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Cub - Label Discography

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The Preludes [Bronx]

A: Kingdom Of Love
B: Vanishing Angel
Cub USAK 9005May 19587"0 
The Chesterfields

A: I Got Fired
B: Meet Me At The Candy Store
Cub USAK9008Jun 19587"0 
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson

A: Trudie
B: Love Is The Sweetest Thing
Cub USAK 9013Jul 19587"0 
The Velours

A: I'll Never Smile Again
B: Crazy Love
Cub USAK 9014Aug 19587"1 
Bill Farrell

A: My Heart And My Hands
B: Circus
Cub USAK9015Aug 19587"2 
Lilly Ann Carol

A: Yes Sir, That's My Baby
B: Come Back To Sorrento
Cub USAK9016Sep 19587"0 
Jimmy Williams

A: Laughed Away
B: One More Time
Cub USAK9017Sep 19587"0 
Al Martino

A: Here In My Heart
B: Two Lovers
Cub USAK9018Oct 19587"2 
Toby And Iris

A: Ding Dinga Linga Linga
B: What I Want
Cub USAK900927 Oct 19587"1 
The Devotions

A: Silly Milly
B: Worried About You Baby
Cub USAK9020Nov 19587"0 
The Wanderers

A: Please
B: Shadrach Meshack And Abednego
Cub USAK9023Dec 19587"1 
Bob Wilber's Jazz Quartet

A: Petite Fleur (Little Flower)
B: Atlas #1
Cub USAK 9021Jan 19597"0 
The Impalas

A: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
B: Fool, Fool, Fool
Cub USAK 9022Jan 19597"510.0
Jimmy Valentine And His Orchestra

A: Just Keep Walkin' Ambrose
B: Rockin' Hula
Cub USAK 9024Jan 19597"2 
The Naturals [MGM]

A: The Flower Song

Lee Davis

B: Three Young Men
Cub USAK9026Feb 19597"0 
Angee Castle

A: Candy And Cake
B: Let's Pretend
Cub USAK9028Mar 19597"1 
Ron Hargrave

A: Drive-In Movie
B: Buttercup
Cub USAK 90252 Mar 19597"2 
The Velours

A: Blue Velvet
B: Tired Of Your Rock And Rollin'
Cub USAK9029May 19597"0 
Sam Fletcher

A: Time Has A Way
B: No Such Luck
Cub USAK 9032Jun 19597"0 
The Impalas

A: Oh, What A Fool
B: Sandy Went Away
Cub USAK 9033Jun 19597"1 
Russ Conway

A: Roulette
B: Trampolina
Cub USAK9034Jun 19597"0 
The Wanderers

A: I'm Not Ashamed
B: Only When You're Lonely
Cub USAK9035Jun 19597"0 
Russ Conway

A: Song From "North By Northwest"
B: Main Theme From "The Scapegoat"
Cub USAK9038Jul 19597"0 
The Darby Sisters

A: Misunderstood
B: Go Back, Go Back To Your Pontiac
Cub USAK9041Jul 19597"1 
Danny Dill

A: He Ain't Gonna Study War No More
B: He's Biding His Time
Cub USAK9045Aug 19597"0 

A: Gee Baby, You're The Utmost
B: Blowing My Brains Out (Over You)
Cub USAK9046Aug 19597"0 
Johnny Rivers

A: Everyday
B: Darling Talk To Me
Cub USAK9047Sep 19597"0 
Sam Fletcher

A: Only Heaven Knows
B: Beyond My Wildest Dreams
Cub USAK 9048Sep 19597"0 
Jimmy Jones

A: Handy Man
B: The Search Is Over
Cub USAK 9049Sep 19597"69.0
Russ Conway

A: China Tea
B: The Wee Boy Of Brussels
Cub USAK9051Sep 19597"1 
The Impalas

A: 'Bye Everybody
B: Peggy Darling
Cub USAK 9053Oct 19597"1 
Randy Lee

A: Just Give Me Time
B: Just A Boy
Cub USAK9056Jan 19607"0 
The Jaytones

A: Absolutely Right
B: My Only Love
Cub USAK9057Jan 19607"0 
Johnny Rivers

A: The Customary Thing
B: Answer Me, My Love
Cub USAK9058Jan 19607"0 
The Strollers featuring Al

A: Dee Dee Brown

The Strollers featuring Joe

B: Favors
Cub USAK9060Jan 19607"0 
Adam Faith

A: What Do You Want?
B: From Now Until Forever
Cub USAK9061Jan 19607"2 
The Hoffmann-Siegel Orchestra

A: Big Ben

The Ping Pongs And The Hoffmann-Siegel Orchestra

B: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
Cub USAK9062Jan 19607"0 
Adam Faith

A: Poor Me
B: The Reason
Cub USAK9068Jan 19607"0 
Steve Karmen

A: Free Passes
B: Lost
Cub USAK9059Feb 19607"0 
The Crystals [male]

A: Watching You
B: Oh, My You
Cub USAK9064Mar 19607"1 
The Corvairs [New York]

A: Sing A Song Of Sixpence
B: Yeah, Yeah
Cub USAK9065Mar 19607"2 
Speedo And The Impalas

A: All Alone
B: When My Heart Does All The Talking
Cub USAK9066Mar 19607"2 
Jimmy Jones

A: Good Timin'
B: My Precious Angel
Cub USAK 9067Mar 19607"2 
The Zebulons

A: Falling Water
B: Wo-Ho-La-Tee-Da
Cub USAK9069May 19607"0 
Five Satins

A: Your Memory
B: I Didn't Know
Cub USAK9071Jun 19607"37.0
Jimmy Jones

A: I Just Go For You
B: That's When I Cried
Cub USAK 9072Jun 19607"2 
Jimmy Jones

A: Ee-I Ee-I Oh!
B: Itchin'
Cub USAK 9076Aug 19607"1 
Adam Faith

A: I Did What You Told Me
B: Johnny Comes Marching Home
Cub USAK 9074Sep 19607"0 
The Wanderers

A: I Need You More
B: I Could Make You Mine
Cub USAK9075Sep 19607"0 
The Five Satins

A: A Begger With A Dream
B: These Foolish Things
Cub USAK9077Oct 19607"0 

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