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Colgems - Label Discography

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The Monkees

A: Last Train To Clarksville
B: Take A Giant Step
Colgems USA66-100116 Aug 19667"129.8
The Monkees

A: I'm A Believer
B: (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
Colgems USA66-100223 Nov 19667"149.0
The Monkees

A: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
B: She Hangs Out
Colgems USA66-1003Feb 1967Unreleased1 
The Monkees

A: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
B: The Girl I Knew Somewhere
Colgems USA66-100418 Mar 19677"69.5
The Monkees

A1: (Theme From) The Monkees
A2: I Wanna Be Free
A3: Take A Giant Step
B1: Last Train To Clarksville
B2: Saturday's Child
B3: Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Colgems USACGLP-10120 Mar 1967Special Edition 7"1 
The Monkees

A1: I'm A Believer
A2: Mary, Mary
A3: When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)
B1: (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
B2: The Kind Of Girl I Could Love
B3: She
Colgems USACGLP-10227 Mar 1967Special Edition 7"0 
The Monkees

A: Pleasant Valley Sunday
B: Words
Colgems USA66-1007Jul 19677"99.2
Hoyt Axton

A: San Fernando
B: Ten Thousand Sunsets
Colgems USA66-1005Aug 19677"18.0
The Lewis And Clarke Expedition

A: I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)
B: Blue Revelations
Colgems USA66-1006Aug 19677"4 
Sally Field

A: Felicidad
B: Find Yourself A Rainbow
Colgems USA66-1008Aug 19677"08.0
Jewel Akens

A: Born A Loser
B: Little Bitty Pretty One
Colgems USA66-1009Sep 19677"08.0
The Hung Jury

A: Buses
B: Let The Good Times In
Colgems USA66-1010Oct 19677"29.0
The Lewis And Clarke Expedition

A: Freedom Bird
B: Destination Unknown
Colgems USA66-1011Nov 19677"0 
Rich Little

A: That's Life
B: Did I Ever Really Live
Colgems USA66-1013Nov 19677"09.0
The Monkees

A: Daydream Believer
B: Goin' Down
Colgems USA66-10127 Nov 19677"88.0
Sally Field

A: Follow The Star
B: Follow The Star
Colgems USA107Dec 1967Promo Only 7"5 
The Monkees

Honey Comb #1

A: I'm A Believer
Colgems USA1968Flexi0 
The Monkees

Honey Comb #4

A: Mary Mary
Colgems USA1968Flexi0 
Sally Field

A: Golden Days
B: You're A Grand Old Flag
Colgems USA66-1014Jan 19687"0 
Quincy Jones

A: Lonely Bottles
B: Hangin' Paper
Colgems USA66-1016Jan 19687"0 

A: Theme From Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
B: The Glory Of Love (Vocal)
Colgems USA66-1015Feb 19687"0 
The Monkees

A: Valleri
B: Tapioca Tundra
Colgems USA66-101926 Feb 19687"29.3
Fountain Of Youth

A: Livin' Too Fast
B: (Angie, Love Me) Make The Hurt Go Away
Colgems USA66-1020Mar 19687"1 
Paula Wayne

A: Yours Until Tomorrow
B: It's A Happening World
Colgems USA66-1021Mar 19687"1 
The Lewis And Clarke Expedition

A: Why Need They Pretend?
B: Chain Around The Flowers
Colgems USA66-1022Apr 19687"2 
Fountain Of Youth

A: Take A Giant Step
B: Don't Blame Me (For Trying)
Colgems USA66-1024Jun 19687"1 
The Monkees

A: D. W. Washburn
B: It's Nice To Be With You
Colgems USA66-10234 Jun 19687"45.0
Jewel Akens

A: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
B: You Better Move On
Colgems USA66-1025Jul 19687"2 
Sajid Khan

A: Ha Ram
B: Getting To Know You
Colgems USA66-1026Aug 19687"2 
Paula Wayne

A: Now That I Need Him
B: It'll Break Your Heart
Colgems USA66-1027Sep 19687"06.0
Lewis And Clarke

A: Daddy's Plastic Child
B: Gypsy Song Man
Colgems USA66-1028Sep 19687"0 
Peter Kastner

A: I Just Can't Get Over You
B: Time Out
Colgems USA66-1029Sep 19687"0 
The Mother (Madeleine Sherwood), The Sister (Marge Redmond) & The Flying Nun (Sally Field)

A: Gonna Build A Mountain
B: Months Of The Year
Colgems USA66-1030Sep 19687"2 
Fountain Of Youth

A: Sunshine On A Cold Morning
B: Day Don't Come
Colgems USA66-1032Oct 19687"79.0
Georges Delerue

Original Interlude Music

A: Interlude - Instrumental
B: The Interlude Triangle
Colgems USA66-1033Oct 19687"410.0
The Monkees

A: Porpoise Song
B: As We Go Along
Colgems USA66-10312 Oct 19687"59.3
The Monkees

Frosted Rice Krinkles #4

A: The Day We Fall In Love
Colgems USA1969Flexi1 
The Monkees

Alpha Bits #1

A: Last Train To Clarksville
Colgems USA1969Flexi0 
The Monkees

Alpha Bits #2

A: I Wanna Be Free
Colgems USA1969Flexi0 
The Monkees

Alpha Bits #3

A: Forget That Girl
Colgems USA1969Flexi0 
Sajid Khan

A: Dream
B: Someday
Colgems USA66-1034Jan 19697"1 
Alex Keenan

A: Tell Her You Love Her
B: Fuzz
Colgems USA66-1035Jan 19697"0 
P. K. Limited

A: Oh! What A Fool I've Been
B: She'd Be Mine
Colgems USA66-5001Feb 19697"0 
The Monkees

A: Tear Drop City
B: A Man Without A Dream
Colgems USA66-50009 Mar 19697"8 
Paula Wayne

A: Denver To L.A.
B: You With Darkness On Your Mind
Colgems USA66-5002Apr 19697"0 
The Monkees

A: Someday Man
B: Listen To The Band
Colgems USA66-500429 Apr 19697"4 
Fountain Of Youth

A: Liza Jane
B: Witness People
Colgems USA66-5003Jun 19697"0 
The New Establishment

A: (One Of These Days) Sunday's Gonna Come On Tuesday
B: Baby The Rain Must Fall
Colgems USA66-5006Sep 19697"1 
P. K. Limited

A: Forget About Me
B: Child Of The West Wind
Colgems USA66-5007Sep 19697"19.0
The Monkees

A: Good Clean Fun
B: Mommy And Daddy
Colgems USA66-50053 Sep 19697"4 

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