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Delta - Label Discography

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Johnny Pate Quintet

A: Swinging Shepherd Blues
B: The Elder
Delta Canada3015X19577"0 
Billy Myles

A: The Joker (That's What They Call Me)
B: Honey Bee
Delta Canada3007XOct 19577"0 
The Tri-Lads

A: Cherry Pie
B: Always Be True
Delta CanadaD-303319587"0 
Johnnie Pate

A: Little Pixie
B: Five O'Clock Whistle
Delta CanadaD-3040X19587"0 
Jeanne Mack

A: Jimmy
B: Dirty Dishes
Delta CanadaD-3048X19587"0 
Eric Jay

A: Little Drummer Boy
B: Silent Night
Delta CanadaD-3063X19587"0 
Boyd Bennett And His Rockets

A: Click Clack
B: Move
Delta Canada3028XFeb 19587"310.0
Gene And Eunice

A: Poco Loco
B: Go-On Kokomo
Delta CanadaD-3086X19597"0 
Cal Smith, Jimmy River’s Band

A: Eleven Long Years
B: Tearstained Pillow
Delta CanadaD-3098X19597"0 
Little Willie John

A: Sleep
B: There's A Difference
Delta CanadaD-310819607"0 
Dee Clark

A: You're Looking Good
B: Gloria
Delta CanadaD-311019607"0 
Vinny Lee

A: Patty's Theme
B: I'll Always Be In Love With You
Delta CanadaD-311319607"0 
The Capris [New York]

A: There's A Moon Out Tonight
B: Indian Girl
Delta CanadaD-3118Dec 19607"0 
The "5" Royales

A: Dedicated To The One I Love
B: Miracle Of Love
Delta CanadaD-312219617"0 
Dee Clark

A: Raindrops
B: I Want To Love You
Delta CanadaD-313419617"0 
Eddie Harris

A: Exodus
B: Alicia
Delta CanadaD-314019617"0 
Al Gardner

A: Little Reuben

Billy Mure

B: Theme For The Lonely
Delta CanadaD-314119617"0 
Dee Clark

A: Your Friends
B: Because I Love You
Delta CanadaD-3121Feb 19617"0 
Bobby Lewis

A: Tossin' And Turnin'
B: Oh Yes, I Love You
Delta CanadaD-3138Feb 19617"0 
Karl Hammel, Jr.

A: Summer Souvenirs
B: The Magic Of Summer
Delta Canada3144Aug 19617"1 
Bobby Lewis

A: One Track Mind
B: Are You Ready
Delta CanadaD-3148Aug 19617"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Night Train
B: Why Does Everything Happen To Me
Delta CanadaD-316519627"0 
Ral Donner

A: Loveless Life
B: Bells Of Love
Delta CanadaD-316919627"0 
The Carousels

A: Dirty Tricks
B: Never Let Him Go
Delta CanadaD-317019627"0 
Ral Donner

A: To Love
B: Sweetheart
Delta CanadaD-317519627"0 
The Kokomos

A: Yours Truly
B: Mama's Boy
Delta CanadaD-317819627"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Bad News Travels Fast (In Our Town)
B: Let Them Talk
Delta CanadaD-318419627"0 
Bruce Johnston

A: Do The Surfer Stomp Part 1
B: Do The Surfer Stomp Part 2
Delta CanadaD 3161Feb 19627"0 
Bill Erwin And The Four Jacks

A: High School Days
B: Too Young To Be Blue
Delta CanadaD-3168May 19627"0 
Alonzo Tucker

A: It Do Me So Good
B: Pledging My Love
Delta CanadaD-319119637"0 
The Earls

A: Never
B: I Keep A Tellin' You
Delta CanadaD 319319637"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Prisoner Of Love
B: Choo-Choo
Delta CanadaD-3196Apr 19637"0 
The Rivieras [Indiana]

A: California Sun
B: H B Goose Step
Delta CanadaD 321119647"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 1)
B: Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 2)
Delta CanadaD 321219647"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Dancin' Little Thing
B: So Long
Delta CanadaD-321519647"1 
The Hollywood Persuaders

A: Drums A-Go-Go
B: Agua Caliente (Hot Water)
Delta CanadaD-321919657"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Part I
B: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Part II
Delta CanadaD-322019657"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Ain't That A Groove - Part 1
B: Ain't That A Groove - Part 2
Delta CanadaD-322519667"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: It's A Man's Man's Man's World
B: Is It Yes Or No?
Delta CanadaD-322619667"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Money Won't Change You - Part 1
B: Money Won't Change You - Part 2
Delta CanadaD-322719667"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Cold Sweat - Part 1
B: Cold Sweat - Part 2
Delta CanadaD 323419677"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: It Won't Be Me
B: Mona Lisa
Delta CanadaD-323519677"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Shhhhhhhh (For A Little While)
B: Here I Go
Delta CanadaD-324219687"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Think
B: You've Got The Power
Delta CanadaD-3099X7"0 
The Van Dykes [Brooklyn, New York]

A: The Bells Are Ringing
B: Meaning Of Love
Delta CanadaD-31457"0 
The Earls

A: Remember Then
B: Let's Waddle
Delta CanadaD-31857"1 
The Sierras

A: I'll Believe It When I See It
B: I Should Have Loved You
Delta CanadaD-32087"0 
James Brown And His Famous Flames

A: I Got You (I Feel Good)
B: Shout And Shimmy
Delta CanadaD-3222(6015)7"09.0
Otis Redding

A: Shout Bamalama
B: Fat Gal
Delta CanadaD-32387"0 

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