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Columbia - Label Discography

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  UK  4753
  Germany  1587
  Australia  1259
  Netherlands  874
  New Zealand  806
  France  642
  Sweden  443
  Denmark  431
  Norway  336
  Italy  281
  Ireland  273
  Finland  189
  Spain  167
  South Africa  152
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André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra

A: Fantasie - Impromptu

André Kostelanetz Conducting The Robin Hood Dell Orchestra Of Philadelphia

B: Waltz Of The Flowers
Columbia DenmarkSCD 201919537"0 
Ken Griffin

A1: The Anniversary Waltz
A2: Wonderful One
B1: Together
B2: The Petite Waltz (La Petite Valse)
Columbia DenmarkSEG 75801955EP0 
The Big Ben Banjo Band

A1: The Crazy Otto Rag
A2: Hey Mr. Banjo
B1: Big Ben's Banjo Band
B2: I'm In Favour Of Friendship
Columbia DenmarkSEG 75931955EP0 
Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt

Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt Fortæller Tre Historier

A1: Gymnastiklæreren
B1: Leif
B2: Fynboen Og Jyden Hos Skt. Peter
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10021955EP0 
Grete Hemmeshøj

Skal Vi To Danse 1 Og 2

A1: ?
A2: ?
B1: ?
B2: ?
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10051955EP0 
Grete Hemmeshøj

Skal Vi To Danse - 3 Og 4

A1: Hej Mister Banjo - Balladen Om Davy Crockett - Kærlighed Med "K"
A2: Du Skal Ikke Sige Spor - Tomorrow - Lullaby Of Birdland
B1: Kun En Sang Om Kærlighed - Lille Du - Komtil Mig Med Kærlighed
B2: A Blossom Fell - Ci-ciu-ci - She's Funny That Way
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10081955EP0 
Lille Inga

A1: Havren
A2: Morgenstund Har Guld I Mund
A3: Lysets Engel Gaar Med Glans
B1: Nu Er Dagen Fuld Af Sang
B2: Jeg Ved En Lærkerede
B3: Solen Er Så Rød, Mor
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10091955EP0 
Lille Inga

Lille Ingas Juleplade

A1: Glade Jul
A2: Højt Fra Træets Grønne Top
B1: Et Barn Er Født I Bethlehem
B2: Julen Har Bragt Velsignet Bud
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10101955EP0 
Marching With The R.A.F.

Band Of H. M. Royal Air Force

A1: Sussex By The Sea
A2: It's A Long Way To Tipperary

Central Band Of The Royal Air Force

B1: Royal Air Force March Past
B2: March Of The Royal Air Forces Association
Columbia DenmarkSEG 76331956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

Golden Trumpet - Golden Melodies Nr. 2

A1: Serenade
A2: Golden Melody
B1: Zambesi
B2: Trumpet Tango
Columbia DenmarkSEG 76371956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

Trumpet Time

A1: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
A2: Roses Of Picardy
B1: Open Your Heart
B2: John And Julie
Columbia DenmarkSEGC 71956EP0 
Ruby Murray

Everybody's Sweetheart

A1: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
A2: Danny Boy
B1: Galway Bay
B2: Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10141956EP0 
Ray Martin And His Piccadilly Strings

Rainy Night In London. Part 1

A1: That Old Feeling
A2: Again
B1: My Foolish Heart
B2: You Are My Lucky Star
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1-10231956EP0 
Norrie Paramor His Strings And Orchestra

In London In Love

A1: The Nearness Of You
A2: Stairway To The Stars
B1: Stardust
B2: Embraceable You
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1-10241956EP0 
Ray Martin And His Piccadilly Strings

Rainy Night In London. Part 2

A1: Isn't It Romantic
A2: Love Walked In
B1: A Fine Romance
B2: You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 2-10231956EP0 
Ray Martin And His Piccadilly Strings

Rainy Night In London. Part 3

A1: Long Ago And Far Away
A2: September In The Rain
B1: As Time Goes By
B2: I've Got You Under My Skin
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 3-10231956EP0 
Norrie Paramor His Strings And Orchestra

In London In Love. Part 3

A1: Deep Purple
A2: Someone To Watch Over Me
B1: Dearly Beloved
B2: The Very Thought Of You
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 3-10241956EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
B: Better Loved You'll Never Be
Columbia Denmark45-DB 405219577"0 
Henry Hansens Spillemandskvartet

Gammel Dansk Folkemusik

A1: Rheinlænder-Polka (Aarhus-egnen)
A2: Trippevals
A3: Den Gamle I "G"
B1: Morskabspolka Og Perlepolka
B2: Marievals (Aarhus-egnen)
B3: Carotty
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10351957EP0 
J. Larsen Græsted

Redaktør J. Larsen Græsted Fortæller

A1: Fordvognen
A2: Stamtavlen
B1: En Telefonsamtale
B2: Jens Olsens Mening Om Franske Kapsko Og Danske Træsko
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10361957EP0 
William Schiøppfe

Drum Colours

A1: Here Comes Willy
B1: Topsy
B2: Relaxing With Axen
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10381957EP0 
The Mudlarks

A: Lollipop
B: Young Dove's Calling
Columbia Denmark45-DB 409919587"0 
Eddie Calvert "The Man With The Golden Trumpet"

A: Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata)
B: Fanfare Tango (The Awakening)
Columbia Denmark45-DB 410519587"1 
The Big Ben Banjo Band

Big Ben's Christmas Pops

A1: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
A2: Jingle Bells
A3: Where Did My Snowman Go
B1: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
B2: Christmas Alphabet
B3: Winter Wonderland
Columbia Denmark45-DB 42131958EP0 
Olga Petersen

A: Havets Bølge
B: En Sød Melodi
Columbia Denmark45-DD 69219587"0 
Chris Howland

A: Fräulein

Paul Kuhn

B: Einsamer Cowboy
Columbia Denmark45-DD 69419587"0 

Jimmy Rodgers

A1: Honeycomb

Johnny Duncan

A2: Last Train To San Fernando

Buddy Knox

B1: Hula Love

The Tarriers

B2: Dunya
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10391958EP0 
Michael Holliday

A1: The Story Of My Life
A2: Keep Your Heart
B1: In Love
B2: Rooney
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10411958EP010.0
Top 4 No.3

Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet) With Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra

A1: Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata)

Michael Holliday

A2: Stairway Of Love

The Five Dallas Boys

B1: Sail Along Silv'ry Moon

The Mudlarks

B2: Lollipop
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10451958EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Angelina (Dalla Strada Alle Stelle)
B: Let The Great Big World Keep On Turning
Columbia Denmark45-DB 425219597"0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Angelina
B: Let The Great Big World Keep Turning
Columbia Denmark45-DB 425219597"0 
Teddy Johnson And Pearl Carr

A: Sing Little Birdie
B: Petite Fleur
Columbia Denmark45-DD 69719597"0 
Ruby Murray

A: Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye
B: Real Love
Columbia Denmark45-DD 69819597"0 
Édith Piaf

A: Milord
B: Je Sais Comment
Columbia DenmarkESRF 124519597"2 
The London Symphony Orchestra

A: "Warsaw" Concerto

Columbia Light Symphony Orchestra

B: London Fantasia
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10521959EP0 
Top 4, Nr. 6

Ruby Murray

A1: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye

Russ Conway

A2: Roulette

The Mudlarks

B1: Waterloo

Eddie Calvert

B2: Julia
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 10571959EP1 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Move It
B: Schoolboy Crush
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4178Jan 19597"1 
Cliff Richard

A1: Move It
A2: Schoolboy Crush
B1: High Class Baby
B2: My Feet Hit The Ground
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1049Feb 1959EP0 
TOP 4 No.5

Four Jacks

A1: Tom Dooley (English Version)

Michael Holliday

A2: Careless Hands

Eddie Calvert

B1: Trumpet Cha Cha

The Mudlarks

B2: My Grandfather's Clock
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1050Feb 1959EP0 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: High Class Baby
B: My Feet Hit The Ground
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4203May 19597"1 
Cliff Richard

A: Livin' Lovin' Doll
B: Steady With You
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4249Jun 19597"1 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Mean Streak
B: Never Mind
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4290Jul 19597"1 
Cliff Richard

A1: Livin' Lovin' Doll
A2: Steady With You
B1: Never Mind
B2: Mean Streak
Columbia DenmarkSEGK 1055Jul 1959EP0 
Cliff Richard

A: Living Doll
B: Apron Strings
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4306Sep 19597"2 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Apron Strings
B: My Babe
Columbia Denmark45-DD 699Oct 19597"2 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Baby I Don't Care
B: Donna
Columbia Denmark45-DD 700Oct 19597"2 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Ready Teddy
B: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Columbia Denmark45-DD 701Oct 19597"6 
Serious Charge

Cliff Richard

A1: Living Doll
A2: No Turning Back
B1: Mad About You

The Drifters [UK]

B2: Chinchilla
Columbia DenmarkSEG 7895Oct 1959EP2 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Travelling Light
B: Dynamite
Columbia Denmark45-DB 4351Dec 19597"1 
Donald Peers

Donald Peers With Janet Osborne

A: Papa He Loves Mama
B: The House Of Love
Columbia Denmark45-DB 448819607"0 

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