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Clawfist - Label Discography

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HUNKA 18 and 22 were 12" and CD only.

XPIG 20 was released on 10" vinyl.
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Gallon Drunk

A: Ruby
B: Us And Cousin Emmy
Clawfist UKHUNKA LURVE 119 Nov 19907"0 
Gallon Drunk

A: Draggin' Along
B: Miserlou
Clawfist UKHUNKA 002 (LURVE)Apr 19917"0 
Gallon Drunk

A: The Last Gasp (Safty)
B: The Whirlpool
Clawfist UKHUNKA 003Jul 19917"0 

A: Rule And Thumb
B: Taste
Clawfist UKHUNKA 00419917"0 
The Sunflowers

A: Closer
B: Day Into Day
Clawfist UKHUNKA 00519917"0 
Gallon Drunk

A1: Some Fools Mess
B1: May The Earth Open Here
B2: Rolling Home
Clawfist UKHUNKA 006Oct 19917"0 
The Sunflowers

A: It's Early Everything
B: Too Far To Fall
Clawfist UKHUNKA 00719917"0 
The Family Cat

A1: Jesus Christ
B1: Chill Out Ye Merry Gentlemen
B2: Jesus Karaoke Christ
B3: Christ Jesus
Clawfist UKHUNKA 00819917"1 
Chuck Smith

A: Things About Going My Way
B: Blues Blues
Clawfist UKHUNKA 91992Unreleased2 

A: Shaking The Bone (In Even Time)
B: Blow Wind Blow
Clawfist UKHUNKA 1019927"0 
Gallon Drunk

A1: Bedlam
B1: Look At That Woman
B2: Solitaire
Clawfist UKHUNKA 01119927"0 

A: Splinter!
B: The Precious Thing
Clawfist UKHUNKA 129 Nov 19927"0 
Mambo Taxi

A: Prom Queen
B: Insecure
Clawfist UKHUNKA 13Jan 19937"0 
Bailter Space

A: The Aim
B: We Know
Clawfist UKHUNKA 1423 Nov 19927"0 
Jesse Hector And The Sound

A: Leavin' Town
B: I Need Lovin'
Clawfist UKHUNKA 1523 Nov 19927"0 
Bailter Space

A: Shine
B: The Unseen
Clawfist UKHUNKA 1619927"0 
Dog Hunch

A: The End Of The World
B: Stiffneck
Clawfist UKHUNKA 1719937"17.0
Mambo Taxi

A: Poems On The Underground
B: A And E
Clawfist UKHUNKA 19Jun 19937"2 
Mambo Taxi

A: Do You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other Peoples Boyfriends?
B: I Want To Marry A Serial Killer
Clawfist UKHUNKA 20Oct 19937"0 
Dog Hunch

A: Jack Death
B: This Guilty City
Clawfist UKHUNKA 2119937"1 
Singles Club
Bevis Frond

A: Sexorcist

Walking Seeds

B: Reflections In A Tall Mirror
Clawfist UKPIG 1Sep 19907"1 

A: Remember What It Is That You Love

Family Cat

B: Strange Kind Of Love
Clawfist UKPIG 2Sep 19907"0 

A: Nothing Special

My Dad Is Dead

B: Flesh-Colored House
Clawfist UKPIG 3Oct 19907"0 
The Mekons

A: Crap Rap

The Ex

B: Keep On Hoppin'
Clawfist UKPIG 419907"0 
Terminal Cheesecake

A: Meathead


B: Car First
Clawfist UKPIG 5Dec 19907"0 
The Membranes

A: Big Decision (Slight Return)

That Petrol Emotion

B: Everybody's Goin' Triple Bad Acid Yeah!
Clawfist UKPIG 6Mar 19917"1 

A: Like Rats


B: Straight To Your Heart
Clawfist UKXPIG 07May 19917"0 
Television Personalities

A: Your Class

BMX Bandits

B: Someone To Share My Life With
Clawfist UKXPIG 8Jun 19917"0 
The Rockingbirds Guest Vocals: Lesley Silverfish

A: Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

The Rockingbirds Guest Vocals: Tom Faith Healer

B: Lovesick Blues
Clawfist UKXPIG 9Jul 19917"0 
Thin White Rope

A: Eye

The Poster Children

B: Down In The Desert
Clawfist UKXPIG 10Aug 19917"08.0
Edsel Auctioneer

A: Jimmy Starfish


B: Beatslag Day
Clawfist UKXPIG 11Mar 19927"0 
Nurse With Wound

A: Steel Dream March Of The Metal Men
B: The Dadda's Intoxication
Clawfist UKXPIG 12Apr 19927"0 
Big Jon Spencers Blues Explosion

A1: History Of Sex
B1: Write A Song
B2: Smoke Cigarettes
Clawfist UKXPIG 13May 19927"0 

A1: Cubical
B1: You Are My Sunshine
B2: Den Den Moshi Moshi
Clawfist UKXPIG 14Jun 19927"0 

A: Hops And Barley

Wat Tyler

B: Discipline


C: A Public House

Wat Tyler

D: Not Superstitious
Clawfist UKXPIG 15Jul 1992Double Pack0 
7 Year Bitch

A: Can We Laugh Now

Thatcher On Acid

B: No Fuckin' War
Clawfist UKXPIG 1619927"1 
Thee Headcoats

A: Pedophile
B: No Such Number
Clawfist UK1719927"0 
The Sunflowers

A: Collide

Smashing Orange

B: Something You Said
Clawfist UKXPIG 18Dec 19927"0 
Lydia Lunch

A: Unearthly Delights
B: Busted
Clawfist UKXPIG 19Feb 19937"0 

A: We Have All The Time In The World

Gallon Drunk

B: Known, Not Wanted
Clawfist UKXPIG 21Oct 19937"010.0

A: Is Suicide A Solution?
B: Airborne Bells
Clawfist UKXPIG 22Nov 19937"0 
Th' Faith Healers

A: S.O.S.

Mambo Taxi

B: Supertrooper
Clawfist UK23Jan 19947"1 

A: Seetar Man

Blood Sausage

B: (You're The) Devil In Disguise
Clawfist UK24Mar 19947"0 
Trumans Water

A1: New Kinda Radio
A2: Do The Spazz
B1: Bat Cave
B2: Ride The No-Wave
Clawfist UK25Jun 1994EP0 

A: Lola, Lola
B: Always True To You In My Fashion
Clawfist UK26Jan 19957"0 
Revolution 9

A1: Living With You
B1: Wintersong
B2: So Much For Love
Clawfist UK2719957"0 
Man Or Astroman?

A: King Of The Monsters
B: Bird's Stuff
Clawfist UK28Oct 19957"0 

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