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Decca - Label Discography

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  UK  4673
  USA  4231
  Germany  1262
  Netherlands  947
  Australia  492
  Canada  301
  France  248
  New Zealand  210
  Belgium  190
  Sweden  184
  Finland  148
  Ireland  138
  Denmark  121
  Nigeria  117
  South Africa  96
  Italy  88
  Spain  72
  Ghana  68
  Portugal  45
  Rhodesia  36
  Norway  28
  Greece  22
  Japan  20
  Hong Kong  19
  India  9
  Turkey  8
  Switzerland  7
  Mexico  6
  Yugoslavia  5
  Kenya  4
  Lebanon  4
  Unknown Country  4
  Seychelles  3
  Austria  2
  Brazil  2
  Colombia  2
  Angola  1
  Argentina  1
  Congo (DRC)  1
  Hungary  1
  Israel  1
  Jamaica  1
  Pakistan  1
  Peru  1
  Philippines  1
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Stanley Black And His Piano

Hold Me Close Tonight

A1: Frenesi
A2: Rumba Matumba
B1: Hold Me Close Tonight
B2: Siboney
Decca South AfricaDFE 63501956EP0 
Vera Lynn With The Roland Shaw Orchestra

Sincerely Yours, Vera Lynn No. 2

A1: A Perfect Day
A2: Little House
B1: Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
B2: Fountain Of The Bells
Decca South AfricaDFE.63391957EP0 
Kenneth McKellar

Favourite Ballads

A1: Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses
A2: Love's Old Sweet Song
B1: My Ain Folk
B2: Where My Caravan Has Rested
Decca South AfricaDFE 65761959EP0 
Maria Teresa De Noronha


A1: Pintadinho
A2: Vida Da Minha Vida
B1: Recordacao
B2: Setre Letras
Decca South AfricaDFE 65991959EP0 
Burl Ives

A: Mockin' Bird Hill
B: Royal Telephone
Decca South AfricaFM 7-683619617"1 
Bing Crosby With Paul Weston And His Orchestra

A: Adeste Fideles (O, Come All Ye Faithful)
B: Silent Night
Decca South Africa7-691719627"0 
Eden Kane

A: Forget Me Not
B: A New Kind Of Lovin'
Decca South AfricaFM.7-686319627"2 
Anthony Newley

A: That Noise
B: The Little Golden Clown
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-690619627"0 
Tommy Steele

A: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
B: Butter Wouldn't Melt In Your Mouth
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-696519627"0 
Karl Denver

A: Indian Love Call
B: My Melancholy Baby
Decca South Africa7-699019637"0 
Fergus McClelland

A: Sammy Going South (Theme From The Film)

The Nick Nack Kids

B: Merrily We Roll Along
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-698519637"16.0
Brenda Lee

A: I Wonder
B: My Whole World Is Falling Down
Decca South AfricaFM 7-700819637"0 
Kathy Kirby

A: Secret Love
B: You Have To Want To Touch Him
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-705019637"0 
Val Doonican

A: Walk Tall
B: Only The Heartaches
Decca South Africa7-711719647"0 
The Zombies

A: Woman
B: Leave Me Be
Decca South Africa7-712319647"0 
The Zombies

A: Tell Her No
B: What More Can I Do
Decca South Africa7-712819647"7 
The Rolling Stones

A1: Bye Bye Johnny
A2: Money
B1: You Better Move On
B2: Poison Ivy
Decca South AfricaDFE 85601964EP1 
The Rolling Stones

Five By Five

A1: If You Need Me
A2: Empty Heart
A3: 2120 South Michigan Avenue
B1: Confessin' The Blues
B2: Around And Around
Decca South AfricaDFE.85901964EP0 
Brian Poole And The Tremeloes

A: Do You Love Me
B: Why Can't You Love Me
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-703519647"2 
Brenda Lee

A: Lonely Lonely Lonely Me
B: As Usual
Decca South AfricaFM 7-704519647"1 
The Bachelors

A: I Believe
B: Happy Land
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-706819647"1 
Brian Poole And The Tremeloes

A: Someone, Someone
B: Come On In
Decca South AfricaFM 7-707719647"0 
Rolling Stones

A: It's All Over Now
B: Good Times, Bad Times
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-709119647"0 
The Nashville Teens

A: Tobacco Road
B: I Like It Like That
Decca South AfricaFM 7-709319647"0 
Rolling Stones

A: Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
B: I Just Want To Make Love To You
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-709419647"0 
The Zombies

A: She's Not There
B: You Make Me Feel Good
Decca South AfricaFM.7.710719647"1 
The Nashville Teens

A: Google Eye
B: T.N.T.
Decca South AfricaFM 7-711119647"0 
Chris Andrews

A: Yesterday Man
B: Too Bad You Don't Want Me
Decca South Africa7-719219657"1 
Tom Jones

A: Thunderball
B: Key To My Heart
Decca South Africa7-719719657"010.0
The Rolling Stones

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: Time Is On My Side
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-713619657"28.0
Adam, Mike And Tim

A: That's How I Feel
B: It's All Too True
Decca South AfricaFM.7-714019657"0 
John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers

A: Crocodile Walk
B: Blues City Shakedown
Decca South AfricaFM.7-714119657"0 

A: Here Comes The Night
B: All For Myself
Decca South AfricaFM.7-714719657"0 
Rolling Stones

A: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-716619657"0 
Tom Jones

A: What's New Pussycat
B: The Rose
Decca South AfricaFM 7-717119657"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: Get Off My Cloud
B: I'm Free
Decca South AfricaFM. 7-718919657"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: As Tears Go By
B: She Said Yeah
Decca South AfricaFM.7-719919657"0 
Unit Four Plus Two

A: (You've) Never Been In Love Like This Before
B: Tell Somebody You Know
Decca South Africa7-7151May 19657"0 
Hedgehoppers Anonymous

A: Don't Push Me
B: Please Don't Hurt Your Heart For Me
Decca South AfricaFM720219667"1 
The Fortunes

A: This Golden Ring
B: Someone To Care
Decca South AfricaFM.720519667"0 
The Zombies

A: Remember You
B: Just Out Of Reach
Decca South AfricaFM.720619667"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: 19th Nervous Breakdown
B: Gotta Get Away
Decca South AfricaFM 721119667"0 
Kathy Kirby

Spanish Flea

A: Spanish Flea
B: Till The End Of Time
Decca South AfricaFM 721419667"0 
The Who

A: Instant Party
B: A Legal Matter
Decca South AfricaFM.722319667"0 
Crispian St. Peters

A: The Pied Piper
B: Sweet Dawn My True Love
Decca South AfricaFM 722819667"0 
Los Bravos

A: Black Is Black
B: I Want A Name
Decca South AfricaFM 724419667"08.0
The Fortunes

A: Silent Street
B: You Gave Me Somebody To Love
Decca South AfricaFM.724719667"0 
Marianne Faithfull

A: Counting
B: I'd Like To Dial Your Number
Decca South AfricaFM.725319667"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow ?
B: Who's Driving Your Plane
Decca South AfricaFM 727519667"4 
Eric Burdon And The Animals

A: See See Rider (See What You've Done)
B: Help Me Girl
Decca South AfricaFM 728919667"0 

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