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Constellation - Label Discography

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Frankie Ford

A: Ocean Full Of Tears
B: China Town
Constellation USAC-101Sep 19637"0 
Gene Chandler

A: It's No Good For Me
B: From Day To Day
Constellation USAC-104Oct 19637"18.0
The Freedoms

A: You Lied
B: Ten Steps To Love
Constellation USAC-105Oct 19637"0 
Sonny Holliday

A: School Days
B: Baby, Baby
Constellation USAC-106Oct 19637"0 
Dee Clark

A: Crossfire Time
B: I'm Going Home
Constellation USAC-108Oct 19637"2 
Will Mercer

A: Willowy Billowy Land
B: Penny Candy
Constellation USAC-109Oct 19637"0 
Gene Chandler

A: A Little Like Lovin'
B: Pretty Little Girl
Constellation USAC-110Jan 19647"0 
Bobby Miller

A: Uncle Willie Time
B: The Big Question
Constellation USAC-111Jan 19647"29.0
Gene Chandler

A: Think Nothing About It
B: Wish You Were Here
Constellation USAC-112Jan 19647"0 
Dee Clark

A: That's My Girl
B: It's Raining
Constellation USAC-113Jan 19647"110.0
Gene Chandler

A: Soul Hootenanny Part 1
B: Soul Hootenanny Part 2
Constellation USAC-114Apr 19647"4 
Lee Dorsey

A: Organ Grinder Swing
B: I Gotta Find A New Love
Constellation USAC-115Apr 19647"0 
Bobby Miller

A: Take It In Stride
B: Whoa (She's All Mine)
Constellation USAC-116Apr 19647"0 
The Livers

A: Beatle Time
B: This Is The Night
Constellation USAC-118Apr 19647"59.0
Dee Clark

A: Come Closer
B: That's My Girl
Constellation USAC-120May 19647"09.0
Carol Vega

A: Sugar Over You
B: I Need You Around
Constellation USAC-121Apr 19647"0 
Wilbur Harrison

A: New York World´s Fair
B: Mama, Mama, Mama
Constellation USAC-122Apr 19647"0 
The Sheppards

A: Island Of Love
B: Give A Hug To Me
Constellation USAC-123May 19647"0 
Gene Chandler

A: A Song Called Soul
B: You Left Me
Constellation USAC-124May 19647"08.0
Dan Marlee

A: Candy Lips
B: You Left Me
Constellation USAC-12519647"1 
Tony Rivers And The Castaways

A: I Love The Way You Walk
B: I Love You
Constellation USAC-128Jun 19647"1 
Gene Chandler

A: Just Be True
B: A Song Called Soul
Constellation USAC-130Jun 19647"28.0
The Impellas

A: Sea Of Love
B: No More Tears
Constellation USAC-131Jul 19647"0 
Dee Clark

A: Heartbreak
B: Warm Summer Breezes
Constellation USAC-132Aug 19647"0 
"Rolls" Royce And The Wheels

A: The Frog
B: Topless
Constellation USAC-133Aug 19647"0 
Lee Dorsey

A: You're Breaking Me Up
B: Messed Around (And Fell In Love)
Constellation USAC-135Sep 19647"0 
Gene Chandler

A: Bless Our Love
B: London Town
Constellation USAC-136Sep 19647"4 
The Mystics [Washington DC]

A: She's Got Everything
B: Just A Loser
Constellation USAC-13819637"1 
Sandra Lynn

A: Where Would I Be
B: Sometime
Constellation USAC-140Sep 19647"0 
Gene Chandler

A: What Now
B: If You Can't Be True (Find A Part Time Love)
Constellation USAC-141Nov 19647"28.5
Gene Chandler

A: What Now
B: What Now
Constellation USAC-141Nov 1964Promo Only 7"0 
Gene Chandler

A: What Now
Constellation USAC-141Nov 1964Promo Only 7"0 
Dee Clark

A: In My Apartment
B: Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool
Constellation USAC-142Jan 19657"0 
Nolan Chance

A: She's Gone (And She Won't Be Back)
B: If He Makes You (He's Free To Take You)
Constellation USAC-144Jan 19657"1 
Johnny Lytle

A: The Man
B: Big Bill
Constellation USAC-14519657"110.0
Gene Chandler

A: You Can't Hurt Me No More
B: Everybody Lets Dance
Constellation USAC-146Feb 19657"2 
Dee Clark

A: T.C.B.
B: It's Impossible
Constellation USAC-147Mar 19657"1 
Gene Chandler

A: Nothing Can Stop Me
B: The Big Lie
Constellation USAC-149Mar 19657"59.0
The Dynettes

A: New Guy
B: Witness To A Heartbreak
Constellation USAC-150Apr 19657"3 
4 Evers

A: Stormy
B: (I'm Walking) Out Of The Crowd
Constellation USAC-151Apr 19657"29.0
Holly Maxwell

A: (Happiness Will Cost You) One Thin Dime
B: It's Impossible
Constellation USAC-152May 19657"010.0
Gerri Taylor

A: Empty Arms And Bitter Tears
B: Come Home I'm Lonely
Constellation USAC-154Jun 19657"0 
Dee Clark

A: I Can't Run Away
B: She's My Baby
Constellation USAC-155Jun 19657"0 
Gene Chandler

A: Rainbow '65 Part I
B: Rainbow '65 Part II
Constellation USAC-158Oct 19657"19.0
Gene Chandler

A: (Gonna Be) Good Times
B: No One Can Love You (Like I Do)
Constellation USAC-160Jul 19657"1 
Nolan Chance

A: Just Like The Weather
B: Don't Use Me
Constellation USAC-161Aug 19657"110.0
Holly Maxwell

A: Only When You're Lonely
B: Let Him Go For Himself
Constellation USAC-162Aug 19657"0 
Gene Chandler

A: Here Come The Tears
B: Soul Hootenanny, PT. 2
Constellation USAC-164Sep 19657"2 
Dee Clark

A: Hot Potato
B: I Don't Need (Nobody Like You)
Constellation USAC-165Nov 19657"010.0
Gene Chandler

A: Bet You Never Thought
B: Baby That's Love
Constellation USAC-166May 19667"0 

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