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Demon - Label Discography

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The Subterraneans

A: My Flamingo
B: Veiled Women
Demon UKD 1001Feb 19817"38.5
The Spectres [80s]

A: Stories
B: Things
Demon UKD 1002Feb 19807"15.0
Department S

A: Is Vic There?
B: Solid Gold Easy Action
Demon UKD 1003Mar 19817"118.6

A: On The Run (Who's Gonna Get Me First)
B: End Of A Dream
Demon UKD 1004Feb 19817"19.0

A: A Fool Like You
B: Dubmarine
Demon UKD 1005Feb 19817"28.0
The Flying Padovanis

A: Western Pasta
B: Vas Plus Haut
Demon UKD 1006Apr 19817"3 
The Nice Men

A: Senile Youth
B: I Am Wood
Demon UKD 1007Apr 19817"1 
New Apartment

A: Them And Us
B: Catch 22
Demon UKD 1008Jul 19817"0 
The Tea Set

A: South Pacific
B: The Preacher
Demon UKD 1009Jul 19817"0 

A: Aie A Mwana
B: Dubwana
Demon UKD 1010Sep 19817"07.0
Judy Nylon

A: Carlotta
B: Sleepless Nights
Demon UKD 1011Feb 19827"17.0
The Onlookers

A1: You And I
B1: Understand
B2: Julia
Demon UKD 1012Mar 19827"16.0
Howard Werth

A: Respectable
B: Lonely Avenue
Demon UKD 1013May 19827"0 
Billy Bremner

A: Meek Power
B: Yes Please!
Demon UKD 1014Aug 19827"0 
Dr. John

A: The Nearness Of You
B: Mac's Boogie
Demon UKD 1015Sep 19827"0 
Loudon Wainwright III

A: Five Years Old
B: Rambunctious
Demon UKD 1016Apr 19837"0 
Del Shannon

A: Cheap Love
B: Distant Ghost
Demon UKD 1017May 19837"3 
Lamont Dozier

A: Scarlett O'Hara
B: Right Where I Wanna Be
Demon UKD 1018Oct 19837"0 
Del Shannon

A: Sea Of Love
B: Help Me
Demon UKD 1019Dec 19837"5 
Lamont Dozier

A: The Motor City Scene Part 1
B: The Motor City Scene Part 2
Demon UKD 1020Feb 19847"0 
Le Roi Brothers

A: Ain't I'm A Dog
B: Chicken And Honey
Demon UKD 1027Jul 19847"0 
Hoodoo Gurus

A: I Want You Back
B: Be My Guru
Demon UKD 1028Jan 19857"0 
Shoes [USA]

A: When Push Comes To Shove
B: Dormant Love
Demon UKD 1029Jan 19857"1 
Dr. Feelgood

A: Dangerous
B: Can't Find The Lady
Demon UKD 103028 Sep 19847"0 
The Beat Farmers

A: Bigger Stones
B: Goldmine
Demon UKD 1031Jul 19857"0 
Dr. Feelgood

A: My Way
B: She's In The Middle
Demon UKD 103214 Dec 19847"29.0
Hoodoo Gurus

A: My Girl
B: Leilani
Demon UKD 1033Jun 19857"2 
Bill Hurley With Johny Guitar

A: Reconsider Me
B: Party, Party
Demon UKD 1034Jul 19857"0 
Clive Gregson

A: Home Is Where The Heart Is
B: Could This Be The One
Demon UKD 1035Apr 19857"0 
The Persuasions [USA]

A: I Woke Up In Love This Morning
B: Still Ain't Got No Band
Demon UKD 1036Apr 19857"0 
The Robert Cray Band

A: Change Of Heart, Change Of Mind (S.O.F.T.)
B: I Got Loaded
Demon UKD 10381985Promo Only 7"0 
Loudon Wainwright III

A: Cardboard Boxes
B: Colours
Demon UKD 1039Jul 19857"0 
The Men They Couldn't Hang

A: Greenback Dollar
B: Night To Remember
Demon UKD 1040Nov 19857"19.0
That Petrol Emotion

A: It's A Good Thing
B: The Deadbeat
Demon UKD 1042Apr 19867"0 
Loudon Wainwright III

A: Unhappy Anniversary
B: The Acid Song
Demon UKD 104419867"0 
Christy Moore

A: Ordinary Man
B: Hard Cases
Demon UKD 104519867"0 

A: Cheree
B: I Remember
Demon UKD 1046Nov 1986Promo Only 7"0 
The Costello Show

A: Blue Chair
B: American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version)
Demon UKD 104719877"1 
The Woods

A: Battleship Chains
B: Sometimes
Demon UKD 104819877"0 
John Hiatt

A: Thank You Girl

John Hiatt With Loudon Wainwright III

B: My Girl
Demon UKD 105019877"0 
Loudon Wainwright III

A: Your Mother And I

Loudon Wainwright III With John Hiatt

B: At The End Of A Long Lonely Day
Demon UKD 105119877"0 
The MacManus Gang

A: A Town Called Big Nothing
B: Return To Big Nothing
Demon UKD 1052May 19877"1 

A: I Am The King
B: Killing Time
Demon UKD 1053May 19877"06.0

A: I Can't Stop
B: Me And Mrs. Jones
Demon UKD 1054Jul 19877"0 
Giant Sand

A: Uneven Light Of Day
B: Big Rock
Demon UKD 1055P1988Promo Only 7"0 
Irma Thomas

A: Old Records
B: Sorry Wrong Nunber
Demon UKD 1056P1988Promo Only 7"0 
House Of Freaks

A: 40 Years
B: Bottom Of The Ocean
Demon UKD 1057P1988Promo Only 7"0 
Graham Parker

A: I'm Just Your Man
B: I Don't Know
Demon UKD 1059P1988Promo Only 7"1 
Joe Ely

A: Grandfather Blues
B: My Eyes Got Lucky
Demon UKD 1062P1988Promo Only 7"1 
The Shamen

A1: Synergy
B1: Misinformation
B2: Adam Strange
Demon UKD 1063PDec 1988Promo Only 7"0 

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