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Cube - Label Discography

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  UK  91
  Germany  29
  Netherlands  16
  Australia  13
  Italy  13
  New Zealand  11
  France  9
  Belgium  6
  Portugal  6
  Japan  5
  Spain  5
  Ireland  3
  Argentina  1
  Chile  1
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Georgia Brown

A1: Theme From The Roads To Freedom (English Version)
B1: Theme From The Roads To Freedom (French Version) (La Route Est Dure)
B2: Wheatfield (Vogue Nuage)
Cube UKBUG 528 Jan 19777"1 
John Keating Conducting The London Symphony Orchestra

A: Theme From "The Onedin Line"
B: Taransay Lullaby
Cube UKBUG 17Jan 19777"210.0
Rod Thomas

A: Timothy Jones
B: Arthur Smith
Cube UKBUG 19Sep 19727"0 
Harvey Andrews

A: In The Darkness
B: Soldier
Cube UKBUG 2026 May 19727"69.0
Harvey Andrews

A: Soldier
B: In The Darkness
Cube UKBUG 209 Jun 19787"1 
Jimmy Helms

A: So Long Love
B: Dream Merchant
Cube UKBUG 2116 Jun 19727"2 
John Kongos

A: Great White Lady
B: Shamarack
Cube UKBUG 22Sep 19727"28.0
Chris Neal

A: Cherrybelle
B: Streets Of Birmingham
Cube UKBUG 237 Jul 19727"1 
Lionel Morton

A: What A Woman Does
B: Listen To The Music
Cube UKBUG 24Oct 19727"0 
Joe Cocker And The Chris Stainton Band

A: Woman To Woman
B: Midnight Rider
Cube UKBUG 25Sep 19727"18.0
Harvey Andrews

A: Learning The Game
B: Don't Know The Time
Cube UKBUG 2627 Oct 19727"0 
Jimmy Helms

A: Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse
B: Words And Music
Cube UKBUG 279 Feb 19737"39.3
Joe Cocker

A: Pardon Me Sir
B: She Don't Mind
Cube UKBUG 2826 Jan 19737"0 
JSD Band

A: Sarah Jane
B: Paddy Stacks
Cube UKBUG 298 Mar 19737"0 
Jimmy Helms

A: Jack Horner's Holiday
B: What'll I Do With My Mind
Cube UKBUG 30 May 19737"2 
Joan Armatrading

A: Lonely Lady
B: Together In Words And Music
Cube UKBUG 31Jul 19737"0 
John Kongos

A: Higher Than God's Hat
B: Would You Follow Me
Cube UKBUG 3229 Jun 19737"6 
Jimmy Helms

A: I'll Take Good Care Of You
B: Fly Away
Cube UKBUG 335 Oct 19737"0 
The Majestics [UK]

A: Living It All Again
B: She Troubles My Mind
Cube UKBUG 3419 Oct 19737"0 
The Jets [Cube]

A: Yeah!
B: Rusty Corinthian Pillar
Cube UKBUG 3526 Oct 19737"08.0
Jimmy Helms

A: When Can Brown Begin
B: There'll Be Another Night
Cube UKBUG 3615 Feb 19747"21.0
The Majestics [UK]

A: Little Black Pearl
B: Vampira
Cube UKBUG 3719747"2 
Redgie Seeboe

A: Please Don't Bring Your Sister
B: Daphne's Brains
Cube UKBUG 3815 Mar 19747"13.0

A: Ain't That Nice
B: Sugar Mama
Cube UKBUG 3919 Apr 19747"1 
JSD Band

A: Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)
B: Reel Call
Cube UKBUG 4026 Apr 19747"0 
Angel [UK]

A: Good Time Fanny
B: Who D'Ya Think Your Fooling
Cube UKBUG 4124 May 19747"4 
Michael Price

A: Gotta Little Letter
B: Not A Word Not A Song
Cube UKBUG 4231 May 19747"0 
Robert Bailey

A: Loved By You
B: Make Haste Sooner
Cube UKBUG 4314 Jun 19747"0 
Joe Cocker

A: Put Out The Light
B: Guilty
Cube UKBUG 44Apr 1974Unreleased1 

A: Glancy
B: In The City
Cube UKBUG 4414 Jun 19747"04.0

A: Cheat, Cheat
B: So Many Reasons
Cube UKBUG 455 Jul 19747"2 
The Majestics [UK]

A: Shazam
B: I'd Love To Hate You
Cube UKBUG 4628 Jun 19747"2 
Joe Cocker

A: Put Out The Light
B: If I Love You
Cube UKBUG 4712 Jul 19747"1 
John Kongos

A: Truth Is An Ocean
B: Rangers Matthews Smith And Green
Cube UKBUG 48Jan 1975Unreleased0 
JSD Band

A: Hayes And Harlington Blues
B: Cuckoo
Cube UKBUG 4912 Jul 19747"1 
Lem Lubin

A: Oh Heartbreaker
B: Yesterday Don't Go
Cube UKBUG 5026 Jul 1974Unreleased2 
Angel [UK]

A: Little Boy Blue
B: Tragedy Queen
Cube UKBUG 5125 Oct 19747"2 
Michael Price

A: Is It Me, Is It You
B: Loving You
Cube UKBUG 528 Nov 19747"1 

A: Tina
B: Long Cool Woman
Cube UKBUG 5331 Jan 19757"2 
Batti Mamzelle

A: Get Out Of My Way
B: I See The Light
Cube UKBUG 5414 Feb 19757"0 
Mark Two

A: Going Away Today
B: Have Friends Will Travel
Cube UKBUG 5528 Feb 19757"2 
Redgie Seeboe

A: Please Don't Bring Your Sister
B: Morning
Cube UKBUG 5614 Mar 19757"0 
Joe Cocker

A: You Are So Beautiful
B: I Get Mad
Cube UKBUG 5714 Mar 19757"18.5
John Kongos

A: Ride The Lightning
B: I Won't Ask You Where You've Been
Cube UKBUG 5811 Apr 19757"2 
Michael Price

A: You're Not Smiling
B: Can You Feel It
Cube UKBUG 5915 Aug 19757"0 
Jimmy Helms

A1: Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse
B1: So Long Love
B2: There'll Be Another Night
Cube UKBUG 603 Oct 19757"1 
Joe Cocker

A: It's All Over But The Shoutin'
B: Sandpaper Cadillac
Cube UKBUG 6117 Oct 19757"0 
Procol Harum

A1: Homburg
B1: Good Captain Clack
B2: Mabel
Cube UKBUG 6231 Oct 19757"010.0
Waterloo And Robinson

A: Midnight Movie
B: Carry On
Cube UKBUG 639 Jan 19767"1 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A1: Get Down With It
A2: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B1: Walking Around
Cube UKBUG 6426 Mar 19767"2 

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