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Creole - Label Discography

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See also J B Records and Trojan THB series
  UK  166
  Germany  16
  Australia  8
  Netherlands  5
  Ireland  1
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Lloyd Seivright

A: Mary's Boy Child
B: And Glory Walked Among Men
Creole UKCR 100119707"0 
Nat Cole

A: Me And My Life
B: Me And My Life Instrumental
Creole UKCR 100219707"1 
The Pyramids

A: Mosquito Bite
B: Mother's Bath
Creole UKCR 100319717"0 
Augustus Pablo

A: 405
B: Duck It Up
Creole UKCR 100419717"0 
Al Barry

A: Down We Go
B: It Pays To Do Good
Creole UKCR 100519717"2 
The Pyramids

A: Can't Leave Now
B: Teardrops
Creole UKCR 100615 Oct 19717"0 
The Chequers

A: Undecided Love (Part I)
B: Undecided Love (Part II)
Creole UKCR 10131 Jan 19757"0 
Merle De Silva

A: Boy In The Band
B: Guilty
Creole UKCR 10214 Feb 19757"0 
Mike Maxfield

A: Hey Mister
B: Lady Tornado
Creole UKCR 10331 Jan 19757"0 
Funky Brown And The Inner Circle Band

A: I See You
B: Song Of The Swallow
Creole UKCR 1049 May 19757"1 
Fela Ransome Kuti

A: Shakara
B: Shakara Part 2
Creole UKCR 10516 May 19757"0 
Pound Of Flesh

A: Funky March Part I
B: Funky March Part I
Creole UKCR 10623 May 19757"0 
Grand Army

A: Fame
B: You Gotta Rock 'N Roll
Creole UKCR 10720 Jun 19757"0 
Julius Brockington And The Magic Force

A: This Feeling (Freedom) Part I
B: This Feeling (Freedom) Part II
Creole UKCR 10815 Aug 19757"0 
Crispy And Company

A: Brazil
B: Love Can
Creole UKCR 1091 Aug 19757"15.5
Sky [Creole]

A: See You In September
B: Lana
Creole UKCR 11015 Aug 19757"0 
The Chequers

A: Rock On Brother
B: Theme One
Creole UKCR 11119 Sep 19757"210.0
John Asher

A: Let's Twist Again

The Ashers

B: Twister
Creole UKCR 11231 Oct 19757"17.0
Butch Barker

A: The Joker
B: Doodle
Creole UKCR 11331 Oct 19757"3 
Crispy And Co.

A: Get It Together
B: Down In St Tropez
Creole UKCR 11414 Nov 19757"08.0
V.I.P. Connection

A: Please Love Me Again
B: West Coast Drive
Creole UKCR 11523 Jan 19767"1 
The Chequers

A: Hey Miss Payne
B: Hey Miss Payne (Disco)
Creole UKCR 11630 Jan 19767"07.0
John Asher

A: Twist'n Party

The Ashers

B: Hughie's Twist
Creole UKCR 11713 Feb 19767"0 
Bobby Azeff Orchestra

A: My Way
B: My Way (Instru.)
Creole UKCR 11820 Feb 19767"1 
Boney M.

A: Baby Do You Wanna Bump (pt. 1)
B: Baby Do You Wanna Bump (pt. 2)
Creole UKCR 11927 Feb 19767"4 
Boney M.

A: Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Pt. 1)
B: Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Pt. 2)
Creole UKCR 119May 19787"1 
M. And O. Band

A: Let's Do The Latin Hustle
B: Switch Back
Creole UKCR 12020 Feb 19767"158.0
David Christie

A: Jaywalk
B: Jaywalk
Creole UKCR 12126 Mar 19767"0 
Pretty Maid Company

A: Pretty Maid
B: Hey, Hey Big John
Creole UKCR 12223 Apr 19767"4 
Amanda Lear

A: Trouble
B: Lethal Leading Lady
Creole UKCR 12315 Apr 19767"0 
The Soul Affair Orchestra

A: Amor
B: Certainly
Creole UKCR 12415 Apr 19767"07.0
Sweet Hands

A: Live Show
B: Live Show
Creole UKCR 1257 May 19767"0 
Lafayette Street

A: Chariot (I Will Follow Him)
B: Colorado Creek
Creole UKCR 12621 May 19767"0 
Judy Stone

A: Would You Lay With Me
B: Forgive Me
Creole UKCR 12728 May 19767"0 
Third World Band

A: Disco Hop
B: Let's Boogie At The Disco
Creole UKCR 12927 Aug 19767"0 
Norman Beaton

A: Family Man
B: The Skin
Creole UKCR 13028 May 19767"0 
Ian Sinclair

A: I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You
B: Hold It A Minute Suzie
Creole UKCR 1317 Jul 19767"0 
Hot Blood

A: Soul Dracula
B: Dracula's Theme
Creole UKCR 13216 Jul 19767"07.0
Tiffany [Creole]

A: Lover's Magic
B: Couple No 1
Creole UKCR 13316 Jul 19767"0 
53rd And 3rd

A: Rub It In!
B: Holiday Humour
Creole UKCR 13416 Jul 19767"0 
Ice [Creole]

A: Bobo Step
B: Time Will Tell
Creole UKCR 13527 Aug 19767"0 
Francais Lycee

A: Do What You Wanna Do
B: My Lady Love
Creole UKCR 13628 Jan 19777"0 

A: Join The Party
B: Funky Time, Party Time
Creole UKCR 1374 Mar 19777"29.0
Roni Hill

A: You Keep Me Hanging On / Stop In The Name Of Love
B: I Wouldn't Give You Up
Creole UKCR 13825 Mar 19777"0 
Elizabeth [Jonathan King]

A: God Save The Sex Pistols
B: Silver Story
Creole UKCR 139May 19777"61.0
Little Richard

A1: Good Golly Miss Molly
A2: Rip It Up!
B1: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Creole UKCR 14013 May 19777"2 
Ruby Winters

A: I Will!
B: Bluer Days Ahead
Creole UKCR 14116 Sep 19777"47.8
Mock Turtle

A: Lady Of Fifth Avenue
B: Rockin' Days
Creole UKCR 14229 Jul 19777"08.0
The Carvells

A: The L.A. Run
B: Your Sweet Love
Creole UKCR 14321 Oct 19777"19.0
The House Of Lords [Jonathan King]

A: I'm On My Way
B: The House Of Commons
Creole UKCR 14416 Sep 19777"1 

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