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Columbia - Label Discography

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  UK  4836
  Germany  1659
  Australia  1427
  Netherlands  896
  New Zealand  823
  France  672
  Sweden  467
  Denmark  444
  Norway  341
  Italy  309
  Ireland  294
  Portugal  207
  Finland  193
  Spain  180
  South Africa  169
  India  144
  Singapore  120
  Japan  116
  Belgium  113
  Greece  110
  Rhodesia  83
  Austria  65
  Pakistan  44
  Switzerland  33
  Yugoslavia  32
  Turkey  29
  Nigeria  17
  Malaysia  5
  United Arab Republic  3
  Congo (DRC)  1
  Cyprus  1
  Kenya  1
  Seychelles  1
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The Thunderbolts [Singapore]

A: The Thunderbolt Twist
B: Rasa Sayang Twist
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 100419647"0 
The Sundowners [Singapore]

A: Malaysia Wonderful
B: That's The One For Me
Columbia SingaporeCHK 100819647"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

A: Shanty
B: Gallopin'
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 1009Oct 19647"0 
Judi Jim

A: Colours Of The Rainbow
B: Let Us Remember
Columbia SingaporeCHK 104019657"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

A: Pop Inn Theme (Watch Your Step)
B: Tea Break
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 105019657"2 
Keith Locke And The Quests

A: Be My Girl
B: Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 105119657"0 
Herman's Hermits


A1: Heartbeat
A2: I'll Never Dance Again
B1: Walkin' With My Angel
B2: I Wonder
Columbia SingaporeEEAC-10011965EP0 
Herman's Hermits


A1: Sea Cruise
A2: Mother In Law
B1: I Understand
B2: Thinkin' Of You
Columbia SingaporeSEG 83801965EP0 
Julie Sudiro

A: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
B: How Does That Grab You Darlin'
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 105319667"0 
The Swallows [Singapore]

A: Angkok Bilis
B: La-A-Obe
Columbia SingaporeCHK 105519667"0 
Orchid Abdullah And Les Coasters

A: Tunggu-Lah Aku
B: Harrapan-Ku Hampa
Columbia SingaporeCHK 105619667"0 
M. Fadzil And Les Coasters

A: Chahaya Harapan
B: Sayang Oh Sayang
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 105719667"0 
The Swallows [Singapore]

A: Bagai Di-Janji
B: Jangan Putus Harapan
Columbia SingaporeCHK 105819667"0 
The Swallows [Singapore]

A1: Title Not Known
A2: Title Not Known
B1: Title Not Known
B2: Title Not Known
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5521966EP0 
Lam Leng

A1: Title Not Known
A2: Title Not Known
B1: Title Not Known
B2: Title Not Known
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5531966EP0 
Rita Chao

A1: Shake, Shake, Shake
A2: I Know
B1: Happy Happy Birthday
B2: As Tears Go By
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5561966EP0 

A1: Like I Do
A2: My Bonnie
B1: Sad Movie
B2: Listen People
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5571966EP0 
The Swallows [Singapore]

A1: Mari Menari
A2: Kenangan Di-Masa Dulu
B1: Siapa Dia
B2: Hujan Gerimis
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5581966EP0 
Rita Chao

A1: Wooly Bully
A2: Pretty Flamingo
B1: Let True Love Begin
B2: Love Is Me, Love Is You
Columbia SingaporeECHK.5601966EP0 
Kassim Slamat And The Swallows

Nga Lompak A-Go-Go

A1: Benga Berachun
A2: Tak Kunjong Tiba
B1: Nga Lompak A-Go-Go
B2: Oh Marwiah
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5641966EP0 
The Swallows [Singapore]

A-Solo Ka The Swallows

A1: La-Ngomber
A2: Sekelang Paki Kanchana
B1: Hanya Si Dia
B2: Mari Bertemasha
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5681966EP0 
A-Go-Go '67

M. Fadzil And Orchid Abdullah

A: Title Not Known

Eddie Ahmad And The Antarctics

B: Title Not Known
Columbia SingaporeCHK 105919677"0 
Tina [Malay]

A: There Goes My Everything
B: Release Me
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 106019677"0 

A: Mum's Too Pampering
B: I Can Only Give You Everything
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 106119677"0 
The Bee Jays

A: You Win
B: Pretty Baby
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 106219677"0 
The Quests [Singapore]

Wishing You A Merry X'mas

A1: Jingle Bells
A2: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
B1: White Christmas
B2: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Columbia SingaporeCHK-10631967EP0 
The Brown Boys

A: Goin' Out Of My Head
B: Give Me A Little Sign
Columbia SingaporeCHK. 106419677"0 
The Pink Floyd

A: See Emily Play
B: Scarecrow
Columbia SingaporeDB 821419677"010.0
Herman's Hermits

A: Museum
B: Moonshine Man
Columbia SingaporeDB 823519677"0 
The Seekers

A: When Will The Good Apples Fall
B: Myra
Columbia SingaporeDB-827319677"0 
Cliff Richard

A: All My Love (Solo Tu)
B: Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Columbia SingaporeDB-829319677"0 
Solomon King

A: She Wears My Ring
B: I Get This Feeling Over You
Columbia SingaporeDB-832519677"0 
The Reynettes

Soulin' The Blues With The Reynettes

A1: Knock On Wood
A2: New Orleans
B1: My Life Is A Lonely One
B2: Night Train
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5171967EP0 


A1: Sad Old Song
A2: One Day
B1: Oh, Darling
B2: Everyday With You Girl
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5301967EP0 
Alina And The Bateks

A1: Mohon Kaseh
A2: Hilangkan Berganti
B1: Kesah Dulu
B2: Bulan Dan Chahaya
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5631967EP0 
Les Kafila's

Les Kafila's A-Go-Go

A1: Menunggu
A2: Entah-Lah
B1: Oh Kekaseh Ku
B2: Sengsara
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5651967EP0 
Lily Chao

A1: Ding Dong Song
A2: Edelweiss
B1: Title Not Known
B2: Title Not Known
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5701967EP0 
M. Fadzil And Les Coasters

A1: Hilang Tanpa Berita
A2: Kenangan Abadi
B1: Menjelang Hari Bahagia
B2: Bunga Jadi Rebutan
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5731967EP0 
Eddie Ahmad And The Antarctics

Bisekan Jiwa

A1: Bisekan Jiwa
A2: Di-Mana Kau Berada
B1: Hilang Bulan, Tahun Ku Nanti
B2: Ikut Kata Ibu Mu
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5781967EP0 
The Quests [Singapore]

Go-Go Requests

A1: Mustapha
A2: Rose, Rose I Love You
B1: Ding Dong Twist
B2: Nonya Baba A Go Go
Columbia SingaporeSEGO-701151967EP0 
Herman's Hermits

A: I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
B: Marcel's
Columbia SingaporeDB-832719687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Sleepy Joe
B: Just One Girl
Columbia SingaporeDB-840419687"0 
Ray Ennis And The Blue Jeans

A: What Have They Done To Hazel
B: Now That You've Got Me (You Don't Seem To Want Me)
Columbia SingaporeDB-843119687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Sunshine Girl
B: Nobody Needs To Know
Columbia SingaporeDB-844619687"0 
The Dave Clark Five

A: The Red Balloon
B: Maze Of Love
Columbia SingaporeDB 846519687"0 
Herman's Hermits

A: Something's Happening
B: The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life
Columbia SingaporeDB-850419687"0 
Tina [Malay]

Sings Top Hits

A1: You Only Live Twice
A2: San Francisco
B1: The Last Waltz
B2: Look In Your Eyes
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5821968EP0 
Kassim Slamat And The Swallows

A1: Senten Nyama-Na
A2: Ambin Ku
B1: Beribu Tiri
B2: Salam Persembahan
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5841968EP0 

These are D'Starlights

A1: Peanuts
A2: For A Few Dollars More
B1: Something On My Mind
B2: I Believe
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5851968EP0 
Tina [Malay]

A Man And A Woman

A1: A Man And A Woman
A2: Somewhere My Love
B1: Born Free
B2: Music To Watch Girls Go By
Columbia SingaporeECHK 5861968EP0 

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