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Columbia - Label Discography

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  Germany  1228
  Australia  1074
  Netherlands  674
  France  489
  New Zealand  339
  Sweden  307
  Norway  264
  Denmark  258
  Ireland  202
  Italy  187
  Finland  147
  Spain  125
  South Africa  108
  India  84
  Greece  70
  Rhodesia  66
  Portugal  61
  Belgium  56
  Singapore  47
  Japan  44
  Austria  34
  Switzerland  26
  Yugoslavia  18
  Pakistan  16
  Nigeria  13
  Turkey  9
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Russ Conway

A: "Piano Pops" No 9- Part 1
B: "Piano Pops" No 9- Part 2
Columbia India45-DB 4322Jul 19597"3 
Donald Peers And The Rita Williams Singers

A: Papa Loves Mama
B: The House Of Love
Columbia India45-DB 448819607"0 
Ricky Valance

A: Tell Laura I Love Her
B: Once Upon A Time
Columbia India45-DB 449319607"0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Nine Times Out Of Ten
B: Thinking Of Our Love
Columbia India45-DB 450619607"0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: I Love You
B: "D" In Love
Columbia India45-DB 454719607"0 
Russ Conway


A1: After You've Gone
A2: Ragtime Cowboy Joe
A3: Margie
B1: Alexander's Ragtime Band
B2: Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
B3: Bye Bye Black Bird
Columbia IndiaSEG 80221960EP0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Theme For A Dream
B: Mumblin' Mosie
Columbia India45-DB 459319617"07.0
Russ Conway

"Join In With Russ"

A1: Pack Up Your Troubles
A2: How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm
A3: Don't Dilly Dally
A4: For Me And My Gal
B1: If You Knew Susie
B2: Underneath The Arches
B3: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
B4: Nellie Dean
Columbia IndiaSEG 81001961EP0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: The Young Ones
B: We Say Yeah
Columbia India45-DB 476119627"1 
Eddie Calvert "The Man With The Golden Trumpet"

A: Theme From "A Majority Of One"
B: Trumpet Twist
Columbia India45-DB 483019627"0 
Frank Ifield

A: I Remember You
B: I Listen To My Heart
Columbia India45-DB 485619627"1 
Gerry And The Pacemakers

A: How Do You Do?
B: Away From You
Columbia India45-DB.498719637"0 
Helen Shapiro

A: Not Responsible
B: No Trespassing
Columbia India45-DB 707219637"4 
Bobby Vinton

A: Blue Velvet
B: Is There A Place (Where I Can Go)
Columbia India45-DB.711019637"1 
The Shadows

A: Foot Tapper
B: The Breeze And I
Columbia India45-DB 498419647"1 
The Shadows

A: Theme For Young Lovers
B: This Hammer
Columbia India45-DB.723119647"0 
Alma Cogan

A: Tennessee Waltz
B: I Love You Much Too Much
Columbia India45-DB.723319647"0 
The Shadows

A: The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt
B: It's A Man's World
Columbia India45-DB.726119647"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Constantly (L'Edera)

Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B: True, True Lovin'
Columbia India45-DB 727219647"0 
The Animals

A: The House Of The Rising Sun
B: Talkin' About You
Columbia India45-DB.730119647"0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: On The Beach
B: A Matter Of Moments
Columbia India45-DB.730519647"1 
Clinton Ford

A: The Wedding
B: Sleepy Valley Lullaby
Columbia India45-DB.730719647"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: I'm Into Something Good
B: Your Hand In Mine
Columbia India45-DB.733819647"0 
Rolf Harris

A: Ringo For President
B: Head Hunter
Columbia India45-DB.734919647"0 
Peter And Gordon

A: I Don't Want To See You Again
B: I Would Buy
Columbia India45-DB.735619647"0 
Peter And Gordon

A: I Go To Pieces
B: Love Me Baby
Columbia India45-DB 740719647"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Show Me Girl
B: I Know Why
Columbia India45-DB.740819647"0 
The Animals

A: Boom Boom
B: Blue Feeling
Columbia India45-POPC.210219647"0 
Herman's Hermits


A1: Sea Cruise
A2: Mother In Law
B1: I Understand
B2: Thinkin' Of You
Columbia IndiaSEG. 83801964EP0 
The Seekers

A: I'll Never Find Another You
B: Open Up Them Pearly Gates
Columbia India45-DB.743119657"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Silhouettes
B: Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Columbia India45-DB.747519657"0 
Cliff Richard

A: The Minute You're Gone
B: Just Another Guy
Columbia India45-DB.749619657"0 
Peter And Gordon

A: True Love Ways
B: If You Wish
Columbia India45-DB.752419657"1 
Herman's Hermits

A: Wonderful World
B: Dream On
Columbia India45-DB.754619657"0 
The Shadows

A: Stingray
B: Alice In Sunderland
Columbia India45-DB 758819657"0 
The Yardbirds

A: Heart Full Of Soul
B: Steeled Blues
Columbia India45-DB.759419657"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Just A Little Bit Better
B: Take Love, Give Love
Columbia India45-DB.767019657"0 
The Yardbirds

A: Evil Hearted You
B: Still I'm Sad
Columbia India45-DB.770619657"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: A Must To Avoid
B: The Man With The Cigar
Columbia India45-DB.779119657"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Angel
B: Razzle Dazzle
Columbia India45-DC 76219657"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
B: Don't Try To Hurt Me
Columbia India45-POPC.210519657"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: I'm Henery The Eighth I Am
B: The End Of The World
Columbia India45-POPC.210719657"0 
Herman's Hermits

Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter

A1: Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
A2: I Know Why
B1: Show Me Girl
B2: Your Hand In Mine
Columbia IndiaSEG 84401965EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A1: I'm Into Something Good
A2: Show Me Girl
B1: Silhouettes
B2: Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Columbia IndiaSEGE 50051965EP0 

A: Shapes Of Things
B: You're A Better Man Than I
Columbia India45-DB.784819667"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: You Won't Be Leaving
B: Listen People
Columbia India45-DB.786119667"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: This Door Swings Both Ways
B: For Love
Columbia India45-DB.794719667"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Visions

Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B: What Would I Do (For The Love Of A Girl)
Columbia India45-DB.796819667"2 
Herman's Hermits

A: No Milk Today
B: My Reservation's Been Confirmed
Columbia India45-DB.801219667"0 
Gerry And The Pacemakers

A: Girl On A Swing
B: Fool To Myself
Columbia India45-DB.804419667"0 

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