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Decca - Label Discography

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  USA  6202
  UK  4942
  Germany  1722
  Netherlands  1329
  Australia  634
  Canada  522
  New Zealand  508
  Belgium  410
  France  403
  Sweden  331
  Portugal  287
  Denmark  214
  Italy  194
  Finland  192
  Ireland  169
  Spain  145
  South Africa  140
  Nigeria  122
  Japan  90
  Ghana  70
  Rhodesia  53
  Turkey  49
  Norway  36
  Hong Kong  35
  Yugoslavia  28
  Greece  27
  India  18
  Mexico  9
  Switzerland  7
  Lebanon  6
  Argentina  5
  Pakistan  5
  Philippines  5
  Kenya  4
  Seychelles  4
  Austria  3
  Brazil  3
  Unknown Country  3
  Angola  2
  Congo (DRC)  2
  Jamaica  2
  Hungary  1
  Israel  1
  Peru  1
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Billy Fury

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: Push Push
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-685719617"1 
Brian Poole And The Tremeloes

A: Twelve Steps To Love
B: Don´t Cry
Decca RhodesiaFM.7-709619647"0 
The Bachelors

A: I Wouldn't Trade You For The World
B: Beneath The Willow Tree
Decca RhodesiaFM 7-709919647"3 
The Zombies

A: She's Not There
B: You Make Me Feel Good
Decca RhodesiaFM.7-710719647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Off The Hook
B: Little Red Rooster
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-711519647"0 
The Rolling Stones

Got Live If You Want It!

A1: We Want The Stones
A2: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
A3: Pain In My Heart
A4: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
B1: I'm Moving On
B2: I'm Alright
Decca RhodesiaDFE.86201965EP1 
The Bachelors

A: No Arms Can Ever Hold You
B: Oh, Samuel Don't Die
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-712019657"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: Time Is On My Side
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-713619657"2 
Unit Four Plus Two

A: Concrete And Clay
B: When I Fall In Love
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-714319657"4 

A: Here Comes The Night
B: All For Myself
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-714719657"510.0
The Rolling Stones

A: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-716619657"5 
Jonathan King

A: Everyone's Gone To The Moon
B: Summer's Coming
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-717219657"1 
Roy Orbison

A: Ride Away
B: Wondering
Decca RhodesiaFM.7-717519657"0 
Hedgehoppers Anonymous

A: It's Good News Week
B: Afraid Of Love
Decca RhodesiaFM 7-718419657"18.0
The Bachelors

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: The Old Wishing Well
Decca RhodesiaFM 7-718819657"1 
Marianne Faithfull

A: Yesterday
B: Oh Look Around You
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-719019657"1 
Chris Andrews

A: To Whom It Concerns
B: It's All Up To You Now
Decca RhodesiaFM. 720119667"2 
Hedgehoppers Anonymous

A: Don't Push Me
B: Please Don't Hurt Your Heart For Me
Decca RhodesiaFM720219667"1 
Crispian St. Peters

A: You Were On My Mind
B: What I'm Gonna Be
Decca RhodesiaFM. 720919667"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: 19th Nervous Breakdown
B: Gotta Get Away
Decca RhodesiaFM 721119667"0 
The Second City Sound

A: Tchaikovsky One
B: Shadows
Decca RhodesiaFM. 721919667"1 
The Who

A: Instant Party
B: A Legal Matter
Decca RhodesiaFM.722319667"0 
Crispian St. Peters

A: The Pied Piper
B: Sweet Dawn My True Love
Decca RhodesiaFM. 722819667"210.0
The Rolling Stones

A: Paint It, Black
B: Long Long While
Decca RhodesiaFM. 723419667"88.0
The Dream Merchants

A: Love Minus Zero
B: Land Of 1000 Dances
Decca RhodesiaFM. 724219667"2 
Los Bravos

A: Black Is Black
B: I Want A Name
Decca RhodesiaFM. 724419667"28.0
The Bachelors

A: Can I Trust You
B: Who Can I Turn To
Decca RhodesiaFM 724619667"0 
The Fortunes

A: Silent Street
B: You Gave Me Somebody To Love
Decca RhodesiaFM.724719667"0 
Dave Berry

A: Mama
B: Walk, Walk, Talk, Talk
Decca RhodesiaFM 724919667"0 
Marianne Faithfull

A: Counting
B: I'd Like To Dial Your Number
Decca RhodesiaFM.725319667"0 
Paul And Barry Ryan

A: I Love How You Love Me
B: Baby I'm Sorry
Decca RhodesiaFM. 725519667"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Mothers Little Helper
B: Out Of Time
Decca RhodesiaFM. 725819667"69.0
Los Bravos

A: I Don't Care
B: Don't Be Left Out In The Cold
Decca RhodesiaFM. 726719667"1 
The Dream Merchants

A: The Land Of Milk And Honey
B: Let It Be Me
Decca RhodesiaFM. 727119667"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: Get Off My Cloud
B: I'm Free
Decca RhodesiaFM.7-718919667"1 
Len Barry

A: 1-2-3
B: Bullseye
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-719119667"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: As Tears Go By
B: She Said Yeah
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-719919667"5 
The Rolling Stones

A: Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
B: Who's Driving Your Plane
Decca RhodesiaFM. 727519677"2 
Tom Jones

A: Green, Green Grass Of Home
B: My Foolish Heart
Decca RhodesiaFM. 728619677"2 
Alan Price Set

A: Willow Weep For Me
B: Yours Until Tomorrow
Decca RhodesiaFM. 730019677"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Ruby Tuesday
B: Let's Spend The Night Together
Decca RhodesiaFM. 731119677"38.0
Tom Jones

A: Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
B: I'll Never Let You Go
Decca RhodesiaFM. 733519677"2 
Sam And Bill

A: I Feel Like Crying
B: I'll Try
Decca RhodesiaFM.734519677"0 
Alan Price Set

A: The House That Jack Built
B: Who Cares
Decca RhodesiaFM. 736019677"1 
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: The Last Waltz
B: That Promise
Decca RhodesiaFM. 736719677"1 
Tom Jones

A: I'm Coming Home
B: The Lonely One
Decca RhodesiaFM. 737719677"2 
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: Release Me
B: Ten Guitars
Decca RhodesiaFM. 7-731419677"1 
Tom Jones

A: Delilah
B: Smile
Decca RhodesiaFM. 738719687"3 
Engelbert Humperdinck

A: A Man Without Love
B: Call On Me
Decca RhodesiaFM. 740119687"3 
The Rolling Stones

A: Jumpin' Jack Flash
B: Child Of The Moon
Decca RhodesiaFM. 740519687"3 

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