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Dade - Label Discography

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Steve Alaimo And The Red Coats

A: Home By Eleven
B: I Wanna Kiss You
Dade USA180019587"0 
Davey Jones

A: Love Me Somemore
B: The Real Thing
Dade USA180119597"0 
The Trends [Dade]

A: Runaway
B: Rock'In
Dade USA180319597"0 
Nat Kendrick And The Swans

A: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Part 1)
B: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Part 2)
Dade USA1804Dec 19597"38.0
Steve Alaimo And The Red Coats

A: Love Letters
B: You Can Fall In Love
Dade USA180519607"0 
The R-Dells

A: You Say
B: You Know Baby
Dade USA180619607"0 
The Baby [Dade]

A: Wait And See
B: I Need Love
Dade USA180919607"0 
King Coleman

A: My Mother Told Me (Part 1)
B: My Mother Told Me (Part 2)
Dade USA181019607"0 
Nat Kendrick And The Swans

A: Slowdown
B: Hot Chile
Dade USA181219607"0 
"King" Coleman

A: Loo-Key Doo-Key (Part 1)
B: Loo-Key Doo-Key (Part 2)
Dade USA1807Mar 19607"0 
Nat Kendrick And The Swans

A: Dish Rag (Part 1)
B: Dish Rag (Part 2)
Dade USA1808Apr 19607"1 
Sonny Thompson

A: Hangout (Part 1)
B: Hangout (Part 2)
Dade USA181519617"0 
King Coleman

A: Do The Hully Gully (Part 1)
B: Do The Hully Gully (Part 2)
Dade USA182019617"0 
The Delmiras

A: Dry Your Eyes
B: The Big Sound
Dade USA182119617"0 
Sam Early

A: Question Mark
B: Trust Me Baby
Dade USA182219617"0 

A: Hearts Of Stone
B: Tonite I'm Lonely
Dade USA182319617"1 
Davey Jones

A: Where There's Life There's Hope
B: Baby Please Love Me
Dade USA183519627"0 
Davey Jones And His Continentals

A: Bobbin
B: Mack The Knife
Dade USA185019637"1 
Yvonne Fair

A: Straighten Up
B: Say Yeah Yeah!
Dade USA185119637"0 
Nat Kendrick And The Swans

A: Wobble Wobble (Part I) [Instrumental]
B: Wobble Wobble (Part II) [Instrumental]
Dade USA45-500319637"1 
Nat Kendrick And The Swans

A: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes - Part I
B: (Do The) Mashed Potatoes - Part II
Dade USA45-500419637"0 
Kitty Love

A: The Power Of Love
B: You Gotta Change
Dade USA45-500519637"1 
Jimmy Paris

A: Esmeralda
B: Lost Love
Dade USA500119637"0 
Ted Taylor

A: I Lost The Best Thing I Ever Had
B: Darling If You Must Leave
Dade USA45-5000Apr 19637"0 
Sonny And Virgil

A: Open Up Your Heart

Sonny Till

B: Someone Up And Told Me
Dade USA5002Apr 19637"1 
Yvonne Fair

A: Straighten Up
B: Say Yeah Yeah
Dade USA45-5006Nov 19637"0 
Arthur Freeman

A: No Hard Feelings
B: Shirley
Dade USA185219647"0 
Helen Smith And The Backbeats

A: Demonstrate Your Love
B: Somebody Tell Me
Dade USA185319647"0 
Clarence Reid And The Delmiras

A: Push A Little Harder
B: Like White On Rice
Dade USA185519647"0 
Freddie Scott And The Four Steps

A: Same Ol' Beat
B: Take A Rest
Dade USA190019657"0 
King Coleman

A: It's Dance Time (Vocal)
B: It's Dance Time (Instrumental)
Dade USA190119657"0 
The Twans

A: Darling Tell Me Why
B: I Can't See Him Again
Dade USA190319667"0 
Mona Lisa

A: I Can't Stand Myself
B: I Love Me
Dade USA201019667"1 
Stranger And Patsy

A: Tonight
B: Give Me The Right
Dade USA201219667"0 
The Five Steps

A: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
B: Tightin Up
Dade USA45-2001Mar 19667"0 
Mona Lisa And His Orchestra

A: They Don't Know - Part I
B: They Don't Know - Part II
Dade USA45-2002Apr 19667"0 
Nickie Lee

A: I Want To Get Next To You
B: Nick's Nick
Dade USA201419677"0 
Nickie Lee

A: The Ten Commandments Of Man
B: Late Shadows
Dade USA45-2011Jan 19677"3 
Benny Latimore

A: Girl I Got News For You
B: Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Dade USA45-2013May 19677"0 
Benny Latimore

A: There She Is
B: It Was So Nice While It Lasted
Dade USA45-2014Sep 19677"0 
Benny Latimore

A: It's Just A Matter Of Time
B: Let's Move And Groove Together
Dade USA45-2015Dec 19677"0 
Nickie Lee

A: And Black Is Beautiful
B: Faith Within
Dade USA201819687"0 
Red Tam

A: Red Tam Is A Lover
B: Red And White Blues
Dade USA201919687"0 
Benny Latimore

A: Have A Little Faith
B: I'm A Believer
Dade USA202019687"0 
Mark McIver

A: Soul Thing
B: The Tic Of The Clock
Dade USA45-201619687"1 
Freddy And The Kinfolk

A: The Goat
B: Blabbermouth
Dade USA45-2016Jan 19687"0 
Benny Latimore

A: The Power And The Glory
B: Love Don't Love Me
Dade USA45-2017Jul 19687"0 
Red Tam

A: Red Tam Is A Lover
B: Red And White Blues
Dade USA45-2018Nov 19687"0 
Nickie Lee

A: The Dream Of The People - Pt. 1
B: The Dream Of The People - Pt. 2
Dade USA202119697"0 
H. Dee And The Stones

A: Potato Chips
B: Last Take
Dade USA202319697"0 

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