
B: Moonbeam
Class USA260Nov 19597"0 
Eugene Church

A: Without Soul
B: Jack Of All Trades
Class USA261Nov 19597"1 
Googie René And Orchestra

A: Serenade In The Night
B: Caesar's Pad
Class USA26219597"0 
Bobby Day

A: My Blue Heaven
B: I Don't Want To
Class USA263Dec 19597"2 
Googie René

A: Forever
B: Ez-Zee
Class USA264Jan 19607"0 
Oscar McLollie And His Band

A: The Honey Jump
B: Call It Love
Class USA265Jan 19607"0 
Eugene Church

A: The Struttin' Kind
B: That´s What´s Happin´
Class USA266Jan 19607"0 
Jesse Belvin

A: I´m Confessin´
B: Deep In My Heart
Class USA267Feb 19607"0 
Sonny Sinbad

A: Emily
B: I'd Rather Die Young
Class USA268Mar 19607"0 

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