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Columbia - Label Discography

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  UK  4702
  Germany  1568
  Australia  1246
  Netherlands  828
  New Zealand  796
  France  617
  Sweden  431
  Denmark  428
  Norway  332
  Ireland  271
  Italy  270
  Finland  188
  Spain  155
  South Africa  148
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The Big Ben Banjo Band Wth The Bill Shepherd Chorus

A: Love Plays The Strings Of My Banjo
B: Theme From "Indian Fighter"
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.1002319567"0 
Ken Kirkham

A: It's Almost Tomorrow
B: No, Not Much
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.1002819567"0 
The Woolston Brass Band

A: All Blacks' Football Song
B: Amparito Roca (The Sheltered Cliff)
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10119567"9 
Great Film Themes

Richard Addinsell, Pianoforte, With The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Muir Mathieson

A1: "Warsaw" Concerto

Charles Williams And His Concert Orchestra

B1: The Dream Of Olwen
B2: Incidental Music From Edward Dryhurst Film "While I Live"
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76001956EP0 
John McHugh

Ballads You Love!

A1: Bless This House
A2: Because
B1: Smilin' Through
B2: Intermezzo (Souvenir De Vienne)
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76091956EP0 
Reginald Dixon

Showtime With Dixon

A: "Rose Marie" - Selection
B: "Desert Song" - Selection
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76131956EP0 
Ruby Murray

"Everybody's Sweetheart"

A1: Slowly With Feeling
A2: I'll Come When You Call
B1: It's The Irish In Me
B2: The Very First Christmas Of All
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76201956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

Golden Trumpet - Golden Melodies

A1: O My Beloved Daddy
A2: The Holy City
B1: Roses Of Picardy
B2: John And Julie
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76271956EP1 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet) With Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra

Golden Trumpet - Golden Melodies (No.2)

A1: Serenade (From The Film "Serenade")
A2: Golden Melody
B1: Zambezi
B2: Trumpet Tango
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76371956EP0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: The Man With The Golden Arm
B: Memories Of You
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10024Nov 19567"0 
The Big Ben Banjo Band

A: The I.O.U. Polka
B: Annaliesa
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10039Nov 19567"0 
Michael Holliday

A: Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)
B: The Gal With The Yaller Shoes
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10043Nov 19567"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Hello, Young Lovers
B: I Whistle A Happy Tune
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10046Nov 19567"0 
Ronnie Ronalde

A: The Lady From Luxembourg
B: The Happy Whistler
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10033Dec 19567"0 
Jimmy Parkinson

A: Cry Baby
B: Walk Hand In Hand
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10044Dec 19567"0 
Barbara Lyon

A: (The Same Thing Happens With) The Birds And The Bees
B: Puppy Love
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10049Dec 19567"0 
The Coronets

A: "Make It A Party" No. 1 (Let's Sing The Good Old Songs) - Side 1
B: "Make It A Party" No. 1 (Let's Sing The Good Old Songs) - Side 2
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10051Dec 19567"0 
The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
B: Please Be Mine
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10063Dec 19567"1 
Billy Russell

A: On Behalf Of The Working Classes - No. 2 - Part 1
B: On Behalf Of The Working Classes - No. 2 - Part 2
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.700071957EP0 
Ronnie Ronalde

Yodelling, Whistling And Singing

A1: Mockin' Bird Hill (Tra La La Twittle Dee Dee)
A2: The Yodelling Boy
B1: The Yodelling Waltz
B2: Let Me Sing In Echo Valley
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76511957EP0 
George Formby

The Ukelele Man (No. 2)

A1: I'm The Husband Of The Wife Of Mr. Wu
A2: Grandad's Flannelette Nightshirt
B1: Under The Blasted Oak
B2: Oh, You Have No Idea!
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76611957EP0 
The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra

Light Orchestral Favourites

A1: Coronation Scot
A2: The Runaway Rocking Horse
B1: Rustle Of Spring
B2: Dusk
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76701957EP0 
Tony Crombie And His Rockets

A1: Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)
A2: Rock, Rock, Rock
B1: We're Gonna Rock Tonight
B2: The Big Beat
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76761957EP0 
Ronnie Ronalde

Beautiful Dreamer

A1: Beautiful Dreamer
A2: Evening Chimes
B1: Bells Across The Meadow
B2: In A Monastery Garden
Columbia New ZealandSEGM.76781957EP0 
The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon

A1: I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent
A2: Love Is A Clown
B1: Teenage Love
B2: Am I Fooling Myself Again
Columbia New ZealandSEGM 76941957EP0 
Huddersfield Choral Society

"Messiah" - Choruses

A1: Behold The Lamb Of God
A2: Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs
B1: All We Like Sheep
B2: He Trusted In God
Columbia New ZealandSELM.15171957EP0 
Huddersfield Choral Society

Messiah - Choruses

A1: And The Glory Of God
A2: And He Shall Purify
B1: For Unto Us A Child Is Born
B2: Glory To God
Columbia New ZealandSELM 15191957EP0 
The Philharmonia Orchestra Cond. By Herbert Von Karajan

A1: Les Contes D'Hoffman - Barcarolle, Act 2
A2: Carmen - Entr'acte, Act 4
B1: Thais - Meditation, Act 2
Columbia New ZealandSELM.15471957EP0 
Walter Gieseking

A1: Ballade
B1: Mazurka
B2: La Plus Que Lente
Columbia New ZealandSELM.15521957EP0 
Giuseppe Di Stefano, Maria Meneghini Callas, Tito Gobbi, Rolando Panerai With The Orchestra Of La Scala Opera House, Milan

Excerpts From Act 1 Of "I Pagliacci"

A1: Decidi Il Mio Destin
B1: Recitar! Vesti La Giubba
B2: Intermezzo
Columbia New ZealandSELM.15621957EP0 


A1: Nocturne No. 7 In C Sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 1
A2: Valse No. 11 In G Flat, Op. 70, No. 1
B1: Nocturne No. 15 In F Minor, Op. 55, No. 1
B2: Valse No. 6 In D Flat, Op. 64, No. 1
Columbia New ZealandSELM.15731957EP0 
The Ray Ellington Quartet

A: Stranded In The Jungle
B: Left Hand Boogie
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10058Jan 19577"0 
Ruby Murray

A: For Now, For Ever
B: (Oh Please) Make Him Jealous
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10025Jan 19577"0 
The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon

A: I Want You To Be My Girl
B: I'm Not A Know It All
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10048Jan 19577"0 
Ruby Murray

A: It Only Hurts For A Little While
B: Teddy O'Neill
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10056Mar 19577"0 
Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers

A: I Promise To Remember
B: Who Can Explain?
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10067Mar 19577"0 
Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Port Au Prince
B: The Carousel Waltz
Columbia New ZealandSCMM.10036Mar 19577"0 
Richard Pasquale

A: Barrel Organ Street Parade
B: Barrel Organ Street Parade
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10055Apr 19577"0 
Ruby Murray

A: True Love
B: Knock On Any Door
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10068Apr 19577"0 
Tony Brent

A: Two Innocent Hearts
B: Cindy Oh Cindy
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10071Apr 19577"0 
Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers

A: I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent
B: Baby, Baby
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10083Apr 19577"0 
Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Petticoats Of Portugal
B: Tambourine
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10065May 19577"0 
The Coronets

A: The Rocking Horse Cowboy
B: Someone To Love
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10066May 19577"0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Beyond Mombasa
B: Jungle Moon
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10076May 19577"0 
Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers

A: The A.B.C's. Of Love
B: Share
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10080May 19577"0 
The Coronets

A: "Make It A Party" No. 2 (Let's Sing The Good Old Songs) - Side 1
B: "Make It A Party" No. 2 (Let's Sing The Good Old Songs) - Side 2
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10052Jun 19577"0 
The Three Professors

A: Yew Stept Owt Offa Dreme (You Stepped Out Of A Dream)
B: Vulgar Boatman Rock
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10072Jun 19577"0 
Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Street Symphony
B: Hello Young Lovers
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10053Jul 19577"0 
Eddie Calvert (The Man With The Golden Trumpet)

A: Goodnight, Mother, Goodnight
B: They Didn't Believe Me
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10054Aug 19577"0 
Norrie Paramor And His Other Orchestra

A: Charleston Parisien
B: Ask For Joe
Columbia New Zealand45-DNZ.10085Aug 19577"0 

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