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Crest - Label Discography

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9109 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

In-house label for publisher American Music (BMI) founded in 1935 by Sylvester Cross
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Ragtime Rascals

A: At The Flickers (Part 1)
B: At The Flickers (Part 2)
Crest USA100119557"0 
Bill Dane

A: Lil Ole Banjo
B: Piasa Bird
Crest USA100219557"0 
Bill Dane

A: God Speaks
B: Creation
Crest USA100319557"0 
Bill (Great) Dane And The Hot Dogs

A: I.O.U.

The Hot Dogs ['50s]

B: Boom A Dee Boom
Crest USA100419557"1 
Prince Patridge

A: How Come My Dog Don't Bark (When You Come 'Round)
B: Choosing A Career
Crest USA100619557"08.0
Tom (Red) Wilson

A: Can You Bop?
B: Hillbilly Parade
Crest USA100719557"1 
Prince Patridge

A: Get Back
B: Hen Party
Crest USA100919557"0 
Smoki Whitfield

A: Take The Hint
B: Function At The Junction
Crest USA101019557"2 
Boogaloo And His Gallant Crew

A: Talk About A Party
B: Big Fat Lie
Crest USA101419557"0 
The Ebb-Tones

A: That's All
B: I Want You Only
Crest USA101619567"1 
Jack Lewis And The Americans

A: Butterscotch Candy And Strawberry Pie

The Americans

B: Teen Age Goodnight
Crest USA102519567"0 
Jack Lewis

A: You Know How I Am
B: Dilly Dally Sally Baby
Crest USA102819567"0 
Jack Lewis

A: What About Me
B: Glendora
Crest USA45101819567"4 
Tom (Red) Wilson

A: It's Me Again
B: Lonesome Seagull
Crest USA45102019567"0 
Bill Dane And The Hot Dogs

A: Tears Of Joy

The Hot Dogs ['50s]

B: Shave, Shine And Shampoo
Crest USA45102119567"0 
Tom Reeves

A: Primitive Love
B: Baby I'm A Lonesome Cowboy
Crest USA45102919567"610.0
Boogaloo And His Gallant Crew

A: Cops And Robbers
B: Clothes Line (Wrap It Up)
Crest USA45-103019567"3 
Dimples Harris

A: This I Do Believe
B: If You'll Be True
Crest USA1013Apr 19567"2 
Eddie Cochran

A: Skinny Jim
B: Half Loved
Crest USA1026Jul 19567"910.0
Bo Davis

A: Let's Coast Awhile
B: Drownin' All My Sorrows
Crest USA1027Aug 19567"07.0
Jack Lewis

A: Someone To Love Me
B: I.O.U.
Crest USA45-103319577"0 
Bill Skidmore III

A: I Can't Understand
B: Try
Crest USA45-103719577"1 
Hans Lorenz

A: Buttercup A Golden Hair
B: Olita
Crest USA45-104119587"0 
Glen Garrison And The Note Kings

A: Lovin' Lorene
B: You're My Darling
Crest USA45-104719587"0 
Isidro (Chico) Misquez And His House Of Lords Orchestra

A: House Of Lords (Joe, Beat The Drum)
B: Ritmo Que
Crest USA45-104819587"0 
Hank Sanders

A: Been Gone A Long Time
B: How Much-How Much (I Love You)
Crest USA45-1039Mar 19587"0 
Tom Tall And His Tom Kats

A: Stack-A-Records
B: Mary Jo
Crest USA45-103824 Mar 19587"58.7
Bill Skidmore III

A: I'm Out Of My Mind (Yea-Yea)
B: Date Bait
Crest USA45-1040Apr 19587"1 
Tizzy Lish

A: Crazy Recipe
B: Reducing
Crest USA45-1042Apr 19587"1 
Norm Skylar

A: Night Shift
B: Rock ´N´ Roll Blues
Crest USA45-1044May 19587"2 
Don Carson And The Whirlaways

A: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
B: Three Carburetors
Crest USA45-1051Aug 19587"1 
Tony Casanova

A: The Grave
B: Yea! Yea! Come Another Day
Crest USA45-1053Oct 19587"3 
Bill And Doree Post

A: Rawhide
B: Lonely
Crest USA45-1054Nov 19587"1 
Johnny Donn With The Jazzrockers

A: Smog
B: What Happened Last Night
Crest USA105819597"0 
Tommy Dee With Carol Kay And The Teen Tones

A: Three Stars

Carol Kay And The Teen Tones

B: I'll Never Change
Crest USA45-105719597"1 
Bobby Grabeau

A: There's Something About Your Kiss
B: Olita
Crest USA45-105919597"0 
Bill And Doree Post

A: Valley High
B: Close To Me
Crest USA45-106019597"1 
The Classics [Los Angeles]

A: Let Me Dream
B: You're The Prettiest One
Crest USA45-106319597"2 
Bobby Grabeau And The Teenettes

A: Back To School, Back To You
B: Don't Ever Let Me Go
Crest USA45-106419597"0 
Bill And Doree Post

A: If He Were In His Teens
B: Walk Away
Crest USA45-106619597"0 
Carol Kay With The Teen-Aires

A: O' Where, O' Where
B: Time
Crest USA45-1062Jan 19597"0 
Tommy Dee With Carol Kay And The Teen-Aires

A: Three Stars

Carol Kay And The Teen - Aires

B: I'll Never Change
Crest USA45-1057Feb 19597"6 
Tommy Dee With Teen Tones And Orchestra

A: Three Stars

Teen Tones

B: I'll Never Change
Crest USA45-1057Feb 19597"2 
Tommy Dee With Carol Kay And The Teen-Aires

A: The Chair
B: Hello, Lonesome
Crest USA45-1061Apr 19597"1 
Bobby And Terry Caraway And The Rockats

A: Ballin' Keen
B: Sweet Lies
Crest USA45-1065Oct 19597"2 
Tommy Dee And Carol Kay

A: Merry Christmas, Mary
B: Angel Of Love
Crest USA45-1067Nov 19597"0 
Bill And Doree Post

A: I'll Never Graduate From You
B: Born For The Open Road
Crest USA45-107019607"0 
Terry Fell

A: Y'all Be Good Now
B: Who Who's
Crest USA45-1071Apr 19607"0 
Vancie Flowers

A: Prisoner In Siberia
B: You Taught Me To Love You
Crest USA45-1073Aug 19607"1 
Bill And Doree Post

A: Haw, Jack
B: The Lonely Wind
Crest USA45-107919617"0 

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