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Decca - Label Discography

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  USA  5386
  UK  4787
  Germany  1447
  Netherlands  1214
  Australia  541
  Canada  421
  France  294
  Belgium  289
  New Zealand  252
  Sweden  222
  Denmark  173
  Italy  173
  Finland  167
  Ireland  153
  Nigeria  122
  South Africa  122
  Portugal  100
  Spain  94
  Ghana  70
  Japan  52
  Rhodesia  45
  Turkey  45
  Norway  30
  Greece  23
  Hong Kong  21
  India  10
  Mexico  9
  Switzerland  7
  Yugoslavia  6
  Lebanon  5
  Argentina  4
  Kenya  4
  Pakistan  4
  Philippines  4
  Seychelles  4
  Brazil  3
  Unknown Country  3
  Austria  2
  Colombia  2
  Angola  1
  Congo (DRC)  1
  Hungary  1
  Israel  1
  Jamaica  1
  Peru  1
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Webb Pierce

A: Even Tho'

Webb Pierce with Wilburn Brothers

B: Sparkling Brown Eyes
Decca JapanD45-29919547"0 
Webb Pierce

A: Love, Love, Love
B: If You Were Me
Decca Japan4500519557"0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

Rock Around The Clock

A1: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
A2: Thirteen Women
B1: Shake, Rattle And Roll
B2: A. B. C. Boogie
Decca JapanDEP-55Nov 1955EP0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: See You Later Alligator
B: The Paper Boy (On Main Street, U.S.A.)
Decca Japan4500219567"0 
Gloria Mann

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
B: Partners For Life
Decca Japan4501519567"09.0
The Benny Goodman Story - Part 2

Benny Goodman Trio

A1: Memories Of You
A2: China Boy

Benny Goodman Quartet

B1: Moonglow
Decca JapanDEP-88Jul 1956EP0 
Movie Parade Vol. 6

Dolores Gray

A1: The Call Of The Far-Away Hills

Judy Garland

A2: You´ll Never Walk Alone

Jeri Southern

B1: Where Walks My True Love

Gracie Fields

B2: Summertime In Venice
Decca JapanDEP-1271957EP0 
Vicki Benet

Woman Of Paris

A1: Autumn Leaves
A2: It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House
B1: Pigalle
B2: The Heart Of Paris
Decca JapanDEP-1661957EP0 
Webb Pierce

A: Teenage Boogie
B: I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me
Decca JapanDS-1Mar 19577"0 
Webb Pierce

A: I'm Tired
B: It's My Way
Decca JapanDS-21Jun 19577"0 
Bing Crosby

A: White Christmas

Bing Crosby With The Andrews Sisters

B: Jingle Bells
Decca JapanDS-70Oct 19577"0 
Peggy Lee

A: Johnny Guitar
B: Autumn In Rome
Decca JapanDS-98Feb 19587"0 
Kalin Twins

A: When
B: Three O'clock Thrill
Decca JapanDS-110Oct 19587"0 
Perry Botkin

A: The Executioner Theme
B: Waltz Of The Hunter
Decca JapanDS-144Sep 19597"0 
Webb Pierce

A: I Ain't Never
B: Shanghied
Decca JapanDS-147Dec 19597"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Alone Am I
B: Save All Your Lovin' For Me
Decca JapanDS-26819637"0 
Brenda Lee

A: As Usual
B: Lonely Lonely Lonely Me
Decca JapanDS-32419637"0 
Brenda Lee

If You Love Me

A1: If You Love Me
A2: Pretend
B1: On The Sunny Side Of The Street
B2: Only You
Decca JapanDW-10Mar 1963EP0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: Rock Around The Clock
B: Shake, Rattle And Roll
Decca JapanDS-308Apr 19637"0 
Rick Nelson

A: You Don't Love Me Anymore
B: I Got A Woman
Decca JapanDS-280May 19637"0 
Brenda Lee

A: If You Love Me (Really Love Me) /Hymne A L'amour
B: Side By Side
Decca JapanDS-283May 19637"0 
Brenda Lee

A: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
B: Lover
Decca JapanDS-292Jul 19637"0 
Rick Nelson

A: I Will Follow You
B: Pick Up The Pieces
Decca JapanDS-294Aug 19637"0 
Brenda Lee

A1: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
A2: My Prayer
B1: If You Love Me (Hymne A L'Amour)
B2: All The Way
Decca JapanSDW-1011Jan 1964EP0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A1: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
A2: Shake, Rattle And Roll
B1: Mambo Rock
B2: Dim Dim The Lights
Decca JapanSDW-10012Mar 1964EP0 
The Surfaris

A: Scatter Shield
B: I Wanna Take A Trip To The Island
Decca JapanDS-328Apr 19647"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Think
B: The Waiting Game
Decca JapanDS 330Apr 19647"0 
The Surfaris

The Surfaris '64

A1: Point Panic
A2: Wipe Out
B1: Scatter Shield
B2: Mystie Island Drums
Decca JapanSDW-10030Jul 1964EP0 
Brenda Lee

A: Fly Me To The Moon
B: More
Decca JapanDS-357Sep 19647"0 
Brenda Lee

A: He's Sure To Remember Me
B: When You Love Me
Decca JapanDS-361Oct 19647"0 
Brenda Lee

A: One Rainy Night In Tokyo (Japanese Version)
B: One Rainy Night In Tokyo (English Version)
Decca JapanDS-385Mar 19657"0 
Brenda Lee

La Vie En Rose

A1: La Vie En Rose (Japanese Version)
A2: Fly Me To The Moon
B1: Is It True
B2: He's Sure To Remember Me
Decca JapanSDW-10062Jun 1965EP0 
Brenda Lee

A: No One
B: Too Many Rivers
Decca JapanDS-396Aug 19657"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Walk Away
B: Beautiful Dreamer
Decca JapanDS-400Sep 19657"0 
Brenda Lee

A: White Christmas
B: Jingle Bells
Decca JapanDS-402Oct 19657"0 
Len Barry

A: 1-2-3
B: Bullseye
Decca JapanDS-414Dec 19657"0 
The Who

A: Out In The Street
B: Please, Please, Please
Decca JapanDS-45719667"0 
Brenda Lee

A: La Vie En Rose
B: If You Love Me
Decca JapanDS-601Feb 19667"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Yesterday
B: Flowers On The Wall
Decca JapanDS-430Jul 19667"0 
Brenda Lee

A: September In The Rain
B: The Shadow Of Your Smile
Decca JapanDS-436Sep 19667"0 
The Who

A: A Legal Matter
B: The Kids Are Alright
Decca JapanDS-446Nov 19667"0 
Julie Andrews

A: Thoroughly Modern Millie
B: Jimmy
Decca JapanDS-473May 19677"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Born To Be By Your Side
B: Take Me
Decca JapanDS-475Jul 19677"0 
The Cake

A: Baby That's Me
B: Mocking Bird
Decca JapanDS-489Dec 19677"0 
The Cake

A: I Know
B: What'd I Say
Decca JapanDS-491Feb 19687"0 
The Cake

A: World Of Dreams
B: Stand By Me
Decca JapanDS-498Jun 19687"0 
Brenda Lee

A: Johnny One Time
B: Every Day Is A Rainbow
Decca JapanDS-5211 May 19697"0 
Billy Fury

Billy Fury No. 3

A1: Turn My Back On You
A2: I Got Someone
B1: Don't Leave Me This Way
B2: Don't Jump
Decca JapanDFE 66022009EP810.0
Billy Fury

A1: Gonna Type A Letter
A2: Don't Knock Upon My Door
B1: Running Around
B2: Do You Really Love Me Too (Fool's Errand)
Decca JapanDFE 66032011EP110.0
Webb Pierce

A: I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me
B: Teenage Boogie
Decca Japan450277"07.0

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