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Columbia - Label Discography

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Many discs pressed in Norway for both Norwegian and Swedish markets, Catalogue numbers show which country they were made for eg SEGS for Swedish artists or SEGN for Norwegian etc. SEGK seems to have been used for International artists of interest to all Scandinavia
  UK  4649
  Germany  1473
  Australia  1198
  Netherlands  800
  New Zealand  760
  France  544
  Denmark  395
  Sweden  365
  Norway  289
  Italy  257
  Ireland  243
  Finland  162
  South Africa  145
  Spain  135
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Evert Taube

Evert Taube Vol. 2

A1: Eldarevalsen (Charlie Barr)
A2: Balladen Om Gustaf Blom
B1: Den Glade Bagaren I San Remo
B2: Calle Schevens Vals
Columbia SwedenSEGS 131955EP27.0
Evert Taube

Evert Taube Vol 3

A1: Fritiof Och Carmencita I Samborombon
A2: Balladen Om Ernst Georg Johansson
B1: Fritiof Andersson
B2: Jag Är Fri, Jag Har Sonat...
Columbia SwedenSEGS 141955EP1 
Evert Taube

A1: Vals I Gökottan
A2: Kom I Min Famn
B1: Fritiofs Avsked
B2: Älskliga Blommor Små
Columbia SwedenSEGS 211956EP0 
Ronnie Ronalde

A1: I En Klosterträdgård (In A Monastery Garden)
A2: Bells Across The Meadow
B1: Skridskoåkarna (The Skaters Waltz)
B2: Dream Of Olwen
Columbia SwedenSEGS 241956EP2 
Gerd Persson

A1: Den Trogen Husaren
A2: Det är Nog Fel
B1: Broadway På Basin Street
B2: Det Som Sker Det Sker
Columbia SwedenSEGS 281956EP0 
Evert Taube

Vol. 6

A1: Flickan I Havanna
A2: Blondin Med De Rosende Kinder
B1: Tatuerarevalsen
B2: Tango I Nizza
Columbia SwedenSEGS 25Nov 1956EP0 
Evert Taube

Flickan I Havanna Vol. 6

A1: Flickan I Havanna
A2: Blondin Med De Rosende Kinder (Serenaden I Prästgatan)
B1: Tatuerarevalsen
B2: Tango I Nizza
Columbia SwedenSEGS 25Nov 1956EP1 
Dansa Min Docka

Nadja Hjärne

A: Barnvisor Del 1 Och 2

Sylvan Beré Och Margareta Atling

B: Dansa Min Docka (Medley)
Columbia SwedenSEGS 27Dec 1956EP0 
Rock-Krister And His Cristals

A1: Sputnik Rock And Roll
A2: Julie
B1: Teddy Bear
B2: Hallo-Man Beat
Columbia SwedenSEGS 481958EP2 
Charlie Norman

På En Öde Ö

A1: Silversand (White Silver Sands)
A2: En Blick (White Sport Coat)
B1: På En Öde Ö (In The Middle Of An Island)
B2: Bye Bye Love
Columbia SwedenSEGS 34Jan 1958EP0 
Edvard Persson

En Liten Vit Kanin

A1: En Liten Vit Kanin
A2: Ja' ä' En Liten Påg Från Skåne
B1: Skånska Slott Och Herresäten
B2: Jag Har Bott Vid En Landsväg
Columbia SwedenSEGS 52Sep 1958EP0 
Edvard Persson

A1: Abbekåsagåsen Joachim
A2: Söder Om Landsvägen
B1: Sol Över Klara
B2: När Livet Var Ungt
Columbia SwedenSEGS 611959EP0 
Charlie Norman - Marie Dieke

Charlie Och Marie

A1: Skol Cha-cha
A2: Ett, Två, Tre, Fyra
B1: La Strada Dell Amore
B2: Caravan
Columbia SwedenSEGS 621959EP0 
Russ Conway

A1: Roulette
A2: Trampolina
B1: China Tea
B2: Side Saddle
Columbia SwedenSEGS 651959EP1 
Top 4 nr. 7

Eddie Calvert

A1: Morgen

Dickie Pride

A2: Primrose Lane

Shane Rimmer

B1: The Three Bells

Nicola Arigliano

B2: I Sing "Ammore"
Columbia SwedenSEGS 661959EP3 
Monica Zetterlund And Carli Tornehave

Porgy And Bess

A1: Bess You Is My Woman
A2: Summertime
B1: Porgy
B2: Oh, I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
Columbia SwedenSEGS 671959EP0 
Marie Dieke

A: Augustin
B: Tänk Om En Ros Kunde Tala (Schön War Die Tage Der Rosen)
Columbia Sweden45-DS 2192Feb 19597"07.0
Lill-Jørgen Petersen


A1: Mustalainen
A2: Mary Contrary
B1: Lili Marleen
B2: Pappa Älskar Mamma
Columbia SwedenSEGS 71Oct 1960EP0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A1: Nine Times Out Of Ten
A2: Thinking Of Our Love

The Shadows

B1: Apache
B2: Quatermasster's Stores
Columbia SwedenSEGS 72Nov 1960EP09.0
Bobby Rydell

A1: Sway
A2: Groovy Tonight
B1: Saints Go Marching In
B2: Hey Good Looking
Columbia SwedenSEGK 10691961EP0 
Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard

A1: A Girl Like You
A2: Unchained Melody
B1: What'd I Say
B2: Now's The Time To Fall In Love
Columbia SwedenSEGK 10811961EP0 
Chubby Checker


A1: The Fly
A2: That's The Way It Goes
B1: Let's Twist Again
B2: Everything's Gonna' Be Alright
Columbia SwedenSEGK 10851961EP0 
Hans "Hasse" Burman

A1: Åh, Maria Jag Vill Hem
A2: Vem? Jag!
B1: Bra ändå
B2: Åh, Va' Jag Skäms (I'm So Ashamed)
Columbia SwedenSEGS 811961EP1 
Chubby Checker

A1: The Twist
A2: Twistin' U.S.A.
B1: Quarter To Three
B2: Twist Train
Columbia SwedenSEGS 831961EP2 
Chubby Checker

Mister Twister

A1: Mister Twister
A2: Blueberry Hill
B1: The Jet
B2: Rock Around The Clock
Columbia SwedenSEGS 851961EP0 
The Shadows

A: Shadoogie
B: Blue Star
Columbia Sweden45-DS 22019 Nov 19617"19.0
Lill Jörgen

A: Tonight (Ur West Side Story)
B: The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Columbia Sweden45 DS 220419627"1 
Marty Robbins

A: Devil Woman
B: April Fool's Day
Columbia SwedenDD 75419627"2 
Chubby Checker

A: Dancin' Party
B: Gotta Get Myself Together
Columbia SwedenDS 220819627"0 
Jan Höiland

A: Quando, Quando, Quando
B: Jag Tror
Columbia SwedenDS 221119627"1 
Hans Hasse Burman

A: Titta TV
B: Jag Ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-ty-tycker Så Mycket Om Dej
Columbia SwedenDS 221419627"0 
The Shadows

A: Bo Diddley
B: Are They All Like You?
Columbia SwedenDS 221519627"0 
Frank Ifield

A1: Lovesick Blues
A2: She Taught Me How To Yodel
B1: Alone Too Long
B2: Bigger Than You Or Me
Columbia SwedenSEGS 1031962EP08.0
Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1: Y'arriva

Cliff Richard

A2: Turn Around
B1: Bachelor Boy
B2: The Next Time
Columbia SwedenSEGS 1041962EP0 
Jan Höiland

A1: En Natt I Moskva
A2: Mors Drömväv
B1: Över Alla Oceaner
B2: Ensam
Columbia SwedenSEGS 991962EP0 

A1: Tina Och Marina (Zwei Kleine Italiener)
A2: Hallo Hallo Hallo
B1: Mein Vater War Ein Cowboy
B2: Midi-Midinette
Columbia SwedenSEGW 79851962EP0 
Jan Höiland

A: En Natt I Moskva
B: Mors Drömväv
Columbia Sweden45-DS 2206Mar 19627"58.0
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

The Young Ones

A1: The Young Ones
A2: We Say Yeah
B1: Lessons In Love
B2: Forty Days (To Come Back Home)
Columbia SwedenSEGS 86Mar 1962EP29.0
Russ Conway

A: Lesson One
B: Angelo
Columbia SwedenDB 4784Apr 19627"0 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Do You Want To Dance
B: I'm Lookin' Out The Window
Columbia SwedenDB 4828May 19627"0 
Russ Conway

A1: Lesson One
A2: Angelo
B1: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
B2: Swanee
Columbia SwedenSEGS 91Jun 1962EP0 
Bobby Rydell

A: I'll Never Dance Again
B: Gee, It's Wonderful
Columbia SwedenDS 220729 Jun 19627"18.0
Frank Ifield

A: I Remember You
B: I Listen To My Heart
Columbia SwedenDB 4856Jul 19627"0 
Michael Landon

A: Gimme A Little Kiss (Will "Ya" Huh)
B: Be Patient With Me
Columbia SwedenDS 2209Jul 19627"1 
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: It'll Be Me
B: Since I Lost You
Columbia SwedenDB 4886Sep 19627"0 
Christian Chevallier

A: The Madison
B: The Big M
Columbia SwedenDS 2210Oct 19627"0 
Bobby Vinton

A: Rain Rain Go Away
B: True Love
Columbia SwedenDS 2212Oct 19627"1 
Bobby Vinton

Rain Rain Go Away

A1: Rain Rain Go Away
A2: True Love
B1: I Can't Help It
B2: Please Help Me, I'm Falling
Columbia SwedenSEGS 98Oct 1962EP0 
Frank Ifield

A: Lovesick Blues
B: She Taught Me How To Yodel
Columbia SwedenDB 4913Nov 19627"59.0
Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Y'arriva

Cliff Richard

B: Turn Around
Columbia SwedenDS 221622 Nov 19627"28.0

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