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Count Shelly - Label Discography

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Soul Rebels [Reggae]

A: Judgement Day Is Near

Various Artists

B: Solid As A Rock
Count Shelly UKCS 00119727"08.5
Horace Singer

A: Cha Cha Children
B: Version
Count Shelly UKCS 00219727"17.0
Soul Rebels [Reggae]

A: I'm The One Who Loves You

I Roy

B: War Zone
Count Shelly UKCS 00319727"0 
Alton Ellis

A: Follow My Heart

Koos All Stars

B: Sincerely
Count Shelly UKCS 00419737"0 
Gene Rondo

A: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
B: Meditation
Count Shelly UKCS 00519727"0 
Roy Shirley

A: This World
B: Return To Me
Count Shelly UKCS 00619737"0 
New Boy

A: Sweet Talk

J. English

B: One And Only Lover
Count Shelly UKCS 00719737"18.0
Errol Brown [Reggae]

A: Time Is My Love

Soul Rebel

B: I Don't Want To Lose You
Count Shelly UKCS 00819737"0 
Lester Sterling And The Kayasonics

A: Age Of Revolution

The Kayasonics

B: D.D.T.
Count Shelly UKCS 00919737"0 
Tony Lorenzo

A: What Must I Do
B: Give Me Another Try
Count Shelly UKCS 00919737"0 
Roy Shirley

A: Send Them Home
B: The People You Are The Greatest
Count Shelly UKCS 01019737"0 
Lloyd And Len

A: The Prophets
B: Happy Home
Count Shelly UKCS 01219737"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: What Is Man

Little Boy Len

B: Never Let You Down
Count Shelly UKCS 01419737"0 
Stranger And Glady

A: Don't Give Up The Fight

The Tidals

B: Stand Firm
Count Shelly UKCS 01519737"18.0
Don D. Junior

A: Reble Rock

Jah Lloyd

B: Zion Rock
Count Shelly UKCS 01619737"0 

A: Now I Know

Heptones All Star

B: Version
Count Shelly UKCS 01719737"1 
F. Christian

A: Dr. Fud
B: La Fud Del-Skank
Count Shelly UKCS 01819737"0 
Sonny Earl

A: Midnight Lover
B: Call Me!
Count Shelly UKCS 01919737"0 
F. Christian

A: Riping Love

F. Christian All Stars

B: Riping Love
Count Shelly UKCS 02019737"0 
Laurel Aitken

A: I Found Love

[no artist listed]

B: Liquidator Version
Count Shelly UKCS 0211973Promo Only 7"0 
Owen Grey

A: Simple

Honey Boy

B: Julie
Count Shelly UKCS 02219737"0 
Sang Hugh And The Lionelains

A: Rasta No Born Ya

The Messengers [Reggae]

B: Cherry Baby
Count Shelly UKCS 02319737"09.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Never Give Up

I. Roy

B: Problem Of Life
Count Shelly UKCS 02419737"0 
Earl George

A: Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got

Prince Jazzbo

B: Wise Shepherd
Count Shelly UKCS 02519737"07.0
Hubert Lee

A: Dedicated To The One I Love

Rightous Flames

B: Second The Emotion
Count Shelly UKCS 02619737"59.0
Junior Byles

A: Break Up To Make Up

Youth Man

B: Plat Skank
Count Shelly UKCS02719737"0 
Bill Campbell

A: Here I Am

Richard Eric And Allen

B: Stuborn
Count Shelly UKCS 02819737"0 
Domino Johnson

A: I've Seen The Light

Barry Cruber

B: This Yah Daughter
Count Shelly UKCS 02919737"010.0
Honey Boy And Tapper Zuki

A: Feeling High Version

Bush Ranger

B: Ranger At His Workshop
Count Shelly UKCS 03019737"1 
Twinkle Brothers

A: Mother Whiney

Jackie Brown

B: Fight My Way
Count Shelly UKCS 03119737"0 
Norman Stewart

A: You Are My Sunshine


B: Donkey
Count Shelly UKCS 03219737"0 
D. Washington

A: Lonely Street

Antroy All Stars

B: Antroy All Stars
Count Shelly UKCS 03319737"0 
Sang Hugh

A: No Potion A Gal

D. Washington

B: The Way To Reason
Count Shelly UKCS 03419737"19.0
The Pressure Shocks

A: Baby I Love You
B: That Ain't Right
Count Shelly UKCS 03519737"0 

A: Salvation Train

Ken Parker

B: Message To Mary
Count Shelly UKCS 03619737"0 
Flick Wilson

A: Free Education For All

Dean Beckford

B: Puppy Love
Count Shelly UKCS 03719737"0 
The New Commers

A: Killing Jamaica Children

The Tennors

B: Take Heed
Count Shelly UKCS 03819737"0 
Roy Alton

A: Carnival Night
B: Drift Away
Count Shelly UKCS 03919737"17.0
Roy Shirley And Peter Cambell

A: Jingle Bells

Earl George

B: High School Dance
Count Shelly UKCS 04119737"1 
Winston Curtis

A: Never Get Away
B: Love Me Tonight
Count Shelly UKCS 04219737"0 
The Saints [Jamaica]

A: Feeling Good
B: How Long
Count Shelly UKCS 04319737"2 
Errol Dunkley

A: Girl You Cried
B: Where Must I Go
Count Shelly UKCS 04419737"0 
Barbara Jones

A: Baby I Am Yours
B: Don't Turn Your Back On Me
Count Shelly UKCS 04519747"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Dum Dum

Horace Andy

B: Rasta Saw Them Coming
Count Shelly UKCS 04719737"07.0
Errol Dunkley

A: Shelly Reggae Rock
B: My Baby Is Gone
Count Shelly UKCS 04819747"0 
Stranger Cole And Hortense

A: Mocking Bird
B: Corra Bella Baby
Count Shelly UKCS 04919737"1 
Hebert Lee

A: What Am I Living For

Lester Sterling

B: The Big Job
Count Shelly UKCS 05019747"0 
Honey Boy

A: Wandering Wandering

Honey Boy / Rickie

B: Sound Call Wondering
Count Shelly UKCS 05119747"0 

A: San-San

Osbourne Graham

B: Baby Don't Go
Count Shelly UKCS 05219747"17.0
E. De-Vale

A: Happiness
B: Sweet Bitter Love
Count Shelly UKCS 05319747"0 

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