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Coxsone - Label Discography

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Owen Grey

A: Hully Gully Dance

Clue J. And His Blues Blasters

B: Milk Lane Hop
Coxsone Jamaica19617"0 
Owen Gray

A: Get Drunk
B: Sinners Weep
Coxsone JamaicaFC 12519617"0 
The Blues Busters

A: Donna
B: You're Driving Me Crazy
Coxsone JamaicaFC 13619617"0 
Roland Alphanso

A: Lee Harvey Oswald

The Ska-Ta-Lites

B: Leave Me Alone
Coxsone Jamaica19647"0 
The Wailers

A: Love And Affection
B: Teenager In Love
Coxsone Jamaica19657"0 
Soul Bros. Orch.

A: Ringo's Theme (This Boy)

The Wailers

B: Rude Boy
Coxsone Jamaica50119657"1 
Roland Al. And The Soul Bros.

A: Something Special

The Soulettes

B: La-La Lover
Coxsone Jamaica50219657"0 
The Wailers

A: Do You Feel The Same Way Too
B: One Love
Coxsone Jamaica50419657"0 
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Bros.

A: Wives And Lovers

Hortense Ellis

B: Mr. Everything
Coxsone Jamaica50619657"0 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: I'm Gonna Put It On
B: Love Won't Be Mine This Way
Coxsone Jamaica51119657"0 
The Wailers

A: I Don't Need Your Love
B: Simmer Down
Coxsone JamaicaC 11019657"1 
The Wailers

A: Mr. Talketive
B: It's Hurts To Be Alone
Coxsone JamaicaC 11219657"1 
The Wailers

A: I'm Gonna Put It On
B: Love Won't Be Mine
Coxsone JamaicaCS 1118-419657"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Riding For A Fall

Ken Boothe

B: I Am A Fool
Coxsone Jamaica19667"1 
Soul Brother

A: Devil's Bug

Jackie Opel

B: I Am What I Am
Coxsone Jamaica19667"0 
Don Drummond

A: Looking Through The Window

Soul Brother

B: Ska-Bostello
Coxsone Jamaica19667"0 
Jackie Opel

A: You're No Good

Roy Richards

B: Green Collie
Coxsone Jamaica19667"0 
H. Seaton And The Gaylads

A: Stop Making Love

The Gaylads

B: They Call Her Dawn
Coxsone Jamaica4719667"0 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: I'm Gonna Put It On
B: Love Won't Be Mine This Way
Coxsone Jamaica51119667"0 
The Gay Lads

A: Lady With The Red Dress On
B: A Dinner For Two
Coxsone Jamaica51619667"0 
Winston Stewart

A: I Don't Know Why I Love You

The Gaylads

B: You Should Never Do That
Coxsone Jamaica52319667"0 
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Bros.

A: Old Cow Hand

Jack Sparrow

B: Suffering On The Land
Coxsone Jamaica5419667"0 
The Gaylads

A: You'll Never Leave Him
B: Message To My Girl
Coxsone Jamaica5419667"0 
Roy Richards

A: Green Callie

Marcia Griffiths

B: You're No Good
Coxsone Jamaica60519667"1 
The Wailers

A: Let Him Go
B: Sinner Man
Coxsone Jamaica6419667"0 
The Hamlins

A: Soul And Inspiration

The Etheopians

B: Let's Get Together Now
Coxsone JamaicaCS 100219667"0 
The Gaylads

A: Love Me With All Your Heart
B: I Don't Care
Coxsone Jamaica19677"0 
The Gaylads

A: No Good Girl
B: Yes Girl
Coxsone Jamaica5 / 619677"0 
The Gaylads

A: Don't Try To Reach Me

The Heptones

B: Why Did You Leave
Coxsone JamaicaCS 10019677"4 
The Heptones

A: Baby
B: Only Sixteen
Coxsone JamaicaCS100319677"4 
The Heptones

A: Equal Rights
B: Ting A Ling
Coxsone JamaicaCS 103119677"0 
The Heptones

A: Love Won't Come Easy
B: Tripe Girl
Coxsone Jamaica19687"1 
Jeff And Marcia

A: Words

The Sharks [Jamaica]

B: How Could I Live
Coxsone JamaicaCS 102019687"1 
The Heptones

A: How Could You Leave

Jackie Mittoo

B: Sexy Taste
Coxsone Jamaica19697"0 

A: I Shall Be Released
B: Darling I Love You
Coxsone JamaicaCS 014419697"0 
The Sound Dimensions

A: Holy Moses
B: More Scorcher
Coxsone JamaicaCS 014519697"0 
Ken Parker

A: My Whole World Is Falling Down
B: Chocking Kind
Coxsone JamaicaCS 014719697"0 
The Heptones

A: Equal Right

Sound Dimension

B: Holy Moses
Coxsone JamaicaCS-103119697"0 
The Highlites

A: Ten To One

The New Establishment [Jamaica]

B: Ten To Two
Coxsone JamaicaC.S. 105919697"0 
Johnny Osbourne And The Wild Cats

A: All I Have Is Love

Marcia Griffiths

B: Truly
Coxsone JamaicaCS. 107019697"0 
Horace Andy

A: Got To Be Sure

Jackie Mitto

B: Melody Maker
Coxsone Jamaica19707"0 

A: Exodus

Delroy Wilson

B: One Two Three
Coxsone Jamaica19707"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Heaven
B: Lion Of Judah
Coxsone Jamaica19707"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: The Conqueror

Down Beat All Stars

B: Grandnational
Coxsone Jamaica19707"0 
Al Senior

A: Bonopart Retreat

Sound Dimension

B: Poison Ivy
Coxsone JamaicaC+N 2-IIII19707"0 
King Sporty

A: Inspiration

The Supertones

B: Shirley
Coxsone JamaicaCS-1001219707"0 
John Holt

A: A Love I Can Feel

Hugh Black

B: Long Liver Man
Coxsone JamaicaCS. 100419707"0 
The Heptones

A: Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
B: Sweet Talking
Coxsone Jamaica23 Oct 19707"0 
Gay Lads

A: Gay Lads Medly Pt. 1
B: Gay Lads Medly Pt. 2
Coxsone Jamaica19717"0 
Burning Spear

A: Ethiopians Live It Out

Burning Spear And Sound Dimensions

B: Live It Out
Coxsone JamaicaCS 0008519717"5 

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