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Peaches And Herb

A: Time After Time
B: When I Fall In Love
Date USAMay 1967Promo Only 7"2 
Jim Sweeney

A: The Midnight Hour
B: Till The Right One Comes Along
Date USA1001Feb 19587"3 
Billy Farrell

A: Yeah Yeah
B: Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
Date USA100219587"0 
Big Sam Savage

A: Marimba Rock
B: Ohh - Gosh!
Date USA1003Apr 19587"5 
The Temples

A: I Don't Want To Do A Thing But Love You
B: Whispering Campaign
Date USA100419587"0 
Otis Blackwell And His Orchestra

A: Don't Run Away
B: Handle With Care
Date USA1006Jun 19587"0 
Bill Craddock

A: Ah, Poor Little Baby
B: Lulu Lee
Date USA1007Jul 19587"2 
The Distant Cousins

A: No More You
B: Gently Goodbye
Date USA2-150117 Jan 19667"2 
London And The Bridges

A: It Just Ain't Right
B: Leave Her Alone
Date USA2-1502Jan 19667"1 
The Shirtails

A: I Want You To Stay With Me
B: Something's Wrong With Our Love
Date USA2-1503Feb 19667"0 
The Sweet Things [Date]

A: You're My Lovin' Baby
B: Don't Come Looking For Me
Date USA2-1504Feb 19667"0 
Roberta Meshel

A: If There's People Up There
B: Space Ballad
Date USA2-1505Mar 19667"0 
Gary Walker

A: You Don't Love Me
B: Get It Right
Date USA2-1506Apr 19667"6 
Gary Walker

A: You Don't Love Me
B: You Don't Love Me
Date USA2-1506Apr 1966Promo Only 7"0 
Herb Fame

A: You're Messing Up My Mind
B: From The Shadows To The Sun
Date USA2-1507Apr 19667"09.0
Summer's Children

A: Milk And Honey
B: Too Young To Marry
Date USA2-1508May 19667"4 
Arnie Corrado

A: My World
B: How Nice
Date USA2-1509May 19667"1 
Clefs Of Lavender Hill

A: Stop! Get A Ticket
B: First Tell Me Why
Date USA2-151013 Jun 19667"78.3
Layng Martine, Jr.

A: Love Comes And Goes
B: Crazy Daisy
Date USA2-1511Jun 19667"0 
The New Bag

A: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
B: You'll Lose
Date USA2-1512Jun 19667"1 
The Bootiques

A: Mr. Man Of The World
B: Did You Get Your Fun
Date USA2-1513Jun 19667"0 
The Distant Cousins

A: She Ain't Lovin' You
B: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Date USA2-1514Jun 19667"18.5
The Will-O-Bees

A: Why Can't They Accept Us?
B: The World I Used To Know
Date USA2-1515Jul 19667"3 
Cannibal And The Headhunters

A: La Bamba
B: Zulu King
Date USA2-1516Jul 19667"2 
London And The Bridges

A: Tell It To The Preacher
B: City I Was Born In
Date USA2-1517Jul 19667"410.0
The Charmaines

A: Eternally
B: If You Ever
Date USA2-1518Jul 19667"08.0
The Toronados

A: Hey! Baby
B: Next Stop, Kansas City
Date USA2-1519Aug 19667"2 
The Null Set

A: He Came Back
B: With Your Love
Date USA2-152019667"1 
The Legend [Date]

A: How Can I Find Her
B: Raining In My Heart
Date USA2-1521Aug 19667"0 
The Sweet Things [Date]

A: I'm In A World Of Trouble
B: Baby's Blue
Date USA2-1522Aug 19667"0 
Woody Starr

A: All Over Now
B: All Over Now (Instrumental)
Date USA2-152219667"0 
Peaches And Herb

A: Let's Fall In Love
B: We're In This Thing Together
Date USA2-1523Aug 19667"27.0
Peaches And Herb

A: Let's Fall In Love
B: Let's Fall In Love
Date USA2-1523Aug 1966Promo Only 7"0 
The Inferno [Date]

A: Your Heart Is Too Big For Your Head
B: The Hurt Doesn't Go Away
Date USA2-1524Aug 19667"1110.0
Cannibal And The Headhunters

A: Land Of A Thousand Dances
B: Love Bird
Date USA2-1525Aug 19667"4 
The Counts IV

A: Spoonful
B: Where Are You
Date USA2-1526Sep 19667"1 
Bobby Osborne

A: No One Will Cry For Maria
B: From L.A. To New Orleans (Broken Down Bus)
Date USA2-1527Sep 19667"0 
The Fraternity Brothers [Date]

A: Big Town
B: Sad Little Boy
Date USA2-1528Sep 19667"210.0
The Arbors

A: A Symphony For Susan
B: Love Is The Light
Date USA2-152919 Sep 19667"18.0
The Arbors

A: A Symphony For Susan
B: A Symphony For Susan
Date USA2-152919 Sep 1966Promo Only 7"0 
Clefs Of Lavender Hill

A: One More Time
B: So I'll Try
Date USA2-1530Sep 19667"29.0
The Strangers In Town

A: Inside Outside
B: Society
Date USA2-1531Sep 19667"010.0
Clefs Of Lavender Hill

A: It Won't Be Long
B: Play With Fire
Date USA2-1533Oct 19667"1 
Arnie Corrado

A: Misty Morning Eyes
B: Forget Me Not
Date USA2-1534Nov 19667"0 
London And The Bridges

A: Keep Him
B: I'll Probably Understand It When I'm Older
Date USA2-1535Nov 19667"0 
The Seagulls

A: Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt)
B: Hitting The Moon With A Sling Shot
Date USA2-1536Nov 19667"1 
The Washington D.C.'s

A: Thirty-Second Floor
B: A Whole Lot More
Date USA2-1537Dec 19667"09.0
The Chain Reaction

A: The Sun
B: When I Needed You
Date USA2-1538Dec 19667"37.5
Brian Poole

A: Everything I Touch Turns To Tears
B: I Need Her Tonight
Date USA2-1539Dec 19667"0 
The Singers [Date]

A: That's What Christmas Is
B: Johnny's Noel
Date USA2-1540Dec 19667"0 

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