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Deram - Label Discography

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  UK  358
  USA  131
  Germany  128
  Netherlands  113
  New Zealand  112
  France  72
  Canada  61
  Italy  54
  Belgium  53
  Japan  43
  Australia  41
  Portugal  36
  Ireland  27
  Spain  25
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A: Happy New Year
B: Where The Good Times Are
Deram NetherlandsDM 10131 Oct 19667"09.0
Cat Stevens

A: I Love My Dog
B: Portobello Road
Deram NetherlandsDM 10231 Oct 19667"0 
The Move

A: Night Of Fear
B: Disturbance
Deram NetherlandsDM 1092 Jan 19677"0 
Cat Stevens

A: Matthew And Son
B: Granny
Deram NetherlandsDM 1109 Jan 19677"0 
Whistling Jack Smith

A: I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
B: The British Grin And Bear
Deram NetherlandsDM 11220 Feb 19677"0 
The Move

A: I Can Hear The Grass Grow
B: Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
Deram NetherlandsDM 11710 Apr 19677"0 
Cat Stevens

A: I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun
B: School Is Out
Deram NetherlandsDM 11810 Apr 19677"0 
The Gibsons

A: The Magic Book
B: You Know I Need Your Loving
Deram NetherlandsDM 11924 Apr 19677"0 
Warm Sounds

A: Birds And Bees
B: Doo Dah
Deram NetherlandsDM 12015 May 19677"0 
Denny Laine

A: Say You Don't Mind
B: Ask The People
Deram NetherlandsDM 1228 May 19677"0 
The Outer Limits

A: Just One More Chance
B: Help Me Please
Deram NetherlandsDM 12522 May 19677"1 
Procol Harum

A: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
B: Lime Street Blues
Deram NetherlandsDM 12612 Jun 19677"1 
Whistling Jack Smith

A: Hey There Little Miss Mary
B: I Was Bizet's Carman
Deram NetherlandsDM 12910 Jul 19677"0 
The Syn

A: Created By Clive
B: Grounded
Deram NetherlandsDM 13010 Jul 19677"0 
Whistling Jack Smith

A: Colonel Bogey
B: Ja-Da
Deram NetherlandsDM 13416 Oct 19677"1 
David Bowie

A: Love You Till Tuesday
B: Did You Ever Have A Dream?
Deram NetherlandsDM 1352 Oct 19677"07.0
The Amen Corner

A: Gin House Blues
B: I Know
Deram NetherlandsDM 13631 Jul 19677"0 
Cat Stevens

A: A Bad Night
B: The Laughing Apple
Deram NetherlandsDM 14014 Aug 19677"0 
The Flower Pot Men

A: Lets Go To San Francisco (Part 1)
B: Lets Go To San Francisco (Part 2)
Deram NetherlandsDM 14221 Aug 19677"0 
The Amen Corner

A: The World Of Broken Hearts
B: Nema
Deram NetherlandsDM 15116 Oct 19677"0 
Cat Stevens

A: Kitty
B: Blackness Of The Night
Deram NetherlandsDM 1564 Dec 19677"0 
The Flower Pot Men

A: A Walk In The Sky
B: Am I Losing You
Deram NetherlandsDM 16020 Nov 19677"0 
The Moody Blues

A: Nights In White Satin
B: Cities
Deram NetherlandsDM 1614 Dec 19677"0 
The Amen Corner

A: Bend Me Shape Me
B: Satisnek The Job's Worth
Deram NetherlandsDM 17222 Jan 19687"0 
Warm Sounds

A: Nite Is A-Comin'
B: Smeta Murgaty
Deram NetherlandsDM 174Feb 19687"0 
The Roberto Mann Singers

A: Monya
B: My World Is You
Deram NetherlandsDM 17519 Feb 19687"0 
Ten Years After

A: Portable People
B: The Sounds
Deram NetherlandsDM 17618 Mar 19687"0 
Cat Stevens

A: Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
B: Image Of Hell
Deram NetherlandsDM 1784 Mar 19687"0 
The Honeybus

A: I Can't Let Maggie Go
B: Tender Are The Ashes
Deram NetherlandsDM 1828 Apr 19687"010.0
The Flower Pot Men

A: Man Without A Woman
B: You Can Never Be Wrong
Deram NetherlandsDM 18315 Apr 19687"0 
World Of Oz

A: The Muffin Man
B: Peter's Birthday (Black And White Rainbows)
Deram NetherlandsDM 1874 Jun 19687"1 

A: Beggin'
B: A Woman That's Waiting
Deram NetherlandsDM 19417 Jun 19687"0 
The Flirtations

A: Someone Out There
B: How Can You Tell Me?
Deram NetherlandsDM 1951 Jul 19687"08.0
The Moody Blues

A: Voices In The Sky
B: Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
Deram NetherlandsDM 1961 Jul 19687"0 
Amen Corner

A: We Fly High In The Sky
B: Run, Run, Run
Deram NetherlandsDM 19729 Jul 19687"0 

A: Piccolo Man
B: Mythological Sunday
Deram NetherlandsDM 19819 Aug 19687"09.3
Danny Williams

A: Everybody Needs Somebody (I Need You)
B: They Will Never Understand
Deram NetherlandsDM 19919 Aug 19687"0 
World Of Oz

A: King Croesus
B: Jack
Deram NetherlandsDM 20519 Aug 19687"0 
The Honeybus

A: Girl Of Independent Means
B: How Long
Deram NetherlandsDM 20716 Sep 19687"0 
Cat Stevens

A: Here Comes My Wife
B: It's A Supa (Dupa) Life
Deram NetherlandsDM 21121 Oct 19687"0 
Moody Blues

A: Ride My See-Saw
B: A Simple Game
Deram NetherlandsDM 2134 Nov 19687"09.0
The Flirtations

A: Nothing But A Heartache
B: Christmas Time Is Here Again
Deram NetherlandsDM 2164 Nov 19687"19.0
The Web

A: Baby Won't You Leave Me Alone
B: Mc Vernon Street
Deram NetherlandsDM 21727 Jan 19697"0 

A: Girl Don't Make Me Wait
B: Gone Is The Sad Man
Deram NetherlandsDM 21913 Jan 19697"0 
Ten Years After

A: Hear Me Calling
B: I'm Going Home
Deram NetherlandsDM 22113 Jan 19697"0 
Ten Years After

A: I'm Going Home
B: Hear Me Calling
Deram NetherlandsDM 22119717"0 
Neil MacArthur

A: She's Not There
B: World Of Glass
Deram NetherlandsDM 22510 Feb 19697"0 
U.K. Jones

A: Let Me Tell Ya
B: And The Rains Came Down
Deram NetherlandsDM 23117 Mar 19697"0 
Grisby Dyke

A: The Adventures Of Miss Rosemary La Page
B: Mary Ann She
Deram NetherlandsDM 23210 Mar 19697"08.0
World Of Oz

A: Willows Harp
B: Like A Tear
Deram NetherlandsDM 23310 Mar 19697"0 

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