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Coral - Label Discography

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  USA  1588
  UK  543
  Germany  239
  Australia  179
  Canada  115
  New Zealand  99
  France  34
  Ireland  32
  Netherlands  27
  Japan  18
  Spain  14
  Denmark  7
  Singapore  7
  Belgium  5
+ More Countries (24 Total)
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Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra

A: The Darktown Strutters' Ball
B: Dusk In Upper Sandusky
Coral USA9-6000019507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Good Fellow Medley-Part 1
B: Good Fellow Medley-Part 2
Coral USA9-6011419507"4 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
B: My Buddy
Coral USA9-6014119507"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: When You're Away
B: Kiss Me Again
Coral USA9-6014219507"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: Wonderful One
B: Sleep
Coral USA9-6014319507"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: Blue Prelude
B: Bishop's Blues
Coral USA9-6018919507"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: Blues On Parade
B: Farewell Blues
Coral USA9-6019019507"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

A: Dupree Blues
B: Calliope Blues
Coral USA9-6019119507"0 
Georgia Gibbs And Bob Crosby

A: Simple Melody
B: A Little Bit Independent
Coral USA9-6022719507"0 
Cliff Steward And The San Francisco Boys

A: Alabama Jubilee
B: Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes
Coral USA9-6022819507"0 
Owen Bradley And His Ragland Band

A: Black And White Rag
B: Sit Down And Tell Me Where I Stand
Coral USA9-6023619507"0 
Bob Crosby And His Bob Cats

A: Black Bottom
B: Charleston
Coral USA9-6025419507"1 
Martha Tilton

A: I'll Always Love You
B: There Isn't Very Much To Do Now
Coral USA9-6025819507"110.0
Georgia Gibbs And Bob Crosby

A: Cherry Stones
B: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Coral USA9-6026319507"0 
Owen Bradley

A: The Birthday Of A King
B: O, Come All Ye Faithful
Coral USA9-6027619507"1 
Bob Crosby And His Bob Cats

A: Semper Fidelis March
B: El Capitan
Coral USA9-6028019507"0 
Martha Tilton And Harry Babbitt

A: It May Be On Sunday
B: Only A Mother Could Love You
Coral USA9-6030619507"0 
Joe Graydon With The Heartbeats

A: Somewhere, Somehow Someday
B: I've Never Been In Love Before
Coral USA9-6031119507"0 
Ernestine Hawkins

A: Skippin' And A Hoppin'
B: Tennessee Waltz
Coral USA9-6031319507"0 
Jerry Lester

A: Orange Colored Sky
B: Time Takes Care Of Everything
Coral USA9-6032519507"0 
Harry Babbitt And Martha Tilton

A: You're Just In Love

Martha Tilton And Harry Babbitt

B: It's A Lovely Day Today
Coral USA9-6033519507"0 
Jerry Lester

A: The Beanbag Song
B: Your Sister Knocks Me Out
Coral USA9-6034219507"0 
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy

A: September In The Rain
B: Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
Coral USA9-6034319507"0 
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy

A: I'll Get By
B: Poor Butterfly
Coral USA9-6034419507"0 
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy

A: I Surrender Dear
B: Froggy Bottom
Coral USA9-6034519507"0 
"Her Nibs" Sings With Georgia Gibbs

A: Get Out Those Old Records
B: I Still Feel The Same About You
Coral USA9-6035319507"0 
Martha Tilton

A: A Little Rag Doll
B: Say It With Your Kisses
Coral USA9-6035619507"0 
The Pinetoppers

A: Twin Mazurka
B: The Irish Polka
Coral USA9-6078319507"0 
Roy Rogers With Cooley's Buckle Dusters

A: Round The Couple And Swing When You Meet
B: Chase That Rabbit - Chase That Squirrel
Coral USA9-6401619507"0 
Texas Jim Lewis And His Lone Star Cowboys

A: Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?
B: The Squaws Along The Yukon
Coral USA9-6402019507"2 
The Pinetoppers

A: Huckleberry Boogie
B: Pinetoppers Blues
Coral USA9-6402919507"0 
The Pinetoppers

A: Flying Eagle Polka
B: Blue Bonnet Schottische
Coral USA9-6403419507"0 
Kenny Roberts

A: Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
B: I Finally Got Maggie Alone
Coral USA9-6405919507"0 
Kenny Roberts

A: Cry Baby Blues
B: One Way Ticket
Coral USA9-6407019507"0 
Woody Herman And His Orchestra

Blue Prelude

A1: Blue Prelude
A2: Bishop's Blues
A3: Blues On Parade
A4: Farewell Blues
A5: Dupree Blues
A6: Calliope Blues
Coral USA9-80021950Box Set 7"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A1: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
A2: My Buddy
A3: When You're Away
A4: Kiss Me Again
A5: Wonderful One
A6: Sleep
Coral USA9-80031950Box Set 7"0 
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy

Souvenir Album Volume 1

A1: September In The Rain
A2: Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
B1: I'll Get By
B2: Poor Butterfly
C1: I Surrender Dear
C2: Froggy Bottom
D1: Floyd's Guitar Blues
D2: 47th. Street Jive
Coral USA9-80091950Box Set 7"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Sentimental Me
B: Blue Prelude
Coral USA9-60173Aug 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Hoop Dee Doo
B: Stars Are The Windows Of Heaven
Coral USA9-60209Aug 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Can Anyone Explain? (No, No, No!)
B: Sittin' 'N Starin' 'N Rockin'
Coral USA9-60253Aug 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Rag Mop
B: Sentimental Me
Coral USA9-6014015 Sep 19507"5 
Ames Brothers

A: Twelve Days Of Christmas
B: Wassail Song
Coral USA9-60267Oct 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Silent Night
B: Adeste Fidelis (O Come, All Ye Faithful)
Coral USA9-60268Oct 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
B: It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
Coral USA9-60269Oct 19507"0 
Ames Brothers

A: Oh Babe!
B: To Think You've Chosen Me
Coral USA9-60327Oct 19507"0 
The Pinetoppers

A: Mockin' Bird Hill
B: Big Parade Polka
Coral USA9-64061Oct 19507"1 
Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy

A: Floyd's Guitar Blues
B: 47th. Street Jive
Coral USA9-6002119517"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: Among My Souvenirs
B: Shine On Harvest Moon
Coral USA9-6020219517"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: Mexicali Rose
B: Empty Saddles
Coral USA9-6020319517"0 
Jan Garber And His Orchestra

A: Old New England Moon
B: Just A Memory
Coral USA9-6020419517"0 

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