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Collector Records - Label Discography

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A fascinating but confusing record label. Some labels say Jazz Collector and some say Collector Records but It's essentially the same label.

More confusing is the catalogue numbering system, with various prefixes being used according to the style of the music. Because of this the discography will look a bit of a jumble for a while until we get all the 45s and EPs listed and I can order them somehow....
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Bo Weavil Jackson

A: Why Do You Moan
B: Some Scream High Yellow
Jazz Collector UKJDL 127Oct 19597"1 
Junie Cobb's Hometown Band

A: Chicago Buzz
B: East Coast Trot
Jazz Collector UKJDL 38Jan 19607"0 
Fats Waller

A: 18th Sreet Strut

Cliff Jackson

B: Hock Shop Blues
Jazz Collector UKJDL 457"0 
Joe McCoy

A: One In A Hundred
B: One More Greasing
Jazz Collector UKJDL 817"4 
Kenny Ball And His Band

A: Waterloo
B: Wabash Cannonball
Collector Records UKJDN 10119597"0 
Memphis Slim

A: Pinetop's Blues
B: How Long
Collector Records UKJDN 102Dec 19607"2 
Roberto Cardinali

A: Italian Serenade
B: Autumn Fairy Tales
Collector Records UKJDP15001Dec 19607"2 
Ronnie Cass And Peter Myers

A: Lady Chatterley
B: Police Notice
Collector Records UKJDP15002Feb 19617"5 
Robin Hall

A: The Day We Went Tae Rothesay'O!
B: The Ballad Of Johnny Ramensky
Collector Records UKJDS 119607"6 
Robin Hall

A: The Dundee Weaver

Robin Hall And Jimmie MacGregor

B: The Wee Magic Stane
Collector Records UKJDS 219597"3 
Robin Hall And Jimmy MacGregor

A: Football Crazy
B: Rosin The Beau
Collector Records UKJDS 319597"0 
Sandy Paton

American Folk Songs

A1: East Virginia Blues
A2: Rovin' Gambler
B1: Every Night When The Sun Goes Down
B2: Cool Colorado
Collector Records UKJEA 11960EP1 
Sandy Paton

Sings American Folk Songs Vol. 2

A1: Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
A2: Wife Of Usher's Well
B1: Twa Sisters
B2: The Farmer's Cursed Wife
Collector Records UKJEA 21960EP0 
Sandy Paton

Folk Songs Of Love

A1: At The Foot Of Yonder Mountain
A2: Alberta
B1: A-walkin' And A-talkin'
B2: Colorado Trail
Collector Records UKJEA 31960EP0 
Guy Carawan

American Folk Songs

A1: South Coast
A2: Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos
B1: Boll Weevil
B2: Dink's Song
Collector Records UKJEA 4Feb 1960EP1 
Jack Elliott

A1: Muleskinners Blues
A2: San Francisco Bay
B1: Alabama Bound
B2: Talking Blues
Collector Records UKJEA 5Feb 1961EP0 
Rambling Jack Elliott

Blues 'n' Country

A1: Fifteen Cents
A2: Good Morning Blues
B1: Rocky Mountain Belle
B2: John Henry
Collector Records UKJEA 61961EP1 
Steve Benbow Folk Four

A1: Whaling In Greenland
A2: Bendigo, The Champion Of England
B1: Dirty Old Town
B2: The Champion Soldier
Collector Records UKJEB 11959EP1 
Steve Benbow Folk Four

A1: The Coal Owner And The Pitman's Wife
A2: The Football Match
B1: North Country Maid
B2: Captain Kidd
Collector Records UKJEB 21959EP1 
Shirley Collins

The Foggy Dew

A1: The Berkshire Tragedy
A2: The Foggy Dew
B1: Geordie
B2: Brigg Fair
Collector Records UKJEB 31959EP0 
Bob Davenport

Geordie Songs

A1: Cushie Butterfield
A2: The Harrin's Heed
B1: My Love Has 'Listed
B2: Blow The Winds Southerly
B3: Hey You, Hinny Burd
Collector Records UKJEB 41959EP0 
Shirley Collins

English Songs

A1: The Unquiet Grave
A2: Newcastle
B1: The Irish Girl
B2: I Drew My Ship
Collector Records UKJEB 51960EP1 
Bob Roberts

Stormy Weather Boys!

A1: Collier Brig
A2: Single Sailor
A3: Stormy Weather Boys
B1: Oh, You New York Girls
B2: Grey Hawk
B3: Foggy Dew
Collector Records UKJEB 61960EP0 
Four Sussex Singers

George Spicer

A1: I Wish There Was No Prisons

George Maynard

A2: Polly On The Shore

Jean Hopkins

B1: The Sprig Of Thyme

Jim Wilson [UK]

B2: Barbara Allen
Collector Records UKJEB 71961EP1 
Bert Lloyd

England And Her Folk Songs

A1: Broomfield Hill
A2: Geordie
B1: Outlandish Knight
B2: Whalecatchers
Collector Records UKJEB 821 Dec 1962EP0 
Shirley Collins

English Songs Volume 2

A1: Dance To Your Daddy
A2: The Spermwhale Fishery
B1: My Bonny Miner Lad
B2: The Foolish Boy
Collector Records UKJEB 91964EP2 

Tamagno Sings Arias By Verdi

A1: Deserto Sulla Terra
A2: Di Quella Pira Esultate
B1: Ora E Per Sempre Addio Santa Memorie
B2: Niun Mi Tema - Morte D' Otello
Collector Records UKJEC 5011959EP0 
Olimpia Boronat

A1: O Rendetemi La Seme
A2: Qui La Voce Sua Soave, Siccome Un Di
B1: Qu Sola Vergin Rosa
B2: The Nightingale
Collector Records UKJEC 5021959EP0 

A1: Dost Thou Love?
A2: The Night Was Clear And Bright


B1: Romance
B2: And I Will Carress Thee
B3: My Fine Fellow, My Handsome Lad
Collector Records UKJEC 5031959EP0 
Adelina Patti

A1: Pur Dicesti
A2: Connais-tu Le Pays?
B1: La Calasera
B2: Home Sweet Home
Collector Records UKJEC 5041960EP0 
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree

A1: Anthony's Lament Over The Body Of Julius Caesar
A2: Soliloquy On Death Of Kings
A3: Falstaff's Speech on Honour
B1: Hamlet's Soliloquy On Death
B2: Vengali Mesmerises Trilby
Collector Records UKJEC 5051960EP0 
Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso In Roles He Created

A1: Vesti La Giubba
A2: Amor Ti Vieta Di No Amor
A3: Studenti Uditi
B1: No Non Chiuder Gli Occhi Voghi
B2: No Più Nobile
Collector Records UKJEC 506Mar 1960EP2 
Hugo D'Alton And Clifton Helliwell

A1: Sonatina In C
A2: Two Guitars
B1: Il Preludio
B2: Souvenir De Bovio
Collector Records UKJEC 5071961EP1 
Dominic Behan

Finnegan's Wake

A1: Mrs. McGrath
A2: Finnegan's Wake
B1: Bonny Boy
B2: Master McGrath
Collector Records UKJEI 11959EP0 
Dominic Behan


A1: Dicey Riley
A2: Kelvin Lass
A3: McCafferty
B1: Bucket Of Mountain Dew
B2: Van Diemen's Land
B3: Wearing Of The Green
Collector Records UKJEI 21959EP0 
Dominic Behan

Songs Of The Streets

A1: Limerick Rake
A2: The Boston Burglar
B1: Get Me Down My Petticoat
B2: Charlady's Ball
B3: Rocks Of Baun
Collector Records UKJEI 31959EP1 
Dominic Behan

Mrs Hooligan's Xmas Cake

A1: Buaicailin Donn
A2: Brian O'Linn
B1: The Ballad Of Perse O'Reilly
B2: Botheration
B3: Mrs Hooligan's Christmas Cake
Collector Records UKJEI 41960EP0 
Joe Heaney

Irish Traditional Songs

A1: Morrisey And The Russian Sailor
A2: Bean Phaidin
B1: Cailleach-an Airgid
B2: One Morning In June
B3: The Good Man
Collector Records UKJEI 51960EP1 
Seamus Ennis

The Ace And Deuce Of Piping

A1: The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
A2: Dark Woman Of The Glen
A3: Paddy O'Rafferty
B1: Sixpenny Money
B2: Clay Of Kilcreggan
Collector Records UKJEI 61960EP1 
Joe Heaney

The Bonny Bunch Of Roses

A1: The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
A2: As I Roved Out
B1: Spailpin Fanach
Collector Records UKJEI 71960EP1 
Shirley Collins

Shirley Sings Irish

A1: Love Is Teasing
A2: She Moves Through The Fair
B1: The Bold Irish Boy
B2: Must I Go Bound
B3: Dennis O'Reilly
Collector Records UKJEI 81964EP0 
Mound City Blue Blowers

Blue Blowing Jazz Vol. 1

A1: Happy Children
A2: Morning After Blues
B1: Best Black
B2: Stretch It, Boy
Jazz Collector UKJEL 11959EP1 
The Male Blues Vol. 6

Hound Head Henry

A1: Rooster Crowin' Blues
A2: Hound Head Blues

Frankie Jaxon

B1: Boot It Boy
B2: My Daddy Rocks Me
Jazz Collector UKJEL 10Feb 1960EP0 
Fletcher Henderson And His Band

A1: When You Do What You Do
A2: One Of These Days
B1: A New Kind Of Man
B2: Meanest Kind Of Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 11Mar 19607"0 
Female Blues Vol.1

Ida Cox

A1: Weary Way Blues
A2: Graveyard Dream Blues

Ma Rainey

B1: Grievin' Hearted Blues
B2: Little Low Mama Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 12May 1960EP0 
The Male Blues Vol. 7

Blind Lemon Jefferson

A1: Change My Luck Blues
A2: Weary Dogs Blues

Ed Bell

B1: Frisco Whistle Blues
B2: Mean Conductor Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 13Dec 1963EP0 
Female Blues Vol. 2

Bertha Henderson

A1: Leadhearted Blues
A2: Let Your Love Come Down

Rosa Henderson

B1: Daddy Come Back
B2: I've Got Somebody Now
Jazz Collector UKJEL 141963EP0 
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

Big Band Story Vol. 1

A1: Swamp Blues
A2: Off To Buffalo
B1: Cotton Pickers' Ball
B2: Lots Of Mama
Jazz Collector UKJEL 15Nov 1963EP0 
Big Band Story Vol. 2

Duke Ellington Washingtonians

A1: Animal Crackers
A2: Li'l Farina

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra

B1: Sing You Sinners
B2: St James Infirmary
Jazz Collector UKJEL 16Nov 1963EP0 
Ory's Sunshine Orchestra

In The Beginning

A1: Ory's Creole Trombone
A2: Society Blues
B1: Krooked Blues
B2: When You're Alone Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 17Nov 1963EP0 

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