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Columbia - Label Discography

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  UK  4589
  Germany  1407
  Australia  1139
  Netherlands  785
  New Zealand  751
  France  516
  Sweden  317
  Denmark  284
  Norway  271
  Italy  234
  Ireland  207
  Finland  148
  Spain  129
  South Africa  125
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The Big Ben Banjo Band

A1: The Crazy Otto Rag
A2: Hey Mr. Banjo
B1: Big Ben's Banjo Band
B2: I'm In Favour Of Friendship
Columbia DenmarkSEG 75931955EP0 
Marching With The R.A.F.

Band Of H. M. Royal Air Force

A1: Sussex By The Sea
A2: It's A Long Way To Tipperary

Central Band Of The Royal Air Force

B1: Royal Air Force March Past
B2: March Of The Royal Air Forces Association
Columbia DenmarkSEG 76331956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

Golden Trumpet - Golden Melodies Nr. 2

A1: Serenade
A2: Golden Melody
B1: Zambesi
B2: Trumpet Tango
Columbia DenmarkSEG 76371956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

Trumpet Time

A1: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
A2: Roses Of Picardy
B1: Open Your Heart
B2: John And Julie
Columbia DenmarkSEGC 71956EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
B: Better Loved You'll Never Be
Columbia Denmark45-DB 405219577"0 
William Schiøppfe

Drum Colours

A1: Here Comes Willy
B1: Topsy
B2: Relaxing With Axen
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10381957EP0 
Eddie Calvert "The Man With The Golden Trumpet"

A: Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata)
B: Fanfare Tango (The Awakening)
Columbia Denmark45 DB-410519587"1 
The Big Ben Banjo Band

Big Ben's Christmas Pops

A1: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
A2: Jingle Bells
A3: Where Did My Snowman Go
B1: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
B2: Christmas Alphabet
B3: Winter Wonderland
Columbia Denmark45-DB-42131958EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Angelina (Dalla Strada Alle Stelle)
B: Let The Great Big World Keep On Turning
Columbia Denmark45-DB 425219597"0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Angelina
B: Let The Great Big World Keep Turning
Columbia Denmark45-DB 425219597"0 
Édith Piaf

A: Milord
B: Je Sais Comment
Columbia DenmarkESRF 124519597"2 
The London Symphony Orchestra

A: "Warsaw" Concerto

Columbia Light Symphony Orchestra

B: London Fantasia
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10521959EP0 
Top 4, Nr. 6

Ruby Murray

A1: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye

Russ Conway

A2: Roulette

The Mudlarks

B1: Waterloo

Eddie Calvert

B2: Julia
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10571959EP0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Move It
A2: Schoolboy Crush
B1: High Class Baby
B2: My Feet Hit The Ground
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1049Mar 1959EP0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Livin' Lovin' Doll
A2: Steady With You
B1: Never Mind
B2: Mean Streak
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1055Jul 1959EP0 
Cliff Richard

A: Living Doll
B: Apron Strings
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4306Sep 19597"1 
Serious Charge

Cliff Richard

A1: Living Doll
A2: No Turning Back
B1: Mad About You

The Drifters [UK]

B2: Chinchilla
Columbia DenmarkSEG 7895Oct 1959EP2 
Jacqueline Boyer

A: Tom Pillibi
B: Gouli Gouli Dou
Columbia DenmarkSCRF 39019607"0 
Ricardo's Jazzmen

A1: Det var pa Frederiksberg (Das war in Schöneberg)
A2: Riverside Blues
B1: Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Og General Napoleon)
B2: Mabel's Dream
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10601960EP0 
Radio Luxembourg Hits 2

Donald Peers

A1: Papa He Loves Mama

Frank Ifield

A2: Happy-Go-Lucky-Me

Rolf Harris

B1: Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Tommy Bruce And The Bruisers

B2: Ain't Misbehavin'
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10661960EP28.0
Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard Sings

A1: Travellin' Light
A2: Dynamite
B1: I Gotta Know
B2: Here Comes Summer
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1054Jan 1960EP0 
Expresso Bongo

Cliff Richard

A1: Love
A2: A Voice In The Wilderness
B1: The Shrine On The Second Floor

The Shadows

B2: Bongo Blues
Columbia DenmarkSEG 7971May 1960EP0 
Cliff Richard

Fall In Love With You

A1: Fall In Love With You
A2: Willie And The Hand Jive
B1: Blue Suede Shoes
B2: The Snake And The Bookworm
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1061Jun 1960EP0 
The Shadows

A: Apache
B: Quatermasster's Stores
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4484Oct 19607"3 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

Please Don´t Tease

A1: Please Don´t Tease
A2: Where Is My Heart
B1: Early In The Morning
B2: Somebody Touched Me
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1065Oct 1960EP2 
The John Barry Seven

A: Walk Don't Run
B: I'm Movin' On
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4505Nov 19607"1 
Cliff Richard

A: Ready Teddy

The Shadows

B: Bongo Blues
Columbia Denmark45-DW 5812Nov 19607"2 
Bobby Rydell

A: That Old Black Magic
B: Don't Be Afraid
Columbia Denmark45-DB 465119617"0 
Chubby Checker

A: Let's Twist Again
B: Everything's Gonna' Be All Right
Columbia Denmark45-DB 469119617"0 
Chubby Checker

A: The Fly
B: That's The Way It Goes
Columbia Denmark45-DD 472819617"1 
Bobby Rydell

A: Good Time Baby
B: Cherie'
Columbia Denmark45-DD 72719617"0 
Four Hawaiians

A: Hallo Mary Lou
B: Hilo March
Columbia Denmark45-DD 73719617"2 
Chris Howland

A: Hämmerchen-Polka (Das Sparschwein)
B: Sie weiss noch nicht, dass ich sie liebe
Columbia Denmark45-DW 592819617"0 
Helen Shapiro

A: Don't Treat Me Like A Child
B: [unknown]
Columbia DenmarkDB 458919617"0 
Helen Shapiro

A: You Don't Know
B: [unknown]
Columbia DenmarkDB 467019617"0 
Bobby Rydell

A1: Sway
A2: Groovy Tonight
B1: Saints Go Marching In
B2: Hey Good Looking
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10691961EP1 
Eddie Calvert

A1: Wonderland by Night
A2: Till We Meet Again (Ritroviamico)
B1: (Theme From) Dark At The Top Of The Stairs
B2: (Theme From) The Sundowners
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10711961EP0 
Chubby Checker

Pony Time Rockin' With Chubby Checker

A1: Pony Time
A2: Oh, Susannah
B1: The Hucklebuck
B2: Whole Lotta Chakin' Goin' On
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10741961EP0 
Svend Sjøl And Kjell Olsson

A1: Tit Er Jeg Glad
A2: Præludium: Sig Nærmer Tiden
B1: Majsang: Vær Hilset Min Sol
B2: Den Blå Anemone
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10771961EP0 
Édith Piaf

A1: Exodus
B1: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
B2: C'est Un Homme Terrible
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10791961EP0 
Bobby Rydell

A1: The Fish
A2: The Third House
B1: That Old Black Magic
B2: Don't Be Afraid
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10801961EP9 
Helen Shapiro

A1: Don't Treat Me Like A Child
A2: When I'm With You
B1: You Don't Know
B2: Marvellous Lie
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10821961EP0 
Bobby Rydell

A1: The Door To Paradise
A2: Frenesi
B1: I Wanna Thank You
B2: Mammy
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10841961EP18.0
Chubby Checker


A1: The Fly
A2: That's The Way It Goes
B1: Let's Twist Again
B2: Everything's Gonna' Be All Right
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10851961EP0 
The Shadows

A: Man Of Mystery
B: The Stranger
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4530Jan 19617"3 
Cliff Richard

A: I Love You
B: "D" In Love
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4547Jan 19617"1 
Cliff Richard

A: Theme For A Dream
B: Mumblin' Mosie
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4593Mar 19617"17.0
Cliff And The Shadows

A1: "D" - In Love
A2: I Love You

The Shadows

B1: Man Of Mystery
B2: The Stranger
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1070Mar 1961EP2 
The Shadows

A: F.B.I.
B: Midnight
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4580Apr 19617"4 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Gee Whiz It´s You
B: I Cannot Find A True Love
Columbia Denmark45-DC 756Apr 19617"110.0

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