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Columbia - Label Discography

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  Germany  1203
  Australia  1047
  Netherlands  589
  France  477
  New Zealand  325
  Sweden  296
  Norway  255
  Denmark  254
  Ireland  201
  Italy  183
  Finland  143
  South Africa  109
  Spain  109
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Ronnie Ronalde

A: In A Monastry Garden
B: Bells Across The Meadow
Columbia NetherlandsCH 302219537"0 
Rosemary Clooney

A: If I Had A Penny
B: You're After My Own Heart
Columbia NetherlandsSCM 502719537"0 
The Chordettes

A: Mr. Sandman
B: I Don't Wanna See You Cryin'
Columbia NetherlandsSCM 5158Apr 19557"0 
Amalia Rodrigues

Les Amants Du Tage

A1: Barco Negro (Maë Preta)
A2: Solidao (Cançào Do Mar)
B1: Fallaste Corazon
B2: Lisboa Nao Sejas Francesca
Columbia NetherlandsESRF 10341956EP0 
Édith Piaf

A1: La Vie En Rose

Edith Piaf Avec Les Compagnons De La Chanson

A2: Les Trois Cloches

Edith Piaf Avec Les Choeurs R. Saint-Paul

B1: Hymne A L'Amour

Édith Piaf

B2: L'Accordeoniste
Columbia NetherlandsESRF 10511956EP0 
Amalia Rodrigues

A1: Una Casa Portuguesa
A2: Coimbra
B1: Doce Cascabeles
B2: Lerele
Columbia NetherlandsESRF 10621956EP0 
The Philharmonia Orchestra

A: "Toy" Symphony
B: Sheep May Safely Graze
Columbia NetherlandsSED 55091956EP0 
G. Di Stefano (Tenor) And M. Luise (Baritone) And Orch. Of La Scala Opera House, Cond. By Victor De Sabata

A1: E Sempre Lava! (Vainly I Soak Them!)
A2: Recondita Armonia (Strange Harmony Of Contrasts)

M. Meneghini Callas, (Sop.) T. Gobbi (Baritone), A. Mercuriali (Tenor) And Orchestra Of La Scala Opera House,Milan, Cond. By Victor De Sabata

B1: Vissi D'Arte (Love And Music)
Columbia NetherlandsSEL 15261956EP0 
Édith Piaf

A: La Vie En Rose
B: Sous Le Ciel De Paris
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 5005Jan 19567"0 
Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra

A: Gone
B: Exhibition Swing
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 386319577"0 
Victor Silvester And His Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm

A: Rockin' Rhythm Roll
B: Society Rock
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 388819577"0 
Johnny Duncan And The Blue Grass Boys

A: Last Train To San Fernando
B: Rock-A-Billy Baby
Columbia Netherlands45 DW 560419577"0 
The Philharmonia Orchestra

Klinkende Klassieken

A: Danse Macabre, Op. 40 Symphonic Poem
B: Bacchanale (From Samson And Delilah, Act 3)
Columbia NetherlandsSED 55431957EP0 
Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra


A1: The Carousel Waltz
A2: In Old Lisbon (Lisboa Antigua)
B1: The Story Of Three Loves
B2: Moonlight And Roses
Columbia NetherlandsSEG 76721957EP0 
Louis Davids

A1: De Kleine Man
A2: Ich Kusse Ihre Hand, Madame
B1: De Begrafenis Van Oome Manus
B2: De Geboorte Van Jantje
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 151957EP0 
Max Woiski en Zijn Zuid Amerikaans Orkest

A1: La Mucura
A2: Basia Fong
B1: Zestien April
B2: Hold 'm Jo
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 161957EP0 
Max Woiski And His West Indian Orchestra

A1: Njoen Piauw Siengie
A2: Bron-Bron Calypso
B1: Pepper Sauce Woman
B2: O-La-Mi-Lo
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 361957EP0 
Het Jo Vincent Kwartet

Zingt Kerstliederen

A1: Uren, Dagen, Maanden, Jaren
A2: Er Ruischt Langs De Wolken
B1: O Kindje Klein
B2: Eere Zij God
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 371957EP0 
Dutch Barrel Organ "Jupiter"

Volume 2

A1: Medley Of Star Songs
A2: Dutch March Medley
B1: Jordaan Medley Nr. 1
B2: Jordaan Medley Nr. 2
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 401957EP0 
Gavioli Draaiorgel "Jupiter"

A1: Geef Mij Maar Amsterdam; Mijn Eigen Rotterdam; Er Is Maar Één Den Haag
A2: De Molen Aan De Vliet; Blonde Greetje Uit De Polder; Daar Bij Die Molen
B1: De Rotterdamse Vlag; Anchors Aweigh; Groot Rotterdam; En Altijd Komen Er Schepen
B2: Ketelbinkie; Ben Je In Rotterdam Geboren; Aan De Maas
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 441957EP1 
Louis Davids

A1: Mina (Ze Zet Zo'n Lekker Bakkie Koffie)
A2: Een Hollands Meisje
B1: De Filosoof
B2: Een Liedje Bij De Wieg
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 731957EP0 
Jo Vincent

A1: Madonnakindje
A2: Wiegeliedje

Jo Vincent En Theodora Versteegh

B1: Het Angelus Klept In De Verte
B2: Lente
Columbia NetherlandsSEGH 801957EP0 
Johnny Duncan And The Blue Grass Boys

A: Last Train To San Fernando
B: Rock-A-Billy Baby
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 3959Oct 19577"0 
Paul Anka

A: Diana
B: Don't Gamble With Love
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 3980Oct 19577"3 
Michael Holliday

A: The Story Of My Life
B: Keep Your Heart
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 405819587"0 
The Mudlarks

A: Lollipop
B: Young Dove's Calling
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 409919587"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
B: The Long Hot Summer
Columbia Netherlands45-DW 561819587"0 
Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra

A: The Veleta
B: St. Bernard Waltz
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 501919587"0 
Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra

Plays Favourite Quicksteps

A1: Who's Sorry Now?
A2: Lonesome And Sorry
B1: That Certain Feeling
B2: Lovable And Sweet
Columbia NetherlandsSEG 77631958EP0 
Paul Anka

A: I Love You, Baby
B: Tell Me That You Love Me
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4022Jan 19587"0 
The Playmates

A: Jo-Ann
B: You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
Columbia Netherlands45 DB 4084Mar 19587"0 
Chris Howland

A: Mama (Ma)
B: Fräulein
Columbia Netherlands45-DW 5625Apr 19587"0 
Elias And His Zig-Zag Jive Flutes

A: Tom Hark
B: Ry-Ry
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4109Jun 19587"4 
Édith Piaf

A: La Foule
B: Salle D'Attente
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 5011Aug 19587"0 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Schoolboy Crush
B: Move It!
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4178Oct 19587"0 
Russ Conway

A: "Piano Pops" No.7 - Part 1
B: "Piano Pops" No.7 - Part 2
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 424719597"0 
Teddy Johnson And Pearl Carr

A: Sing Little Birdie
B: If Only I Could Live My Life Again
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 427519597"0 
Russ Conway

A: Piano Pops No.8 Part 1
B: Piano Pops No.8 Part 2
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 428919597"0 
Eddie Calvert With Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra

A: Morgen (One More Sunrise)
B: Gillie
Columbia Netherlands45 DB 434219597"0 
Édith Piaf

A: Milord
B: Je Sais Comment
Columbia NetherlandsESRF 12451959EP10 
Chris Barber's Jazz Band Featuring Monty Sunshine

A: Lonesome (Si Tu Vois Ma Mère)

Chris Barber's Jazz Band

B: Creole Song
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 502519597"0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Twenty Flight Rock
B: That's My Desire
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 503819597"0 
Chris Barber's Jazz Band

A: Hiawatha Rag
B: Give Me Your Telephone Number
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 504719597"0 
Victor Silvester And His Ballroom Orchestra

Waltzing In The Ballroom (No.2)

A1: I'll Always Be In Love With You
A2: Am I Wasting My Time On You
B1: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
B2: The Memory Waltz
Columbia NetherlandsSEG 78881959EP0 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Livin' Lovin' Doll
B: Steady With You
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4249Feb 19597"0 
Chris Howland

A: Das Hab' Ich In Paris Gelernt
B: Blonder Stern (Little Star)
Columbia Netherlands45-DW 5699Feb 19597"0 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Mean Streak
B: Never Mind
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4290Jun 19597"0 
Russ Conway

A: Roulette
B: Trampolina
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4298Jul 19597"0 
Cliff Richard And The Drifters

A: Living Doll
B: Apron Strings
Columbia Netherlands45-DB 4306Jul 19597"0 
Les Compagnons De La Chanson

A: Les Gitans
B: Dansons, Mon Amour (Hava Naguila)
Columbia NetherlandsSCMH 5029Jul 19597"0 

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