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Cotillion - Label Discography

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  USA  472
  Canada  17
  Germany  15
  UK  12
  Australia  7
  Italy  7
  Denmark  1
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Otis Clay

A: She's About A Mover
B: You Don't Miss Your Water
Cotillion USA45-44001Jul 19687"28.0
The Mohawks

A: The Champ
B: Sound Of The Witch Doctors
Cotillion USA45-44002Jul 19687"1 

A: Only One Woman
B: By The Light Of A Burning Candle
Cotillion USA45-44003Aug 19687"210.0
The Dynamics [Detroit]

A: Ain't No Sun (Since You've Been Gone)
B: Murder In The First Degree
Cotillion USA45-44004Aug 19687"18.5
Brook Benton

A: Do Your Own Thing
Cotillion USA44007Sep 1968Promo Only 7"1 
Now [Cotillion]

A: Having A Hard Time (Ain't You Baby)
B: Deja Vu
Cotillion USA45-44005Sep 19687"0 
Darrell Banks

A: The Love Of My Woman
B: I Wanna Go Home
Cotillion USA45-44006Sep 19687"0 
Brook Benton

A: Do Your Own Thing
B: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Cotillion USA45-44007Sep 19687"1 
Delorise Berry

A: Crying Won't Help Me Now
B: No Other Girl
Cotillion USA45-44008Sep 19687"2 
The Jones Boys [Nashville]

A: It's So Strange
B: I Sowed Love And Reaped A Heartache
Cotillion USA45-44010Sep 19687"0 
Otis Clay

A: Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
B: That Kind Of Lovin'
Cotillion USA45-44009Oct 19687"0 
Lou Johnson

A: Rock Me
B: It's In The Wind
Cotillion USA45-44011Oct 19687"0 
The Salt

A: Lucifer
B: A Whole Lot Of Rainbows
Cotillion USA45-44012Nov 19687"2 
Brass Buttons

A: My Song
B: Hell Will Take Care Of Her
Cotillion USA45-44013Nov 19687"18.5
Willie Hatcher

A: Have A Heart, Girl
B: You Got Quality
Cotillion USA45-44014Nov 19687"0 
Freddie King

A: Play It Cool
B: Funky
Cotillion USA45-44015Dec 19687"1 
Chris Towns And The Townsmen

A: The Soul Of My Sister - Part 1
B: The Soul Of My Sister - Part 2
Cotillion USA45-44016Dec 19687"0 
Mr. Flood's Party

A: Alice Was A Dream
B: Deja Vu
Cotillion USA45-44017Dec 19687"19.0
Fabulous Shalimars

A: Afro Soul
B: Playing A Losing Game
Cotillion USA45-44018Dec 19687"0 
Bill Soden

A: Urge For Going
B: Monday-Morning Rose
Cotillion USA45-44019Dec 19687"18.0
The Blendells [Washington DC]

A: Night After Night
B: The Love That I Needed
Cotillion USA45-44020Dec 19687"2 
The Dynamics [Detroit]

A: Dum-De-Dum
B: I Want To Thank You
Cotillion USA45-4404519697"0 
The Dynamics [Detroit]

A: Ice Cream Song
B: The Love That I Need
Cotillion USA45-44021Jan 19697"2 
Jerry Williams

A: Shipwrecked
B: Sock It To Yourself
Cotillion USA45-44022Jan 19697"1 
Toby Lark

A: Twenty-four Hours
B: Shake A Hand
Cotillion USA45-44025Feb 19697"0 
Sebastian Williams And His Soul Men

A: The One You Can't Have
B: Shucks
Cotillion USA45-44023Mar 19697"0 
C And The Shells

A: You Are The Circus
B: I've Fallen In Love
Cotillion USA45-44024Mar 19697"46.0
Chris Towns And The Townsmen

A: Stuff
B: Earthy
Cotillion USA45-44027Mar 19697"0 
Sherry Grooms

A: I'm Easy
B: I'm Only Foolin' Myself
Cotillion USA45-44028Mar 19697"0 

A: The Walls Fell Down
B: Love You
Cotillion USA45-44029Mar 19697"110.0
Lou Johnson

A: Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
B: People In Love
Cotillion USA45-44026Apr 19697"08.0
The Noble Knights

A: Sing A Simple Song
B: Movin' Part IV
Cotillion USA45-44030Apr 19697"0 
Brook Benton

A: Touch 'En With Love
B: She Knows What To Do For Me
Cotillion USA45-44031Apr 19697"0 
Otis Rush

A: Gambler's Blues
B: You're Killing My Love
Cotillion USA45-44032Apr 19697"0 
Otis Rush

A: Gambler's Blues [Long Version]
B: Gambler's Blues [Short Version]
Cotillion USA45-44032Apr 1969Promo Only 7"0 
C And The Shells

A: Good Morning Starshine
B: On Your Way Home
Cotillion USA45-44033May 19697"0 
Brook Benton

A: Nothing Can Take The Place Of You
B: Woman Without Love
Cotillion USA45-44034May 19697"0 
Lou Johnson

A: Please Stay
B: Gypsy Woman
Cotillion USA45-44035May 19697"2 

A: I Can't See Nobody
B: Little Boy
Cotillion USA45-44036Jun 19697"0 
The Mohawks

A: Baby Hold On Part One
B: Baby Hold On Part Two
Cotillion USA45-44037Jun 19697"0 
The Dynamics [Detroit]

A: Ain't No Love At All
B: What Would I Do
Cotillion USA45-44038Jun 19697"0 
Jerry Williams

A: It's Still Good
B: Come And Get It
Cotillion USA45-44039Jun 19697"0 
Peter Sully

A: My Idea
B: Evil Woman
Cotillion USA45-44040Jul 19697"0 
C And The Shells

A: Warm And Tender Love
B: I Don't Want You No More
Cotillion USA45-44041Jul 19697"0 
Tony And Tandy

A: Two Can Make It Together
B: Bitter With The Sweet
Cotillion USA45-44042Jul 19697"0 
Southern Comfort [USA]

A: Milk And Honey
B: Don't Take Your Sweet Love Away
Cotillion USA45-44043Jul 19697"4 
Alan Price

A: Falling In Love Again
B: Sly Sadie
Cotillion USA45-44044Aug 19697"010.0
Baby Washington

A: I Don't Know
B: I Can't Afford To Lose Him
Cotillion USA45-4404724 Aug 19697"07.0
Lavenia Lewis

A: Tender Loving Pain
B: Find A Man That Satisfies
Cotillion USA44048Sep 19697"1 
Joe Arnold

A: Marley Purt Drive
B: More Today Than Yesterday
Cotillion USA45-44049Sep 19697"0 

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