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Decca - Label Discography

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  USA  6178
  UK  4940
  Germany  1722
  Netherlands  1329
  Australia  634
  Canada  520
  New Zealand  508
  Belgium  410
  France  403
  Sweden  331
  Portugal  287
  Denmark  212
  Italy  194
  Finland  192
  Ireland  169
  Spain  145
  South Africa  140
  Nigeria  122
  Japan  90
  Ghana  70
  Rhodesia  53
  Turkey  49
  Norway  36
  Hong Kong  35
  Yugoslavia  28
  Greece  27
  India  18
  Mexico  9
  Switzerland  7
  Lebanon  6
  Argentina  5
  Pakistan  5
  Philippines  5
  Kenya  4
  Seychelles  4
  Austria  3
  Brazil  3
  Unknown Country  3
  Angola  2
  Congo (DRC)  2
  Jamaica  2
  Hungary  1
  Israel  1
  Peru  1
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Tommy Steele And The Steelmen

A: Butterfingers
B: Cannibal Pot
Decca Norway45-F 1087719577"1 
Tommy Steele And The Steelmen

The Tommy Steele Story - 1

A1: Take Me Back Baby
A2: Water Water
B1: Will It Be You
B2: Build Up
Decca NorwayDFE 63981957EP0 
Tommy Steele And The Steelmen

A: Princess
B: Happy Guitar
Decca Norway45-F 1097619587"0 
Tommy Steele And The Steelmen

A: The Only Man On The Island
B: I Puts The Lightie On
Decca Norway45-F 1104119587"0 
Tommy Steele

A: Come On, Let's Go
B: Put A Ring On Her Finger
Decca Norway45-F 1107219587"1 
Tommy Steele

A: A Lovely Night
B: Marriage Type Love
Decca Norway45-F 1108919587"0 
Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra

Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra, No. 1

A1: Melodie D'amour
A2: The Carnation Girl
B1: Jamaica Farewell (Kingston Town)
B2: Sweetie, Sweetie
Decca NorwayDFE 64331958EP0 
Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra

The Nearness Of You

A1: The Nearness Of You
A2: As Time Goes By
B1: Can I Forget You
B2: Please
Decca NorwayDFE 64561958EP0 
Charlie Kunz

Old Time Music Hall Songs, Number 2

A1: Piano Medley Of Old-Time Music Hall Songs
A2: Piano Medley Of Old-Time Music Hall Songs
B1: Piano Medley Of Old-Time Music Hall Songs
B2: Piano Medley Of Old-Time Music Hall Songs
Decca NorwayDFE 64911958EP0 
Ciao Ciao, Caterina

Caterina Valente

A1: Tschau, Tschau Bambina (Piove)
A2: Liebe Kommt Und Liebe Geht

Caterina und Silvio

B1: Sonnenschein (Yellow Bird)
B2: Rote Rosen Werden Blüh'n
Decca NorwayDX 20831959EP0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Time Is On My Side
B: Congratulations
Decca NorwayF 4442319647"3 
The Rolling Stones

A: Tell Me
B: Honest I Do
Decca NorwayF 44429Jun 19647"1 
Tom Jones

A: Thunderball
B: Key To My Heart
Decca NorwayF 1229219657"010.0
Sten och Stanley

A: I Lust Och Nöd
B: Godnatt Marie
Decca NorwayF 4443719657"1 
The Applejacks [UK]

A: Hello Josephine
B: Kansas City
Decca NorwayF 4444419657"5 
Sten And Stanley

A: Hur Ska Dé Sluta
B: Min Kära
Decca NorwayF 4444719657"0 
Johnny Band

A: Ola Var Fra Sandefjord
B: Melankoli
Decca NorwayF 4446219657"26.0
Jorun Høiland

A: La Oss Glemme Bort I Morgen
B: Kjærlighetens ABC
Decca NorwayF 4446319657"0 
Sten och Stanley

A: Vi Tycker Om
B: Didedideldum
Decca NorwayF 4446919667"0 
Jan Rohde

A: Kjære Fru Johannessen
B: Hver Gang Jeg Ser Deg
Decca NorwayF 4447119667"0 
Sten och Stanley

A: Det Är Så Skjönt
B: Varsågod
Decca NorwayF 4447319667"0 
Tom Jones

A: I'm Coming Home
B: The Lonely One
Decca NorwayF 1269319677"1 
Kari (Neegaard) And Sten (Nilsson)

A: Huset Midt Imot

Sten och Stanley

B: Får Jag Följa Dej En Bit På Vägen
Decca NorwayF 4449419677"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Let's Spend The Night Together
B: Ruby Tuesday
Decca NorwayF 12546Feb 19677"08.0
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: Am I That Easy To Forget
B: Pretty Ribbon
Decca NorwayF 1272219687"0 
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: A Man Without Love
B: Call On Me
Decca NorwayF 1277019687"0 
Three Hits

A: Lille Sofi
B: Sommerkveld
Decca NorwayF 4449619687"1 
Three Hits

A: I Millitæret (Love's Gonna Live Here Again)
B: Ungkar Og Spellemann
Decca NorwayF 4500119697"0 
The Marmalade

A: Reflections Of My Life
B: Rolli'n My Thing
Decca NorwayF 12982Nov 19697"0 

A: Nå Behøver Verden Kjærlighet (What The World Needs Now Is Love)
B: Du Er Min Igjen (Ten Guitars)
Decca NorwayF 4500319707"0 
Unity [Decca]

A: We've Got To Get In To Get On
B: Rainy Day
Decca NorwayF 13.200Jul 19727"3 
The Les Humphries Singers

A: Mama Loo
B: I'm From The South, I'm From Ge-O-Orgia
Decca NorwayF 1339519737"0 
John Miles

A: No Hard Feelings
B: Nice Man Jack (II) Mitre Square Excerpt
Decca NorwayFR 13757Apr 19787"0 
John Miles

A: Can't Keep A Good Man Down
B: Sweet Lorraine
Decca NorwayFR 13827Apr 19797"0 
John Miles

A: C'est La Vie
B: Oh Dear!
Decca NorwayFR 13840Jun 19797"0 
Winifred Atwell

Winifred Atwell And Her Other Piano

A1: Black And White Rag
A2: Jubilee Rag
B1: Britannia Rag
B2: Coronation Rag
Decca NorwayDFE 6098EP0 

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