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Coral - Label Discography

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  USA  935
  UK  540
  Germany  198
  Australia  160
  Canada  71
  New Zealand  58
  Ireland  31
  Netherlands  22
  France  19
  Japan  9
  Spain  8
  Denmark  7
  Bootleg  6
  Singapore  6
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The Crickets

The Sound Of The Crickets

A1: Oh Boy
A2: Not Fade Away
B1: Maybe Baby
B2: Tell Me How
Coral IrelandEFEP 20031958EP0 
Buddy Holly

Listen To Me

A1: Listen To Me
A2: Peggy Sue
B1: I'm Gonna Love You Too
B2: Everyday
Coral IrelandEFEP 2002Sep 1958EP0 
Buddy Holly

Rave On

A1: Rave On
A2: Take Your Time
B1: Early In The Morning
B2: Now We're One
Coral IrelandEFEP 2005Dec 1958EP0 
Buddy Holly


A1: Heartbeat
A2: Well... All Right
B1: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
B2: Little Baby
Coral IrelandEFEP 2015Jan 1959EP0 
Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

A1: It Doesn't Matter Anymore
A2: Heartbeat
B1: Raining In My Heart
B2: Early In The Morning
Coral IrelandEFEP 2032Jan 1959EP0 
Buddy Holly

A: Peggy Sue Got Married
B: Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72376Sep 19597"1 
The Crickets

A: When You Ask About Love
B: Deborah
Coral IrelandEQ 72382Nov 19597"2 
Buddy Holly

The Late Great Buddy Holly

A1: Look At Me
A2: Ready Teddy
B1: Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
B2: Words Of Love
Coral IrelandEFEP 2044Feb 1960EP1 
Buddy Holly

A: Heartbeat
B: Everyday
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72392Mar 19607"0 
The Crickets

The Crickets

A1: When You Ask About Love
A2: Deborah
B1: Love's Made A Fool Of You
B2: Someone, Someone
Coral IrelandEFEP 2053Mar 1960EP0 
The Crickets

A: Baby My Heart
B: More Than I Can Say
Coral IrelandEQ 72395Apr 19607"0 
Buddy Holly

A: True Love Ways
B: Moondreams
Coral Ireland45-EQ 72397May 19607"0 
The Crickets

Four More

A1: Last Night
A2: Send Me Some Lovin
B1: You've Got Love
B2: Rock Me My Baby
Coral IrelandEFEP 2060May 1960EP0 
Sonny Curtis

A: The Red Headed Stranger
B: Talk About My Baby
Coral IrelandQ 72400Jun 19607"6 
Buddy Holly

A: Learning The Game
B: That Makes It Tough
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72411Oct 19607"0 
The Crickets

A: Peggy Sue Got Married
B: Don't Cha Know
Coral Ireland45-EQ 7241719617"0 
The Crickets

A: A Sweet Love
B: I Fought The Law
Coral IrelandEQ 7244019617"1 
Buddy Holly

A: What To Do
B: That's What They Say
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72419Jan 19617"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Baby I Don't Care
B: Valley Of Tears
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72432Jun 19617"1 
Buddy Holly

A: Look At Me
B: Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
Coral Ireland45-EQ.72445Nov 19617"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Listen To Me
B: Words Of Love
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72449Feb 19627"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Reminiscing
B: Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72455Sep 19627"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
B: Slippin' And Slidin'
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72459Mar 19637"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Bo Diddley
B: Its Not My Fault
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72463May 19637"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Wishing
B: Because I Love You
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72466Aug 19637"0 
Buddy Holly

A: What To Do
B: Umm Oh Yeah
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72469Dec 19637"1 
Buddy Holly And The Crickets

A: You've Got Love
B: An Empty Cup
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72472Apr 19647"3 
Buddy Holly

A: Love's Made A Fool Of You
B: You're The One
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72475Sep 19647"0 
Buddy Holly


A1: Wishing
A2: Reminiscing
B1: Valley Of Tears
B2: Learning The Game
Coral IrelandEFEP 2067Oct 1964EP0 
Buddy Holly

Showcase -- No. 1

A1: Honky Tonk
A2: Gone
B1: You're The One
B2: I Guess I Was Just A Fool
Coral IrelandEFEP 2068Nov 1964EP0 
Buddy Holly

A: Maybe Baby
B: That's My Desire
Coral Ireland45 - EQ 72483May 19667"0 

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