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Columbia - Label Discography

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  UK  4753
  Germany  1586
  Australia  1259
  Netherlands  874
  New Zealand  806
  France  642
  Sweden  443
  Denmark  431
  Norway  336
  Italy  281
  Ireland  273
  Finland  189
  Spain  167
  South Africa  152
  India  131
  Japan  103
  Belgium  102
  Portugal  102
  Greece  85
  Rhodesia  71
  Austria  64
  Singapore  54
  Pakistan  38
  Switzerland  32
  Yugoslavia  24
  Nigeria  16
  Turkey  15
  Malaysia  5
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The Quests [Singapore]

A: Shanty
B: Gallopin'
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 100919647"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

A: Pop Inn Theme (Watch Your Step)
B: Tea Break
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 105019657"2 
Herman's Hermits


A1: Heartbeat
A2: I'll Never Dance Again
B1: Walkin' With My Angel
B2: I Wonder
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10011965EP0 
Herman's Hermits


A1: Sea Cruise
A2: Mother In Law
B1: I Understand
B2: Thinkin' Of You
Columbia SingaporeSEG 83801965EP0 
Rita Chao

A1: Wooly Bully
A2: Pretty Flamingo
B1: Let True Love Begin
B2: Love Is Me, Love Is You
Columbia SingaporeECHK.5601966EP0 

A: Mum's Too Pampering
B: I Can Only Give You Everything
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 106119677"0 
The Pink Floyd

A: See Emily Play
B: Scarecrow
Columbia SingaporeDB 821419677"010.0
Herman's Hermits

A: Museum
B: Moonshine Man
Columbia SingaporeDB 823519677"0 
The Seekers

A: When Will The Good Apples Fall
B: Myra
Columbia SingaporeDB-827319677"0 
Cliff Richard

A: All My Love (Solo Tu)
B: Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Columbia SingaporeDB-829319677"0 
Solomon King

A: She Wears My Ring
B: I Get This Feeling Over You
Columbia SingaporeDB-832519677"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

Go-Go Requests

A1: Mustapha
A2: Rose, Rose I Love You
B1: Ding Dong Twist
B2: Nonya Baba A Go Go
Columbia SingaporeSEGO-701151967EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A: I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
B: Marcel's
Columbia SingaporeDB-832719687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Sleepy Joe
B: Just One Girl
Columbia SingaporeDB-840419687"0 
Ray Ennis And The Blue Jeans

A: What Have They Done To Hazel
B: Now That You've Got Me (You Don't Seem To Want Me)
Columbia SingaporeDB-843119687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Sunshine Girl
B: Nobody Needs To Know
Columbia SingaporeDB-844619687"0 
The Dave Clark Five

A: The Red Balloon
B: Maze Of Love
Columbia SingaporeDB 846519687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Something's Happening
B: The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life
Columbia SingaporeDB-850419687"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

Instrumentally Yours

A1: The Indian Maid
A2: Return Of Spring
B1: Sayonara
B2: Why Go To The Temple
Columbia SingaporeECHK-5871968EP0 
Rita And Sakura

A1: 新挑花江

Rita Chao

B1: 爲了你
B2: 獨身女
Columbia SingaporeECHK-58919687"0 
Sugiman Jahuri

A1: Look At You
A2: It's Not For Me To Say
B1: You Make My Life Worthwhile
B2: Born Free
Columbia SingaporeECHK-5931968EP1 
Herman's Hermits

East West

A1: Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt)
A2: East West
B1: I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
B2: There's A Kind Of Hush
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10031968EP0 
The Move

Fire Brigade

A1: Fire Brigade
A2: Walk Upon The Water
B1: Flowers In The Rain
B2: Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree
Columbia SingaporeEEAC 10081968EP0 
Herman's Hermits

Sunshine Girl

A1: Sunshine Girl
A2: Nobody Needs To Know
B1: Sleepy Joe
B2: Just One Girl
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10121968EP0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Congratulations
A2: Wonderful World
A3: Do You Remember
B1: High N' Dry
B2: The Sound Of The Candyman's Trumpet
B3: Little Rag Doll
Columbia SingaporeSEG-8540Apr 1968EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A: My Sentimental Friend
B: My Lady
Columbia SingaporeDB-856319697"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Here Comes The Star
B: It's Alright Now
Columbia SingaporeDB-862619697"0 
Karen Young

A: Nobody's Child
B: Oh How I Miss You
Columbia SingaporeEAC-102119697"0 
The Surfers [Singapore]

Hooray For Hazel

A1: Hooray For Hazel
A2: Mony Mony
B1: Answer Me
B2: Honey (I Miss You)
Columbia SingaporeECHK 6021969EP0 
The Surfers [Singapore]

A1: I Started A Joke
A2: Bang-Shang-A-Lang
B1: I Will
B2: Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6171969EP0 
The Blackjacks

I Shall Be Released

A1: I Shall Be Released
A2: My Special Angel
B1: El Mondo
B2: Day By Day
Columbia SingaporeECHK 6181969EP1 
Sakura And Rita

Rita & Sakura Show 傻瓜與野丫頭

A1: 拜年 (New Year Visit)
A2: 哈哈哈
B1: 傻瓜與野丫頭
B2: 愛相思
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6271969EP1 
Sakura And Rita


A1: 鄉下姑娘 (Woodpecker Song)
A2: 忌妒心 (Jealous Heart)
B1: 印度情歌
B2: 採紅菱
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6401969EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A1: My Sentimental Friend
A2: My Lady
B1: Something's Happening
B2: The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10181969EP0 
The Quests [Singapore]

Four Hits

A1: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
A2: Sound Of Silence
B1: Soul Finger
B2: Love Is Blue
Columbia SingaporeECHK-61330 Apr 1969EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Years May Come, Years May Go
B: Smile Please
Columbia SingaporeDB-865619707"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Bet Yer Life I Do
B: Searching For The Southern Sun
Columbia SingaporeEAC-103019707"0 
Deep Purple

A: Black Night
B: Speed King
Columbia SingaporeEAC-103219707"0 
Desmond Dekker

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Perseverance
Columbia SingaporeEAC 103819707"2 
Peter Noone And Herman's Hermits

A: Lady Barbara
B: Don't Just Stand There
Columbia SingaporeEAC-104219707"0 
陳芬蘭 (Chen Fen Lan)


A1: 一卷情詩
A2: 淚的小花
B1: 晶晶
B2: 枕邊留香
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6431970EP0 
The Quests [Singapore]


A1: 淚 (Tears)
A2: 負心的人 (Jilted)
B1: 源的小花 (Flower Of Tears)
B2: 尋夢的人 (My Lost Dream)
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6441970EP0 
Mignonne And The Jetliners

A1: Sweet Inspiration
A2: Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
B1: Mimi
B2: I Will See You There
Columbia SingaporeECHK-6561970EP0 
Herman's Hermits

Years May Come, Years May Go

A1: Years May Come, Years May Go
A2: Smile Please
B1: Here Comes The Star
B2: It's Alright Now
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10251970EP0 
Desmond Dekker

You Can Get It If You Really Want

A1: You Can Get It If You Really Want
A2: Perseverance
B1: It Miek
B2: Pickney Gal
Columbia SingaporeEEAC 10281970EP1 
The Quests [Singapore]


A1: 郎變了
A2: 再來一杯咖啡
B1: 今夜又是雨
B2: 情人夢
Columbia SingaporeS-ECHK-6591970EP0 
The Quests [Singapore]

A1: Who'll Stop The Rain
A2: American Women
B1: Love And The World Loves With You
B2: The Cage
Columbia SingaporeS-ECHK-649Apr 1970EP0 
Peter Noone

A: Oh You Pretty Thing
B: Together Forever
Columbia SingaporeEAC-105419717"0 
T. Rex

A1: Get It On
B1: There Was A Time
B2: Raw Ramp
Columbia SingaporeEAC-105819717"110.0
Peter Noone

A: Walnut Whirl
B: Right On Mother
Columbia SingaporeEAC-106519717"08.0

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