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Dandelion - Label Discography

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Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

A: Ballad (Of The Big Girl Now And A Mere Boy)
B: Lament For The Earth
Dandelion UK440519697"29.0
Bridget St. John

A: To B Without A Hitch
B: Autumn Lullaby
Dandelion UK440418 Jul 19697"4 

A: 1917 Revolution
B: Sleeping Town
Dandelion UK4403Aug 19697"29.5

A: Mandy Lee
B: Bottle Up And Go
Dandelion UK449329 Aug 19697"0 

A: The Stride
B: I Wonder Where
Dandelion UK449429 Aug 19697"010.0
Gene Vincent

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula '69
B: Ruby Baby
Dandelion UKS 459610 Oct 19697"5 
Medicine Head

A: His Guiding Hand
B: This Love Of Old
Dandelion UK466128 Nov 19697"38.0
Bill Oddie

A: On Ilkla Moor Baht'at
B: Harry Krishna
Dandelion UK478630 Jan 19707"99.0
Mike Hart

A: Yawney Morning Song
B: Almost Liverpool 8
Dandelion UK47816 Feb 19707"1 
Gene Vincent

A: White Lightning
B: Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
Dandelion UKS 49748 May 19707"07.0
Medicine Head

A: Coast To Coast (And Shore To Shore)
B: All For Tomorrow
Dandelion UKS 507519 Jun 19707"4 

A: Roadrunner
B: Kentucky
Dandelion UKS 511924 Jul 19707"1 

A: Strange Locomotion
B: I'm All Aching
Dandelion UKDAN 700219717"2 
Dandelion label sampler

Stack Waddy

A1: Mothballs

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

A1: The Asmoto Running Band


B1: Lonesome Ride

The Way We Live

B2: King Dick II
Dandelion UKDS 70011971EP58.0
Medicine Head

A: (And The) Pictures In The Sky
B: Natural Sight
Dandelion UKK 1900219717"310.0
The Yamasuki's

A: Yamasuki
B: Aieaoa
Dandelion UKDAN 700428 May 19717"3 
Medicine Head

A: (And The) Pictures In The Sky
B: Natural Sight
Dandelion UKDAN 7003Jun 19717"39.0
The Coxhill - Bedford Duo

A: Pretty Girl Part 1
B: Pretty Girl Part 2
Dandelion UK2001 25319 Nov 1971Unreleased2 
The Yamasuki's

A: Yamasuki
B: Aieaoa
Dandelion UKK 1900319727"1 
Medicine Head

A: Kum On
B: On The Land
Dandelion UK2001 27628 Jan 19727"1 
Bridget St. John

A1: Fly High
B1: There's A Place I Know
B2: Suzanne
Dandelion UK2001 28011 Feb 1972EP2 

A1: Stoney Glory
B1: Marie
B2: As You Say
Dandelion UK2001 28210 Mar 19727"0 
Will Dandy And The Dandylettes

A1: Sonny Boy
A2: Oh Mein Papa

The Coxhill - Bedford Duo

B1: Mood
Dandelion UK2058 21417 Mar 19727"2 
Medicine Head

A: Only To Do What Is True
B: Sittin' In The Sun
Dandelion UK2001 32528 Apr 19727"17.0

A: You Really Got Me
B: Willie The Pimp
Dandelion UK2001 3312 Jun 19727"1 
Clifford T. Ward

A: Carrie
B: Sidetrack
Dandelion UK2001 32711 Aug 19727"17.0
Bridget St. John

A: Nice
B: Good Baby Goodbye
Dandelion UK2001 36115 Sep 19727"19.0
Kevin Coyne

A: Cheat Me
B: Flowering Cherry
Dandelion UK2001 35722 Sep 19727"1 

A: No Tree Will Grow (On Too High A Mountain)
B: She Was Naked
Dandelion UK2001 37929 Sep 19727"39.8
Medicine Head

A: How Does It Feel
B: Morning Light
Dandelion UK2001 3836 Oct 19727"28.5
Clifford T. Ward

A: Coathanger
B: Rayne
Dandelion UK2001 38213 Oct 19727"48.0

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