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Columbia - Label Discography

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Outside the Americas Columbia Records used the name CBS
  USA  9384
  Canada  1317
  Mexico  11
  Unknown Country  8
  Trinidad and Tobago  2
  Chile  1
  Spain  1
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Buddy Clark

A: Merry Christmas Waltz
B: Winter Wonderland
Columbia USA1-36119497"2 
The Marlin Sisters And Ted Steele And His Orchestra

A: Itty Bitty Polka

Ted Steele And His Orchestra

B: I've Been Floating Down The Old Green River
Columbia USA1-37119497"0 
Gene Krupa And His Orchestra

A: Why Fall In Love With A Stranger
B: I Want A Grown Up Man
Columbia USA1-38819497"0 
Harry James And His Orchestra

A: Dream A Little Longer
B: Be Mine
Columbia USA1-48119497"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Sunflower
B: Once In Love With Amy
Columbia USA1-106Jan 19497"0 
Frankie Carle And His Orchestra

A: Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (On A Rainy Day)
B: Sweet Sue — Just You
Columbia USA1-10324 Jan 19497"0 
Doris Day And Buddy Clark

A: If You Will Marry Me
B: You Was
Columbia USA1-10924 Jan 19497"0 
Buddy Clark

A: I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
B: I Get Up Ev'ry Morning (What Do I Do, What Do I Do, What Do I Do?)
Columbia USA1-131Feb 19497"2 
Frank Sinatra

A: Comme Ci Comme Ca
B: While The Angelus Was Ringing (Les Trois Cloches)
Columbia USA1-13021 Feb 19497"1 
Johnny Bond

A: Take It Or Leave It Baby
B: Till The End Of The World
Columbia USA2-147Mar 19497"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Where Is The One

Frank Sinatra And The Phil Moore Four

B: Bop! Goes My Heart
Columbia USA1-15414 Mar 19497"1 
Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

A: Misery
B: You're There
Columbia USA2-220May 19497"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Black Coffee
B: As You Desire Me
Columbia USA1-1992 May 19497"0 
George Moran And Charles Mack

A: Two Black Crows (Part I)
B: Two Black Crows (Part II)
Columbia USA1-21916 May 19497"0 
Dick Jurgens And His Orchestra

A: Weddin' Day
B: Dreamy Old New England Moon
Columbia USA1-2376 Jun 19497"0 
Frankie Carle And His Orchestra

A: Love Is A Beautiful Thing
B: Rue De Romance
Columbia USA1-2654 Jul 19497"0 
Frankie Carle And His Orch.

A: Missouri Waltz
B: That Naughty Waltz
Columbia USA1-28225 Jul 19497"0 
Dick Jurgens And His Orchestra

A: Twenty-Four Hours Of Sunshine
B: Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are?)
Columbia USA1-28325 Jul 19497"0 
Ray Smith [Country, 40s/50s]

A: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
B: An Old Christmas Card
Columbia USA2-304Aug 19497"0 
Johnny Bond

A: Women Make A Fool Out Of Me
B: Drowning My Sorrows
Columbia USA4-20609Aug 19497"0 
Frankie Carle And His Orch.

A: Why Oh Why?
B: I'm Gonna Let You Cry For A Change
Columbia USA1-32712 Sep 19497"0 
Dick Jurgens And His Orchestra

A: The Meadows Of Heaven
B: Wedding Bells (Will Soon Be Ringin')
Columbia USA1-32912 Sep 19497"0 
Tony Pastor And His Orchestra

A: If I Had A Million Dollars
B: My Mammy
Columbia USA1-33219 Sep 19497"38.0
Ted Daffan And His Texans

A: Take That Leash Off Of Me
B: That's A Dad-Blamed Lie
Columbia USA2-364Oct 19497"0 
Stuart Hamblen

A: Let's See You Fix It
B: (I Won't Go Huntin', Jake) But I'll Go Chasin' Women
Columbia USA2-3513 Oct 19497"0 
Dick Jurgens And His Orchestra

A: I've Gotta Keep Lovin' You
B: Carmelita
Columbia USA1-36224 Oct 19497"0 
Ted Steele And His Orchestra

A: I Know, I Know, I Know

The Marlin Sisters And Ted Steele And His Orchestra

B: Let's Harmonize
Columbia USA1-36731 Oct 19497"1 
Floyd Tillman

A: I Gotta Have My Baby Back
B: It Had To Be That Way
Columbia USA2-404Nov 19497"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: You Say You Care (From "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes")
B: I Cried For You
Columbia USA1 - 39421 Nov 19497"2 
Doris Day With The Mellomen

A: Bewitched

Doris Day

B: Imagination
Columbia USA1-48019507"0 
Tony Bennett

A: The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
B: I Wanna Be Loved
Columbia USA4-3882519507"0 
Burl Ives

A: Old Paint
B: Green Broom
Columbia USA4-3893819507"0 
Mitch Miller And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Autumn Leaves
B: The Song Of Delilah
Columbia USA4-3897119507"0 
The Mariners

A1: Abide With Me
B1: Morning Prayer
B2: Now The Day Is Over
Columbia USA4-3899519507"0 
Percy Faith And His Orchestra

A: I'll Be Seeing You
B: Out Of This World
Columbia USA5-218419507"0 
Benny Goodman Quartet

A: I Got Rhythm
B: Dizzy Spells
Columbia USAA-181719507"0 
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra

A: Stardust
B: Mark VII
Columbia USAB-199719507"1 
The Chordettes

Harmony Time

A1: When You Were Sweet Sixteen
A2: Moonlight Bay
B1: I'd Love To Live In Loveland (With A Girl Like You)
B2: When Day Is Done
C1: Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
C2: Ballin' The Jack
D1: Shine On Harvest Moon
D2: Tell Me Why
Columbia USAB-2011950Double Pack0 
Gene Autry

A: Peter Cottontail
B: The Funny Little Bunny (With The Powder Puff Tail)
Columbia USAMJV 4-6819507"0 
Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra

A: Stormy Weather
B: Sophisticated Lady
Columbia USA1-502Jan 19507"0 
Harry James And His Orchestra

A: Ciribiribin (They're So In Love)
B: Sleepy Lagoon
Columbia USA1-509Jan 19507"0 
Al Dexter And His Troopers

A: I Don't Suppose
B: Each Night I Cry Over Your Picture
Columbia USA2-459Jan 19507"1 
Frank Sinatra

A: Begin The Beguine

Frank Sinatra With The Ken Lane Singers

B: You'll Never Walk Alone
Columbia USA1-50815 Jan 19507"0 
Harry James And His Orchestra

A: One O'Clock Jump
B: Two O'Clock Jump
Columbia USA1-51015 Jan 19507"0 
Ted Daffan And His Texans

A: Strangers Passing By
B: So Dissatisfied
Columbia USA2-495Feb 19507"0 
Johnny Bond And The Red River Valley Boys

A: Love Song In 32 Bars
B: Tennessee, Kentucky And Alabam´
Columbia USA4-20671Feb 19507"0 
Frank Sinatra And Paula Kelly

A: Sunshine Cake

Frank Sinatra With The Ken Lane Singers

B: We've Got A Sure Thing
Columbia USA1-49113 Feb 19507"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
B: God´s Country
Columbia USA1-49627 Feb 19507"3 
Doris Day

A: Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
B: I Said My Pajamas (And Put On My Pray'rs)
Columbia USA1-49727 Feb 19507"0 
Johnny Hicks And His Troubadors

A: Curb Service
B: I Can't Get Enough Of That Ah-Ha
Columbia USA2-614Mar 19507"2 

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