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Collector Records - Label Discography

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Bo Weavil Jackson

A: Why Do You Moan
B: Some Scream High Yellow
Jazz Collector UKJDL 127Oct 19597"2 
Junie Cobb's Hometown Band

A: Chicago Buzz
B: East Coast Trot
Jazz Collector UKJDL 38Jan 19607"0 
Fats Waller

A: 18th Sreet Strut

Cliff Jackson

B: Hock Shop Blues
Jazz Collector UKJDL 457"0 
Joe McCoy

A: One In A Hundred
B: One More Greasing
Jazz Collector UKJDL 817"4 
Kenny Ball And His Band

A: Waterloo
B: Wabash Cannonball
Collector Records UKJDN 10119597"0 
Memphis Slim

A: Pinetop's Blues
B: How Long
Collector Records UKJDN 102Dec 19607"2 
Roberto Cardinali

A: Italian Serenade
B: Autumn Fairy Tales
Collector Records UKJDP15001Dec 19607"2 
Ronnie Cass And Peter Myers

A: Lady Chatterley
B: Police Notice
Collector Records UKJDP 15002Feb 19617"5 
Robin Hall

A: The Day We Went Tae Rothesay'O!
B: The Ballad Of Johnny Ramensky
Collector Records UKJDS 119607"6 
Robin Hall

A: The Dundee Weaver

Robin Hall And Jimmie MacGregor

B: The Wee Magic Stane
Collector Records UKJDS 219597"3 
Robin Hall And Jimmy MacGregor

A: Football Crazy
B: Rosin The Beau
Collector Records UKJDS 319597"0 
Sandy Paton

American Folk Songs

A1: East Virginia Blues
A2: Rovin' Gambler
B1: Every Night When The Sun Goes In
B2: Cool Colorado
Collector Records UKJEA 11960EP1 
Sandy Paton

Sings American Folk Songs Vol. 2

A1: Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
A2: Wife Of Usher's Well
B1: Twa Sisters
B2: The Farmer's Cursed Wife
Collector Records UKJEA 21960EP0 
Sandy Paton

Folk Songs Of Love

A1: Colorado Trail
A2: At The Foot Of Yonders Mountain
B1: A-walkin' And A-talkin'
B2: Alberta
Collector Records UKJEA 31960EP0 
Guy Carawan

American Folk Songs

A1: South Coast
A2: Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos
B1: Boll Weevil
B2: Dink's Song
Collector Records UKJEA 4Feb 1960EP1 
Jack Elliott

Jack Elliott

A1: Muleskinners Blues
A2: San Francisco Bay
B1: Alabama Bound
B2: Talking Blues
Collector Records UKJEA 5Feb 1961EP0 
Rambling Jack Elliott

Blues 'n' Country

A1: Fifteen Cents
A2: Good Morning Blues
B1: Rocky Mountain Belle
B2: John Henry
Collector Records UKJEA 61961EP1 
Steve Benbow Folk Four

A1: Whaling In Greenland
A2: Bendigo, The Champion Of England
B1: Dirty Old Town
B2: The Champion Soldier
Collector Records UKJEB 11959EP1 
Steve Benbow Folk Four

A1: The Coal Owner And The Pitman's Wife
A2: The Football Match
B1: North Country Maid
B2: Captain Kidd
Collector Records UKJEB 21959EP1 
Shirley Collins

The Foggy Dew

A1: The Berkshire Tragedy
A2: The Foggy Dew
B1: Geordie
B2: Brigg Fair
Collector Records UKJEB 31959EP0 
Bob Davenport

Geordie Songs

A1: Cushie Butterfield
A2: The Harrin's Heed
B1: My Love Has 'Listed
B2: Blow The Winds Southerly
B3: Hey You, Hinny Burd
Collector Records UKJEB 41959EP0 
Shirley Collins

English Songs

A1: The Unquiet Grave
A2: Newcastle
B1: The Irish Girl
B2: I Drew My Ship
Collector Records UKJEB 51960EP1 
Bob Roberts

Stormy Weather Boys!

A1: Collier Brig
A2: Single Sailor
A3: Stormy Weather Boys
B1: Oh, You New York Girls
B2: Grey Hawk
B3: Foggy Dew
Collector Records UKJEB 61960EP4 
Four Sussex Singers

George Spicer

A1: I Wish There Was No Prisons

George Maynard

A2: Polly On The Shore

Jean Hopkins

B1: The Sprig Of Thyme

Jim Wilson [UK]

B2: Barbara Allen
Collector Records UKJEB 71961EP1 
Bert Lloyd

England And Her Folk Songs

A1: Broomfield Hill
A2: Geordie
B1: Outlandish Knight
B2: Whalecatchers
Collector Records UKJEB 821 Dec 1962EP0 
Shirley Collins

English Songs Volume 2

A1: Dance To Your Daddy
A2: The Spermwhale Fishery
B1: My Bonny Miner Lad
B2: The Foolish Boy
Collector Records UKJEB 91964EP3 

Tamagno Sings Arias By Verdi

A1: Deserto Sulla Terra
A2: Di Quella Pira Esultate
B1: Ora E Per Sempre Addio Santa Memorie
B2: Niun Mi Tema - Morte D' Otello
Collector Records UKJEC 5011959EP0 
Olimpia Boronat

A1: O Rendetemi La Seme
A2: Qui La Voce Sua Soave, Siccome Un Di
B1: Qu Sola Vergin Rosa
B2: The Nightingale
Collector Records UKJEC 5021959EP0 

A1: Dost Thou Love?
A2: The Night Was Clear And Bright


B1: Romance
B2: And I Will Carress Thee
B3: My Fine Fellow, My Handsome Lad
Collector Records UKJEC 5031959EP1 
Adelina Patti

A1: Pur Dicesti
A2: Connais-tu Le Pays?
B1: La Calasera
B2: Home Sweet Home
Collector Records UKJEC 5041960EP0 
Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree

A1: Anthony's Lament Over The Body Of Julius Caesar
A2: Soliloquy On Death Of Kings
A3: Falstaff's Speech on Honour
B1: Hamlet's Soliloquy On Death
B2: Vengali Mesmerises Trilby
Collector Records UKJEC 5051960EP0 
Enrico Caruso

Enrico Caruso In Roles He Created

A1: Vesti La Giubba
A2: Amor Ti Vieta Di No Amor
A3: Studenti Uditi
B1: No Non Chiuder Gli Occhi Voghi
B2: No Più Nobile
Collector Records UKJEC 506Mar 1960EP2 
Hugo D'Alton And Clifton Helliwell

A1: Sonatina In C
A2: Two Guitars
B1: Il Preludio
B2: Souvenir De Bovio
Collector Records UKJEC 5071961EP1 
Dominic Behan

Finnegan's Wake

A1: Mrs. McGrath
A2: Finnegan's Wake
B1: Bonny Boy
B2: Master McGrath
Collector Records UKJEI 11959EP1 
Dominic Behan


A1: Dicey Riley
A2: Kelvin Lass
A3: McCafferty
B1: Bucket Of Mountain Dew
B2: Van Diemen's Land
B3: Wearing Of The Green
Collector Records UKJEI 21959EP0 
Dominic Behan

Songs Of The Streets

A1: Limerick Rake
A2: The Boston Burglar
B1: Get Me Down My Petticoat
B2: Charlady's Ball
B3: Rocks Of Baun
Collector Records UKJEI 31959EP1 
Dominic Behan

Mrs Hooligan's Xmas Cake

A1: Buaicailin Donn
A2: Brian O'Linn
B1: The Ballad Of Perse O'Reilly
B2: Botheration
B3: Mrs Hooligan's Christmas Cake
Collector Records UKJEI 41960EP0 
Joe Heaney

Irish Traditional Songs

A1: Morrisey And The Russian Sailor
A2: Bean Phaidin
B1: Cailleach-an Airgid
B2: One Morning In June
B3: The Good Man
Collector Records UKJEI 51960EP2 
Seamus Ennis

The Ace And Deuce Of Piping

A1: The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
A2: Dark Woman Of The Glen
A3: Paddy O'Rafferty
B1: Sixpenny Money
B2: Clay Of Kilcreggan
Collector Records UKJEI 61960EP1 
Joe Heaney

The Bonny Bunch Of Roses

A1: The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
A2: As I Roved Out
B1: Spailpin Fanach
Collector Records UKJEI 71960EP1 
Shirley Collins

Shirley Sings Irish

A1: Love Is Teasing
A2: She Moves Through The Fair
B1: The Bold Irish Boy
B2: Must I Go Bound
B3: Dennis O'Reilly
Collector Records UKJEI 81964EP0 
Mound City Blue Blowers

Blue Blowing Jazz Vol. 1

A1: Happy Children
A2: Morning After Blues
B1: Best Black
B2: Stretch It, Boy
Jazz Collector UKJEL 11959EP1 
The Male Blues Vol. 6

Hound Head Henry

A1: Rooster Crowin' Blues
A2: Hound Head Blues

Frankie Jaxon

B1: Boot It Boy
B2: My Daddy Rocks Me
Jazz Collector UKJEL 10Feb 1960EP0 
Fletcher Henderson And His Band

Plus And Minus Louis Armstrong

A1: When You Do What You Do
A2: One Of These Days
B1: A New Kind Of Man
B2: Meanest Kind Of Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 11Mar 19607"0 
Female Blues Vol.1

Ida Cox

A1: Weary Way Blues
A2: Graveyard Dream Blues

Ma Rainey

B1: Grievin' Hearted Blues
B2: Little Low Mama Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 12May 1960EP0 
The Male Blues Vol. 7

Blind Lemon Jefferson

A1: Change My Luck Blues
A2: Weary Dogs Blues

Ed Bell

B1: Frisco Whistle Blues
B2: Mean Conductor Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 13Dec 1963EP0 
Female Blues Vol. 2

Bertha Henderson

A1: Leadhearted Blues
A2: Let Your Love Come Down

Rosa Henderson

B1: Daddy Come Back
B2: I've Got Somebody Now
Jazz Collector UKJEL 141963EP0 
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

Big Band Story Vol. 1

A1: Swamp Blues
A2: Off To Buffalo
B1: Cotton Pickers' Ball
B2: Lots Of Mama
Jazz Collector UKJEL 15Nov 1963EP0 
Big Band Story Vol. 2

Duke Ellington Washingtonians

A1: Animal Crackers
A2: Li'l Farina

Duke Ellington And His Orchestra

B1: Sing You Sinners
B2: St James Infirmary
Jazz Collector UKJEL 16Nov 1963EP1 
Ory's Sunshine Orchestra

In The Beginning

A1: Ory's Creole Trombone
A2: Society Blues
B1: Krooked Blues
B2: When You're Alone Blues
Jazz Collector UKJEL 17Nov 1963EP0 

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