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Creation - Label Discography

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Laughing Apple

A: Wouldn't You?

The Pastels

B: I Wonder Why
Creation Artifact UKLYN 12903Apr 1983Flexi0 
The Legend!

A1: '73 In '83
A2: You (Chunka, Chunka) We're Glamorous
B1: Melt The Guns
Creation UKCRE 00119837"47.0
The Revolving Paint Dream

A: Flowers In The Sky
B: In The Afternoon
Creation UKCRE 002Feb 19847"1 
Biff Bang Pow!

A: Fifty Years Of Fun
B: Then When I Scream
Creation UKCRE 003Feb 19847"19.0
The Jasmine Minks

A: Think!
B: Work For Nothing
Creation UKCRE 004Mar 19847"1 
The Pastels

A: Something Going On
B: Stay With Me Till Morning
Creation UKCRE 005Mar 19847"18.0
The X-Men

A: Do The Ghost
B: Talk
Creation UKCRE 006Jun 19847"25.0
Biff Bang Pow!

A: There Must Be A Better Life
B: The Chocolate Elephant Man
Creation UKCRE 007Jun 19847"17.0
The Jasmine Minks

A: Where The Traffic Goes
B: Mr. Magic
Creation UKCRE 008Aug 19847"1 
The Loft

A: Why Does The Rain
B: Like
Creation UKCRE 009Sep 19847"17.0
The Legend!

A: The Legend! Destroys The Blues
B: Arrogant Bastards
Creation UKCRE 010Oct 19847"1 
The Jesus And Mary Chain

A: Upside Down
B: Vegetable Man
Creation UKCRE 0129 Nov 19847"88.0
The X-Men

A: Spiral Girl
B: Bad Girl
Creation UKCRE 013Apr 19857"1 
Les Zarjaz

A: One Charming Nyte
B: My Lady Owns A Fall Out Zone
Creation UKCRE 014Apr 19857"0 
The Loft

A: Up The Hill And Down The Slope
B: Lonely Street
Creation UKCRE 015Aug 19857"0 
The Bodines

A: God Bless
B: Paradise
Creation UKCRE 016Sep 19857"09.0
Primal Scream

A: All Fall Down
B: It Happens
Creation UKCRE 017May 19857"18.0
Jasmine Minks

A: What's Happening
B: Black And Blue
Creation UKCRE 018Jun 19857"0 

A: I'll Follow You Down
B: Napalm Girl
Creation UKCRE 019Nov 19857"0 
Meat Whiplash

A: Don't Slip Up
B: Here It Comes
Creation UKCRE 020Sep 19857"0 
Biff Bang Pow!

A: Love's Going Out Of Fashion
B: It Happens All The Time
Creation UKCRE 024Mar 19867"07.0
The Jasmine Minks

A: Cold Heart
B: World's No Place
Creation UKCRE 02519867"0 
Primal Scream

A: Crystal Crescent
B: Velocity Girl
Creation UKCRE 026Apr 19867"09.0

A: Ballad Of The Band
B: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Creation UKCRE 027May 19867"09.5
The Bodines

A: Therese
B: I Feel
Creation UKCRE 02819867"09.0
The Weather Prophets

A: Almost Prayed
B: Your Heartbeat Breathes The Life Into Me
Creation UKCRE 029Jun 19867"0 
The Weather Prophets

A: Almost Prayed
B: Your Heartbeat Breathes The Life Into Me
C: Stones In My Passway
D: Downbound Train
Creation UKCRE 029 DJun 1986Double Pack1 
The Bodines

A: Heard It All
B: Clear
Creation UKCRE 03019867"08.0
The Weather Prophets

A: Naked As The Day You Were Born
B: In My Room
Creation UKCRE 031Oct 19867"0 

A: Rain Of Crystal Spires
B: I Will Die With My Head In Flames
Creation UKCRE 032Sep 19867"010.0
Nikki Sudden And The Jacobites

A: Jangle Town
B: The Last Bandit
Creation UKCRE 033Sep 19867"0 
J.C. Brouchard With Biff Bang Pow!

A: Someone Stole My Wheels
B: It Makes You Scared
Creation UKCRE 034Nov 19867"06.0

A: She's So Out Of Touch
B: The Lonesome Death Of Thurston Moore
Creation UKCRE 035Nov 19867"0 
Phil Wilson [UK]

A: Waiting For A Change
B: Even Now
Creation UKCRE 036Mar 19877"0 
Phil Wilson [UK]

A: Waiting For A Change
B: Even Now
C: Love In Vain
D: Down In The Valley
Creation UKCRE 036 DMar 1987Double Pack0 
Biff Bang Pow!

A: The Whole World's Turning Brouchard!
B: The Death Of England
Creation UKCRE 038Feb 19877"0 
Baby Amphetamine

A: Chernobyl Baby (Who Needs The Government)
B: Cheque It Out
Creation UKCRE 04119877"0 
Clive Langer

A: Even Though
B: Instrumental
Creation UKCRE 04219877"0 
Blow Up

A: Good For Me
B: To You
Creation UKCRE 045Jun 19877"0 
Phil Wilson [UK]

A: 10 Miles
B: A Jingle
Creation UKCRE 046Jun 19877"0 
The House Of Love

A: Christine
B: Loneliness Is A Gun
Creation UKCRE 053May 19887"010.0
The Weather Prophets

A: Hollow Heart
B: Joe Shmo And The Eskimo
Creation UKCRE 054Apr 19887"0 
My Bloody Valentine

A: You Made Me Realise
B: Slow
Creation UKCRE 0558 Aug 19887"09.5
The Weather Prophets

A: Always The Light
B: Blue Roof Top
Creation UKCRE 056Aug 19887"0 
The House Of Love

A: Destroy The Heart
B: Blind
Creation UKCRE 057Aug 19887"29.8
The Jazz Butcher

A: Spooky
B: Blame
Creation UKCRE 05919887"09.0

A: Space Blues
B: Be Still
Creation UKCRE 060Aug 19887"010.0
My Bloody Valentine

A: Feed Me With Your Kiss
B: Emptiness Inside
Creation UKCRE 061Nov 19887"0 
The Revolving Paint Dream

A: Green Sea Blue
B: Sun, Sea, Sand
Creation UKCRE 06219887"4 

A: The Hairstyle Of The Devil
B: Amongst Women Only
Creation UKCRE 06319897"29.0

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