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D - Label Discography

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Tommy Wood

A: My Steady Dream
B: Can't Play Hookey
D USA45-100019577"2 
Al Travis

A: He Brought Us Together
B: Mom And Dad Love You Too
D USA45-10011 Jan 19587"0 
Wortham Watts

A: Lonesome
B: Cotton Picker
D USA45-100231 May 19587"0 
Utah Carl

A: Treasured Memories
B: Never Meant For Me
D USA100329 Apr 19587"0 
Jimmie And Johnny

A: I Can't Find The Door Knob
B: Keep Telling Me
D USA45-100420 May 19587"310.0
Tony Douglas

A: World In My Arms
B: Baby, When The Sun Goes Down
D USA45-100530 Jun 19587"1 
James O'Gwynn

A: Changeable
B: Talk To Me Lonesome Heart
D USA45-100630 Jun 19587"0 
Margie Singleton

A: Shattered Kingdom
B: I Want To Be Where You’re Gonna Be
D USA100719587"0 
The Big Bopper

A: Chantilly Lace
B: Purple People Eater Meets The Witchdoctor
D USA45-100830 Jun 19587"410.0
Sonny Hall

A: My Big Fat Baby
B: Gonna Pack Up My Troubles
D USA45-100919587"0 
Les Cole With The Echoes

A: Rock-A-My Baby
B: Bee Boppin Daddy
D USA45-1010Aug 19587"0 
Johnny Dollar

A: No Memories
B: Walking Away
D USA45-101119587"09.0
Ray Jackson [USA]

A: Texas-Alaska
B: Alaska
D USA45-1012Aug 19587"6 
Four B's

A: Love Eternal
B: I Played The Fool
D USA45-101319587"0 
Bobby Moncrief

A: Don't Hold Me To A Vow
B: Here Is My Heart
D USA45-101419587"1 
Sonny Sheets With Floyd Terry, The Pirates And The Frantics

A: Wheels

Sonny Sheets

B: Dreaming In Vain
D USA45-101519587"0 
Eddie Bond And The Stompers

A: The Blues Got Me
B: Standing In Your Window
D USA1016Oct 19587"0 
Glenn Barber

A: Hello Sadness
B: Same Old Fool Tomorrow
D USA101719587"0 
Doug Bragg And The Drifters

A: Daydreaming Again
B: If I Find My Dream Girl
D USA101819587"0 
Eddie Noack

A: Have Blues - Will Travel
B: The Price Of Love
D USA1019Oct 19587"1 
Dee And Patty

A: Ohh-Wow
B: Sweet Lovin' Baby
D USA102019587"1 
Johnnie Forrer

A: Fools Paradise
B: Understand
D USA1021Oct 19587"1 
James O'Gwynn

A: Blue Memories
B: You Don't Want To Hold Me
D USA1022Nov 19587"1 
Harry Choates

A: Draggin' The Fiddle
B: Allons A Lafayette
D USA102319587"0 
Harry Choates

A: Jole Blon
B: Corpus Christi Waltz
D USA102419587"0 
Harry Choates

A: Jole Blon
B: Dragging The Bow
D USA102419617"7 
Ray Jackson [USA]

A: Tears Of Tomorrow
B: Echo Mountain
D USA102527 Oct 19587"0 
Royce Porter

A: Lookin'
B: I Still Belong To You
D USA102619587"1 
Johnny Mathis [Country]

A: Lonely Night
B: I've Been Known To Cry
D USA102727 Oct 19587"0 
Merl Lindsay

A: Hoy Rag
B: Stealin' Sugar
D USA102819587"0 
Ted Doyle

A: He Made You Mine
B: I'm All Wrapped Up
D USA102919587"0 
Rufus Thibodeaux

A: Cameron Memorial Waltz
B: Mean Autry
D USA103019587"0 
Byron Johnson

A: You Were Only Fooling
B: True Affection
D USA103119587"2 
Johnny Mac And Billy Fred

A: That's All I Can Do

Johnny Mac

B: I Need Some One
D USA103218 Nov 19587"0 
Patsy Timmons

A: I Understand Him
B: Step Aside Old Heart
D USA103319587"0 
Doug Stanford

A: Won't You Tell Me
B: Sady
D USA103427 Sep 19587"0 
Sonny Hall

A: Men Do Cry
B: The Day You Walked Away
D USA103519587"0 
Dave Edge

A: I Kept It A Secret
B: I Didn't Think It Of You
D USA103619587"0 
Eddie Noack

A: I Don't Live There Anymore
B: Walk 'Em Off
D USA103711 Nov 19587"1 
Gaston Ponce Castellanos

A: Que-Chula-Estes
B: Si-Yo-Te Quiero
D USA103830 Dec 19587"0 
Rick Johnson

A: Reprieve Of Tom Dooley
B: Barbara Allen
D USA103928 Dec 19587"0 
Ward Allen

A: Maple Sugar
B: Back Up And Push
D USA104031 Dec 19587"0 
Jerry Lynn

A: Bugger Burns
B: Queen Of The Moon
D USA10414 Jan 19597"0 
Merle Kilgore

A: It'll Be My First Time
B: I Take A Trip To The Moon
D USA10425 Jan 19597"1 
Harry Choates

A: Poor Hobo
B: Opelousas Waltz
D USA104329 Jan 19597"0 
Harry Choates

A: Port Arthur Waltz
B: Honky Tonk Boogie
D USA104430 Jan 19597"0 
Doug Bragg

A: Calling Me Back
B: I'm All Alone
D USA104531 Jan 19597"0 
Doug Bragg

A: Whirl Wind
B: I'm All Alone
D USA104531 Jan 19597"1 
Doyle McCoy

A: Some How I Don't Mind
B: Dottie
D USA10467 Feb 19597"0 
Ray Campi

A: Ballad Of Donna And Peggy Sue (A Tribute To Ritchie Valens And Buddy Holly)
B: The Man I Met (A Tribute To The Big Bopper)
D USA10479 Feb 19597"0 

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