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Cocteau - Label Discography

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Bill Nelson

A1: Do You Dream In Colour?
B1: Ideal Homes
B2: Instantly Yours
B3: Atom Man Loves Radium Girl
Cocteau UKCOQ 1Jun 19807"27.3
Last Man In Europe

A1: A Certain Bridge
B1: T.V. Addict
B2: Complications
Cocteau UKCOQ 230 May 19817"0 
A Flock Of Seagulls

A: (It's Not Me) Talking
B: Factory Music
Cocteau UKCOQ 35 Jun 19817"16.0
To Heaven A Jet

A: Airfields

Revox Cadets

B: Tony Goes To Tokyo (And Rides The Bullet Train)
Cocteau UKCOQ 46 Nov 19817"0 
Bill Nelson

A1: Sleepcycle
A2: Konny Buys A Kodak
B1: When The Birds Return
B2: The Beat That Can't Go Wrong Today
Cocteau UKCOQ 51 Apr 1982EP0 
Q [80's]

A: Playback
B: Music's Gone
Cocteau UKCOQ 62 Jul 19827"0 
Bill Nelson

A1: Touch And Glow
B1: Dancing In The Wind
B2: Love Without Fear
Cocteau UKCOQ 103 Sep 19827"0 
Be Bop Deluxe

A1: Panic In The World
B1: Maid In Heaven
B2: Electrical Language
Cocteau UKCOQ 73 Sep 19827"18.0
Fiat Lux

A: Feels Like Winter Again
B: What Is This Ilness
Cocteau UKCOQ 93 Sep 19827"0 
Bill Nelson

A1: King Of The Cowboys
A2: Shadowland
B1: Carnival
B2: Spring
Cocteau UKCOQ 1129 Oct 1982EP0 
Permanent Flame - The Beginners Guide To Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

A1: Do You Dream In Colour?
B1: Ideal Homes
B2: Instantly Yours
B3: Atom Man Loves Radium Girl

Be-Bop Deluxe

C1: Panic In The World
D1: Blue As A Jewel

Bill Nelson's Red Noise

E1: Revolt Into Style
F1: Out Of Touch

Bill Nelson

G1: Touch And Glow
H1: Dancing In The Wind
H2: Love Without Fear
I1: Rooms With Brittle Views
J1: Dada Guitare
Cocteau UKJEAN 1Nov 1982Box Set 7"310.0
Bill Nelson

A1: Dancing On A Knife's Edge
A2: Indescretion
B1: Contemplation
Cocteau UKCOQ 121 Jun 1983EP0 
Bill Nelson's Red Noise

A1: Revolt Into Style
B1: Stay Young
B2: Furniture Music
Cocteau UKCOQ 8Aug 19837"09.0
Bill Nelson

A1: The World And His Wife
B1: Dream Car Romantics (In Death's Garage Antics)
B2: Dancing Music
Cocteau UKCOQ 137 Nov 1983EP0 
Bill Nelson

A1: Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
A2: Daily Bells
B1: Rhythm Unit
B2: Junc-Sculpture
Cocteau UKCOQ 141 Jun 1984EP0 
Bill Nelson

A: Acceleration
B: Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
Cocteau UKCOQ 1513 Aug 19847"09.0
Bill Nelson

Giants Of The Perpetual Wurlitzer

A1: The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times
A2: Phantom Gardens
A3: French Promenade
B1: Golden Mile
B2: West-Deep
B3: Threnolia
Cocteau UKCOQ 1729 Dec 1984EP0 
Bill Nelson

The Cote d'Azur

A1: A Dream Fulfilled
A2: Familiar Spirit
B1: Palais Des Marine
B2: Letter To Jacques Maritian
B3: Villefranche Interior
Cocteau UKCOQ 208 Oct 1986EP0 
Bill Nelson

Ecclesia Gnostica

A1: Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart
A2: Mysterium
A3: Katharos
A4: Day Of Eternity
A5: Evening Adoration
B1: Ecclesia Gnostica
B2: Young Angels By An Ancient River
B3: Finis Gloria Mundi
Cocteau UKCOQ 221987EP0 

A: Secret Ceremony (Theme From 'Brond')
B: Wiping A Tear From The All Seeing Eye
Cocteau UKCOQ 21May 19877"1 
Bill Nelson

A: Do You Dream In Colour?
B: Life In Your Hands
Cocteau UKCOQ 2231 Aug 19897"1 

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